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Heart Shaped Love Arrow Pattern Desktop Alarm Clock QA1868 - dinodirect

July 19, 2018

This clock is light weight and portable. And it is very convenient to use both in your office and home desk. With classical design, elegance color, this alarm can ...

What is the best heart shaped desk clocks?

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Everything Old is New Again: Guest Post by Andra Watkins, author of Not Without My Father


She’s talking a bit about her walk on the Natchez Trace. Everything Old Is New Again by Andra Watkins For 10,000 years, souls both animal and human have walked the Natchez Trace. Animals first trekked its natural ridge line thousands of years ago, migrating from the Ohio River Valley to Mississippi’s salt licks. When the Native Americans arrived, it was natural for them to settle along the Trace. Walkers ruled the Natchez Trace for millennia, but in the 1930’s, they were displaced by a ribbon of pavement from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee. With no facilities for through hikers, almost no one walked the Natchez Trace anymore. Could I walk the Trace as our ancestors did. For thirty-four days, the Natchez Trace Parkway would bow and dip under my lacerated feet, a raised roadway through an endless cypress swamp. The first living person to walk the Trace as the pioneers did. Fifteen miles a day through eroded Loess cliffs and Mississippi Hills. Thirty-four days navigating tornado alley and climbing the Tennessee plateau. While pioneer guys traveled in packs, I walked the tarmac alone.


J01836-Metal Double Heart Shaped Bells Silent Alarm Clock Ye

GadgetTown 11.29.10

http://www.gadgettown.com/Metal-Double-Heart-Shaped-Bells-Silent-Alarm-Clock-Yellow-J01836.htmlMetal Double Heart Shaped Bells Silent Alarm Clock Yellow is Lightweight, lovely design, convenient using in daily life. Lovely Fashion Alarm Clock appearance makes it much more beautiful.

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Mini Heart Shaped Desk Clock | Home Decor | Pinterest

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