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German Owl Cuckoo Clock

April 17, 2018

Miniature German Owl Cuckoo Clock, shown working!

What is the best german owl cuckoo clocks?

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It borders France, Switzerland and Austria. The area is home to cities such as Stuttgart, Heidelberg and Baden-Baden as well as the Black Forest Highlands –known for the authentic Black Forest Cake, Black Forest Ham and Cuckoo clock. Visitors to the ... July 2, 2015

The Origins of the Automaton

Ktesibios, the first head of the Great Library of Alexandria and an inventor, used "water to sound a whistle and make a model owl move. He had invented the world's first cuckoo clock", according to the book "The Rise and Fall of Alexandria: Birthplace ... July 29, 2015

Luxuries: Designer cuckoo clocks, red clothes, accessories

One-day-movement Anton Schneider Bears German cuckoo clock, $730.80 at • Carved owls and birds eight-day mechanical German Black Forest cuckoo clock, $474.58 at • Auckland 1055 wall clock is made of PVC, wood ... October 26, 2014

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Souvenirs: Beyond T-Shirts

On an end table in my living room sits a chubby, six-inch-high blue pottery owl with huge eyes. His name is Bernard. Bernard was We never remember to wind the little cuckoo clock we bought in Germany's Black Forest. I'm not even sure where it is in ... November 16, 2014

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A young couple dance a slow and sexy tango against the backdrop of a German castle; an old Hollywood film shows a man frantically trying to turn back the hands of a clock, and a vivid animation full of sepia washes and fine line portraits conveys the ... November 9, 2014


The Origins of the Automaton - Sputnik International

The author, Czech writer Karel Čapek actually attributes the invention to his brother, painter and writer Josef Čapek, who suggested a simple way of describing artificial servants created for the sole purpose of doing unimaginative work. Of course, there were no “robots” per se back then, but there automata, or automatons – the early cousins of the broad category of machines we currently call robots. In fact, the earliest automatons were built by ancient Greek engineers. Ktesibios, the first head of the Great Library of Alexandria and an inventor, used "water to sound a whistle and make a model owl move. He had invented the world's first cuckoo clock", according to the book "The Rise and Fall of Alexandria: Birthplace of the Modern World" by Justin Pollard. Other Greek inventors continued dabbling with similar mechanisms – for example, Hero or Heron of Alexandria wrote on hydraulics, pneumatics, and mechanics described siphons, a fire engine, and a water organ. The interest in self-operating machines, or a machine which follow automatically a predetermined sequence of operations, were not limited to Ancient Greece. Here’s an excerpt from a Chinese text written in the 3rd century BC, describing a meeting between King Mu of Zhou and an engineer known artificer Yan Shi – the meeting itself happened a few centuries prior.

Is winemaking an art or science? - Cosmos

A couple of batches are moving a bit slowly, says chief winemaker and Oakridge chief executive David Bicknell, but that’s par for the course. When the production of fine wine relies wholly on the vagaries of the indigenous microbial population, the process never runs like clockwork. “With commercial yeast you get certainty – you can sleep at night,” says Bicknell. You exploit the metabolic processes of different yeast species. Bicknell’s faith in wild yeasts adds stress at fermentation time, but the pay-off is multi-award-winning wines regularly acknowledged as some of the best in Australia. “The wines do taste different, even if there’s no way you can show that statistically,” Bicknell says. Exploiting the diverse and fluctuating populations of wild yeasts found on the plants, fruit and in the air of vineyards is “the new black” (not to mention red and white) in oenology. Even some of the giant commercial wine corporations are investing in the method. Wild fermentation, says Bicknell, represents the intersection of science, craft and philosophy. The more we study winemaking’s microbes, the more it appears they might explain one of the wine industry’s most beloved, but vaguest, terms: terroir.

Souvenirs: Beyond T-Shirts - KRCC

On an end table in my living room sits a chubby, six-inch-high blue pottery owl with huge eyes. Bernard was also the name of the slightly plump, doe-eyed waiter who brought us strong coffee and a genuine smile every morning on a trip to Cancun some years ago. When I saw the owl, reasonably priced in the hotel gift shop, I had to have him. Twenty years later, every time I pass by him, I think of how friendly and sweet our waiter—and the people of Cancun – were. But souvenirs in and of themselves can be wonderful. I just don’t usually find them in a souvenir shop. Montana is one of my favorite places to get edible souvenirs. It starts with huckleberry jam, huckleberry chocolates, huckleberry pancake mix and … well, you get the idea. I adore huckleberries and I buy everything huckleberry I can get my paws on while I’m there. I’ve also brought home jerk seasoning from the Caribbean, dried Chilies from New Mexico, Cajun seasoning from Louisiana and chocolates from just about everywhere. Locally made jewelry makes a great souvenir, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. In New Mexico, I paid $15 for a strand of turquoise from the elderly Jemez Pueblo woman who made and sold them at a little roadside stand.

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You'll Go Cuckoo For This Gigantic Clock Carved Out Of A Single Tree

A remarkable cuckoo clock forged from a single maple tree is being used to crow about Portland, Oregon. Designed by Nicolas Gros and carved by chainsaw sculptor J. Chester Armstrong, the 24-foot-high, 7,000-pound clock is being shown off around the ... November 26, 2014

Quartz Black Forest Hand Painted Flower Cuckoo Clock

Black forest house with individual handlaid wooden shingles. Wooden cuckoo, dial with roman numerals and hands. Two decorative metal weights. Owl and squirrel. Woodchopper moves every full hour. Quartz movement with twelve melodies. Shut-off lever on left ... September 7, 2010

LARGEST CUCKOO CLOCK IN THE WORLD/ Guiness Book of World Records

That building is a cuckoo clock. It has been entered in the Guiness book of world records since 1997. You can go inside for a tour. It is a nominal fee. Notice the weight outside the window. The sign says in German "Touching strictly forbidden." May 9, 2010


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