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The Best Of Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)

July 9, 2018

The hero that we don't deserve.

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Ask Sam | Sam Smith opens his mailbag | 7.10.2015

Because five players on the floor functioning as one single unit. Team, team, team. . I did like Noah's crazy passes which were a great break, but I"m looking forward to seeing a few shots up before the shot clock gets below 5. No disrespect ... July 10, 2015

Scoopy's Notebook, Week of July 9, 2015

Among the guests who dropped in for his combo 75th birthday party / July 4th “open house” were health guru and WBAI radio icon Gary Null; Mark Crispin Miller of N.Y.U. Faculty Against the Sexton Plan and his wife, therapist Amy Smiley; Village activist ... July 9, 2015

I Don't Know Enough About You: A Remembrance

The nurse wound the clock in his room forward. It seemed like a Joe was my girlfriend's grandfather. The three of Overtime though, the cancer bent his spine into the shape of a question mark. . You had to walk past the gift shop to get to ... July 7, 2015

The Man Who Saw America

''He's famous because he made a mark. He collected Then Frank pointed to a construction crane, its boom passing below a church steeple clock. The images that follow — a smoking industrial landscape in Butte, Mont.; a black nurse holding a ... July 2, 2015

Countdown: A Week in the Life of the '95 Packers

That prompted a $200 fine for each player from the DNR. Just last week, while building a fire in his fireplace, Jervey had poured gasoline on the kindling and then struck a match. The fumes and the gas exploded, igniting Jervey. He rolled around on the ... July 1, 2015

Longtime teacher, actor Cliff Davenport dead at 82

He mentored such talents as Cox, Debbie Maneke, Donna Bryant-Minard, Kevin Frakes, Joe Huber, Mark Elliott and Gordon Robertson, to name just a few. “We were talking “Everyone from the cast and crew of a musical would be assembled on stage, and ... July 3, 2015

Westfield Board of Education June 16 meeting synopsis

The Board approved the transfers of funds from the maintenance reserve account or the capital reserve account for: floor replacement at Franklin School; gym renovations at Westfield High School; Instrumental Music Room renovation at Westfield High ... June 18, 2015


Ask Sam | Sam Smith opens his mailbag | 7.10.2015 -

The contents of this page have not been reviewed or endorsed by the Chicago Bulls. All opinions expressed by Sam Smith are solely his own and do not reflect the opinions of the Chicago Bulls or its Basketball Operations staff, parent company, partners, or sponsors. His sources are not known to the Bulls and he has no special access to information beyond the access and privileges that go along with being an NBA accredited member of the media. By Sam Smith | 7. 10. 2015 | 9:11 a. m. CT. Given the Mavs deal fell apart with Jordan, what about some combination of Noah/Taj/Brooks for Chandler Parsons, Devin Harris and Stoudemire. I like a lot of our players, but we just don't have enough. I feel like focus has been more on the bottom line than on winning for a very long time. Feels like you have to have a Cubs fan mentality of wait until next year, which is a tough one to swallow. Sam: I have heard a lot of this lament, Do Something. I know when all your friends are shopping you feel sort of left out and want to come home with something. First, a lot of teams are going to have buyer’s remorse over this free agency period. But you also could be stuck with role players whom you’ve paid incredible amounts, and even if you don’t go over the cap you still won’t have as much left as you wish.

Scoopy's Notebook, Week of July 9, 2015 - The Villager

On Saturday, Jean-Louis Bourgeois ’s W. 10th St. pad certainly seemed like the place to be. Among the guests who dropped in for his combo 75th birthday party / July 4th “open house” were health guru and WBAI radio icon Gary Null. Mark Crispin Miller of N. Y. U. Faculty Against the Sexton Plan and his wife, therapist Amy Smiley. Soho poet S teve Dalachinsky and his wife, painter/poet Yuko Otomo. Occupy Wall St. veteran Robert Reiss — who happens to be the brother of Yvonne Collery , who wrote the “Catastrophe Cats” series of articles for The Villager after the Second Ave. Null gave Bourgeois some birthday gifts, including organic toothpaste and his new book, “Reboot Your Brain,” on how to keep the ol’ noggin working at peak level through better eating. Looking out from Bourgeois’s 13th-floor balcony, which has a great view of the Christopher St. Pier, Null also told us all about the research he used to do about AIDS at the Ramrod bar — which used to be on the famous gay boulevard — interviewing... Dalachinsky and Bourgeois regaled the crowd with tales of the art scion’s famous “spider sculptor” mom, Louise Bourgeois, and her vaunted “salons” at her Chelsea lair.

I Don't Know Enough About You: A Remembrance - New York Observer

There’s no good view from the hospital room. The ER was the only thing outside our window. It was daylight saving time when Joe, my 87-year-old roommate, was admitted into the ICU with chest pains. The nurse wound the clock in his room forward. It seemed like a lousy thing to do—stealing an hour from an old man lying in a hospital bed. Joe was my girlfriend’s grandfather. The three of us lived together in Brooklyn. He had lived in that same apartment for over fifty years, alone mostly, since his wife died at 29. It was like living in someone’s walk-in time capsule. He kept things. Nancy and I would wake up to Joe winding his Victrola, spinning 45s, letting the old wartime love songs and fox trots fill the apartment. He’d transport us back to another Brooklyn. I think listening to his old tunes was the closest he got to slowing time down to a manageable pace. Joe was mugged on Coney Island once. He liked to stay a step ahead of the common criminal. Joe hated hospitals. Like all cancer, it was cruel. No matter the pain, Joe stayed tough.

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Home of the Week: The art-filled home of a couple of Hunt Meadow pioneers

The kitchen area was designed by Mark White of Annapolis ... that is centered with a brass-faced clock. The floor is a bit unusual. The cream-colored tiles are set within a grid work of wood grain vinyl. Gift from his dad Skipping up to the second floor ... July 10, 2015

A Long Day's Coney Into Night

3:15 p.m. Rachael Powell and Mark Deibert are here from Colorado ... David and his two daughters gave a Christmas gift to Cheryl: She’s throwing out the first pitch at tonight’s Tiger game! “One coney, light onion” is her pregame meal of choice. June 23, 2015

Bennett believes basketball rules changes can help U.Va.

A quicker shot clock, they preached, would expose more patient teams such ... Sometimes by doing that you open up the floor. Depending on how good the guards are on the other team, you could give up more buckets. You have to choose wisely." June 11, 2015

What adult websites offer banner swap?

“The team with the best players wins.” – Jack Welch When Jack Welch was the CEO of General Electric, he was able to... Ford Focus RS Horsepower Revealed Let the horsepower wars begin as we reveal that the new Ford Focus RS will make a staggering 345 ... April 30, 2015

Music educators offered Grant and Gifts

The Gifts of Music Grant and Gifts package includes the following: $350 cash grant to winning school music educator’s program; one professionally refurbished instrument for school band or string program; a $200 gift card from Mark’s Music in Brewer ... March 11, 2015

Sunday's recap: Bulls 98, Magic 97

TeddyGreensteinRT @ChicagoSports: Jordan Spieth heads to British Open with another victory under belt, writes @TeddyGreenstein: htt… The Magic choked this one away, allowing the Bulls to steal a 98-97 victory Sunday and finish 3-3 ... February 8, 2015

How do I reach someone to help me with my business email?

More than likely, there are hundreds of donors sitting in your file that have the potential to make a significant... 5 Local Marketing Ideas for Small Budgets That Are Guaranteed To Make a Big Splash Business 101 – How to get through your first year in ... February 6, 2015


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