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NEW 2016 Seth Thomas Easton Wall Clock

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Prince - U Got The Look (Official Music Video)

July 18, 2018

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Arbordale watches the clock for Midnight Madness at the Zoo by Sherryn Craig, illus. by Karen Jones, spotlighting the games the animals play when the zookeepers leave the zoo; Cash Kat by Linda Joy Singleton, illus. by Christina Wald, a title featuring ...

www.publishersweekly.com July 22, 2015

Spinning vinyl into art: Recycling records for novelties

An entrepreneur in Brooklyn transforms them into jewelry, clocks, wall art and other novelties. And there's a perk: It keeps a little more trash out of the environment. Patrick Chirico (CHEHR'-koh) owns Wrecords by Monkey in Brooklyn. He gets his raw ...

www.salon.com July 15, 2015

Quarryville man uses Facebook to rally support for A-Treat revival

“It was 11 o'clock at night,” Deemer recalled this week. “I thought Deemer, 31, an alarm system technician who installs and programs the systems, grew up in Easton, east of Allentown. A-Treat These would include office, sales and warehouse ...

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What do you listen to when you're working?

It's perfect background music, blocking out the office sounds around me but doing so with an intensity that helps me focus, making me feel like I'm pushing toward something. All except the songs that are That may seem counterintuitive, looking to ...

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Fenway transformation continues with luxury building 'inspired by the Emerald ...

Steve Samuels's new twin tower development, which just celebrated its grand opening last week, features 172 apartments, more than 230,000 square feet of office space, and 500 below-ground parking spaces. And the development, with its 11 and 13-story ...

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RAILRIDERS 2015: Time will tell if pitch clocks will fix baseball

Season-ticket holders have office hours in the morning. The casual fan has responsibilities away from the ballpark. In seasons like the one that starts tonight, when the RailRiders will play half of their home games before area schools shut down for ...

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Cavs coach Blatt owns up to late-game gaffes, LeBron bailout

He was up against a wall, literally and figuratively, with some explaining to do. Cleveland's first-year coach — don't call him a rookie — acknowledged two mistakes in the closing moments of Game 4 on Sunday, when he tried calling a timeout he didn't ...

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Spinning vinyl into art: Recycling records for novelties - Salon

An entrepreneur in Brooklyn transforms them into jewelry, clocks, wall art and other novelties. He gets his raw materials from the surplus of used-record stores. To reduce his carbon footprint, Chirico uses 90 percent of every record. Copyright © 2015 Salon Media Group, Inc. Reproduction of material from any Salon pages without written permission is strictly prohibited. SALON is registered in the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office as a trademark of Salon Media Group Inc. Associated Press articles: Copyright © 2015 The Associated Press.

Quarryville man uses Facebook to rally support for A-Treat revival - LancasterOnline

The Quarryville resident and life-long A-Treat drinker set up a Facebook page calling for the revival of A-Treat. “It was 11 o’clock at night,” Deemer recalled this week. Allentown businessman Paul Eifler reached an agreement to buy A-Treat. Eifler credited the social media campaigns of Deemer, creator of “SAVE A-Treat soda,” with 13,700 likes, and Bryon Gliem of Pottsville, creator of “Lets Keep A-Treat Sodas Flowin,” with 15,200 likes, with reassuring him that he was on the right... Although Eifler said he had already decided to pursue the revival of A-Treat before he became aware of the two Facebook campaigns, he called the efforts “big reinforcement contributors. Now that Eifler has agreed to buy many of A-Treat’s assets and bring back the product, he said of A-Treat’s Facebook fans, “I just hope they’re all thirsty. Deemer, 31, an alarm system technician who installs and programs the systems, grew up in Easton, east of Allentown. A-Treat, he said, “was always in my house. ” Drinking A-Treat as a youth years ago is a big part of its appeal to him and other fans today, Deemer believes. Deemer, who drinks two cans of A-Treat a day, responded to the January demise of A-Treat by doing more than creating a Facebook page.

What do you listen to when you're working? - A.V. Club Milwaukee

This week’s question comes from copy editor Gwen Ihnat:. Now that I’m here in the A. V. Club office (a. k. a. the greatest job in the world), I notice that in our open workspace, earbuds and headphones are a necessity. As I become one with my laptop for eight hours trying to perfect all that great A. V. Club copy, I find myself fumbling for the perfect soundtrack. This week I’m tackling all the various Nashville soundtracks , which are better than the show itself. ” So I’m curious: What’s your favorite thing to listen to while you’re working. Caitlin PenzeyMoog I can only listen to music without lyrics when I’m working: Hearing words is too much for my brain to process when it’s trying to write them. When I was well on my way to high-strung all-As-all-the-time anxiety in high school, my grandfather gave me a CD called Mad About Baroque , which he described as “brain music. Has my study music evolved since “study” has been replaced by “work”. No longer a listener of CDs, obviously (my.

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Fun stuff for home and work

CENTRAL'S MULTI-BRAND store CIO is a cool place to browse if you need funky decor items to jazz up the home or office, and they come from both ... that's formed into a clutching hand, as well as Wall Pad clocks for the living room and robot-like alarm ...

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Expeditors workers hustle to reroute cargo after huge Tianjin explosions devastate Chinese port

The 70 employees of Expeditors International’s Tianjin office have been working around the clock to find alternative routes for ... the company turned to finding alternate routes for cargo, said Dan Wall, vice president of global products for the Seattle ...

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UPDATE | Incident report for second victim provides further information on alleged hazing incidents

Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office Report On Hazing Incident (Click to view full ... County hospital at a later date and was treated for injuries. News 12 at 6 o'clock / Thursday, August 13, 2015 ALLENDALE COUNTY, S.C. (WRDW) -- We're finally getting ...

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Amped Wireless Announces High Power AC1750 Wi-Fi Router with a 4” Touch Screen

Amped Wireless, the leading manufacturer of high power, long range wireless solutions for the home and office ... Router or turn on Clock Mode for a modern digital clock display, making it even more functional and appealing in any office or room.

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THE FUDGE REPORT: Donald Trump's Secret Presidential Bucket List--revealed by Roger Stone!

President Trump would immediately remodel the Oval Office and rename it ... but did hint that Home Depot might possibly win a government contract to build the Great Wall of Trump along the southern border with Mexico. Presidential candidate, Hillary ...

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The mayor of Washington shares a duplex wall with Colombian refugees

When the black Lincoln Navigator rolls up outside and the security detail fans out in the darkened front yard, the 13-year-old Colombian girl who shares a wall with Muriel ... the around-the-clock security bubble surrounding their home.

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Faren Miller reviews Natasha Pulley

Though there’s plenty of dust in her Victorian London by the end of Chapter Three, it’s debris from bombs detonated by Irish rebels (who manage to destroy Scotland Yard and exile the Home Office ... the wall beside him was a tall pendulum clock ...

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