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Howard Miller 625-474 LEWISBURG Quartz Wall Clock

June 17, 2018

I just bought this clock a week ago. It has great Westminster chimes.

What is the best howard miller lewisburg wall clock?

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Great stuff, low tech, sustainable and consciousness-raising about one’s energy consumption. But, I don’t think this is worth the first price in a Greener Gadget design contest. Ideas about sourcing alternative energy, or storage alternatives. Greener Gadget winners should be able to change the “gadget world” in my opinion. This is a pretty amazing design by anyone’s standards who cares about the environment because it is sustainable and functional. I work for a design college that is very concerned with sustainability, and I love seeing more of what goes on here at Art Center, more and more in different places all over the world. Great design always brings people together and makes the world work a little more smoothly y’know. Especially in light of the world’s new challenges with recyclable materials and sustainability. If you don’t know about it already, there is a big conference going on in Barcelona in March that Art Center is hosting called The Global Dialogues ( http://blog. The title of it is Disruptive Thinking and there will be amazing designers and pundits and philosophers there from all over discussing how people must think about design (in addition to business and climate change too) in new and exciting,... These energy jars here certainly reflect that type of conceptual thinking.

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Vintage Modern

“To omit numbers and have an abstract object that moved on the wall was something no one was doing at the time,” he says. Once or twice a year he would design a group of about eight clocks, which would then be presented to Howard Miller and put into ... August 5, 2015


Below are the details from the Howard Miller website ... Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The clock is in perfect working condition. Antique Ansonia Spring Driven Vintage 1747s Old Style Pendulum Wall Clock Hb 02 Antique Ansonia Spring Driven ... July 12, 2015

Howard Miller Spokane Wall Clock, Brushed Aluminum

Amazing!!!! Was shocked that the product surpassed the price of the clock. Once on our kitchen wall it looks like it costs a couple hundred dollars. Love the retro look and the fact I can read the time. It replaced a clock that was difficult to read. January 14, 2015

Howard Miller Contemporary Pendulum Wall Clock, Brushed Nickel, Hudson

This contemporary pendulum clock is perfect on our 42-inch recessed wall. It is functional and has a rather sleek and unique style that fits our decor. Just add two AA batteries, hook the pendulum to the ring and you're good to go. Appears to be keeping ... December 15, 2014

10 Easy Pieces: Simple Kitchen Clocks

The Classic Clock by Howard Miller, Remodelista Above: The Classic Clock was designed by Howard Miller (son of Herman) and measures 12 inches in diameter; $55 at DWR. Aluminum Wall Clock from Muji, Remodelista Above: The Aluminum Wall Clock measures 9.45 ... December 25, 2013

Pendulum clock chimes at wrong times

Q: My husband and I purchased a beautiful Howard Miller pendulum wall clock in 1994. It worked well until a few months ago, when it began adding two chimes, one at five minutes before the hour and one at 25 minutes after the hour. It continues to chime at ... February 27, 2013

eBay watch: Original George Nelson Built-in wall clock by Howard Miller

We've featured various George Nelson reissues in the past, but here's an original one - this George Nelson Built-in wall clock by Howard Miller. A 1950s midcentury design, this Howard Miller-made clock has apparently never been out of its box, let alone ... July 25, 2010


Howard Miller Wall Clocks

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