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For the Exec Who Has Everything: A $35,000 'Robo-Clock'

March 12, 2020

March 20 -- Eccentric Swiss watchmaker MB&F have launched a $35000 robot clock at the Baselworld watch trade fair, complete with "mechanical brain" and ...

What is the best grizzly bear desk clocks?

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Grizzlies may be killed if tied to fatal Yellowstone attack

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — Two grizzly bears captured close to where a seasonal employee of Yellowstone National Park was killed could be euthanized if DNA tests determine they attacked the man, authorities said Monday. Lance Crosby, 63, who worked as a ... August 10, 2015

Photo of grizzly bear exploring camera goes viral

The Huffington Post reports that Canadian photographer Jim Lawrence was trying to capture an image of a grizzly bear fishing for salmon in British Columbia. But the bear had other things in mind. The grizzly bear became interested in the camera that ... November 5, 2014

CDC director raises Ebola alarm

ATLANTA, Ga. — The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is much worse than official figures show, and other countries are unintentionally making it harder to control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Tom Frieden told CNN on Tuesday. September 2, 2014

Montana sanctuary bear that underwent MRI at WSU dies

BOZEMAN, Mont. — A 3-year-old grizzly bear that underwent an MRI at Washington State University after suffering seizures at a Montana sanctuary has died. Montana Grizzly Encounter officials say Lucy died late on Jan. 23. Staff noticed Lucy wasn't being ... January 28, 2014

Tile Mural - Lodge Grizzly Bear 1 - Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

This beautiful artwork by Dan Morris has been digitally reproduced for tiles and depicts a framed bear. A bear tile mural would be perfect as a part of your kitchen backsplash tile project or your tub and shower surround bathroom tile project. Bear images ... December 10, 2013

Grizzly bears, spiders and rabbits featured at Yateley dressing up day

Children came to school dressed as grizzly bears, spiders and lambs to raise money for a charity that has touched their hearts. Year 2 pupils at Westfields Infant School in Yateley have been learning about food and farming this term. Harper Asprey Wildlife ... October 25, 2013

Why Yellowstone’s Grizzlies Should Be Grateful for Wolves

Fortin, & Charles T. Robbins (2013). Trophic cascades from wolves to grizzly bears in Yellowstone Journal of Animal Ecology DOI: 10.1111/1365-2656.12123 Like the wily and many-armed cephalopod, Inkfish reaches into the far corners of science news and ... August 9, 2013


Real Life Yogi Bear: Grizzly Outwits Biologist's Experiment

Barcroft TV 02.02.15

In never before seen footage a grizzly proves smarter than the average bear by stealing an electrified deer carcass from scientists.The bear made light work of an experiment aimed at deterring the animals from hunter’s kills. Wildlife biologist Heather Reich, 39, and her husband, photographer, Derek, 55, have studied bears in Montana, USA, for more than a decade. The couple wired a dead deer up to a fence charger designed to shock bears coming too close to human areas. But the persistent...