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Gold Plated Singing Bird Box and Clock | M.S. Rau Antiques

November 21, 2019

Combining a diminutive clock and a charming automaton, this Swiss bird box is a mechanical work of art. Enveloped in an intricately engraved gold-plated case, ...

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Bay of Fundy's ups and downs

The clock is ticking, and every minute counts. We're paddling But we were determined to experience the Bay of Fundy's tides while on the water, so we kept quiet. Now here we are, battling not just rough seas, but a tide beating a hasty retreat ...

www.startribune.com August 30, 2014

Kate Humble reveals why she chose pets over children

But the presenter's home life is far from quiet, with a house full of pets. She has three dogs, 'If you can't get your kicks in that incredibly innocent, joyful way, then the world is not a good place. It's my I'm not interested in clothes and ...

www.dailymail.co.uk September 8, 2014

Matisse cut-outs stun with colour, scale and ambition

A number of artists had of course experimented with the use of paper collage in the early 20th century, using found, appropriated or torn fragments of paper – Picasso and Braque in their early cubist works of the 1910s and the Dada artist Hans Arp ...

theconversation.com April 16, 2014

Play creates darker version of JM Barrie's classic tale

Before Disney's Peter, Wendy, John and Michael flew over “poor Nana” toward Big Ben and continued to the second star to the right and straight on 'till morning, J.M. Barrie told the story of a young girl grappling with having to grow up much earlier ...

dailytrojan.com May 2, 2013

Matisse's colorful cutouts go on show in London

"He felt that the clock was ticking, so to speak, and he didn't have a lot of time to say what he wanted or to do what he wanted." What he wanted, she said, was to create three-dimensional works that leapt off the wall, driven by an "almost futuristic ...

ktar.com April 14, 2014

Athens, Ohio: The town that never sleeps

Bedazzled-crowned birthday girl is having the best slice of greasy pizza in her 21 years, while the Picasso of penis paintings vigorously draws a large phallic figure on the steamy window of Big Mamma's Burrito's. Red and . With a pouted lower lip ...

www.athensnews.com February 20, 2013

A Sum Of Parts: Skits

Humour is not an easy thing to make interactive. Hilarious moments certainly emerge often enough from our behaviour in gameplay all the time—be it a perfect plasma grenade stick in Halo or a zombie stumbling ass-over-head into a trash can in Left 4 ...

www.gameranx.com August 12, 2012

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Postal service blows it! Why Wal-Mart and Google are cleaning its clock

These companies are threatening to pass by the postal service – which can still get into the mix, but the clock is ticking fast. The good news is that the regime can be changed. Under the current setup, the USPS Board of Governors chooses the postmaster ...

www.salon.com June 4, 2014

Modern Wall Clock

Requires 1 AA battery. 2 in. thick. Round shape. Ready to hang. Hand crafted and painted. Clock mechanism: Ten years warranty. Made from mixed media, acrylic, medium density fiberboard and metal. Made in USA. 18 in. Dia.Each piece is signed by the artist.

www.houzz.com December 10, 2013

Modern Flower Wall Clock in Green

Pendulum motion. Ready to hang. Hand crafted and painted. Clock mechanism: Ten years warranty. Made from mixed media, acrylic, medium density fiberboard and metal. Made in USA. 20 in. W x 3 in. D x 24 in. HEach piece is signed by the artist.

www.houzz.com December 10, 2013

Clock Is Ticking on Debt Agreement

Television networks have started displaying countdown clocks to the Aug. 2 deadline by which the Treasury ... seem incapable of functioning without their backs up against the wall. After yet another meeting at the White House Monday, the bipartisan group ...

www.pbs.org July 12, 2011


JustNile Silent Non Ticking Modern Wall Clock

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