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iHome Black Dual Charging Bluetooth Alarm Clock iKN105BC - Overview

March 12, 2020

iHome Black Dual Charging Bluetooth Alarm Clock - iKN105BC http://www.abt.com/product/91877/iHome-iKN105BC.html The iKN105 is a Bluetooth-enabled ...

What is the best ihome portable charging alarm clock?

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iHome’s Kineta K1 + Kineta K2 fuse awesome battery packs and chargers with slick Bluetooth speakers, get the exclusive deal

iHome has spent years building a reputation for thoughtfully designed, value-packed Apple audio accessories. Beyond its annual releases of ever-improving speaker systems, it was the very first company to release an iPod alarm clock, and a day-one supporter ...

9to5mac.com August 17, 2015

Android M Developer Preview 2 fixes snoozing alarm clock bug

You’ll have already heard that the Android M Developer Preview 2 was released this week and amongst its various performance enhancements and bug fixes was a patch to solve a rather frustrating issue with the internal alarm clock. Most people rely on ...

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Deal: Pick up the Hale Dreamer Alarm Clock for 51% off, ChargeTech 24000mAh Outlet for 39% off

Check out the first trailer for EA’s upcoming card-based RPG, Star Wars... Will uniqueness, nostalgia, and pricing drive the industry going forward? Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review Verizon says two-year contracts aren’t going anywhere for existing cust ...

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SensorWake alarm clock wakes you with your favourite smell

Getting up can be a struggle, and beeping alarm clocks don't help matters. But what if you could be roused to your favourite smell? That's the idea behind SensorWake. Choose from scents as diverse as coffee, croissants, the ocean and even the smell of money!

www.trustedreviews.com June 30, 2015

Not your best look! The alarm clock that only turns off when you take a SELFIE

Few people want their photo taken just after they have woken up, but with a new alarm clock it is the only way to silence the piercing sound it produces. Snap Me Up allows users to set the time they want to be woken at but rather than allowing them to hit ...

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iHome Debuts New Apple HomeKit Enabled Smart Product Line At CES Alongside Award-Winning New Speaker & Headphone Offerings

Includes important extras such as USB charging cable and travel pouch. iHome was established in 2005 as a ... lineup of award-winning audio products that includes alarm clocks, clock radios, portable and home speaker systems, and headphones, as well ...

www.reuters.com January 4, 2015

JBL Horizon Bluetooth Clock Radio

The top of the clock radio features volume controls, a snooze/light button, two alarm buttons, playback controls ... as well as an auxiliary cable and the included FM antenna. Two USB charging ports can be found on the left side of Horizon, and a ring ...

www.ilounge.com December 3, 2014


iHome Portable Alarm Clock Stereo Speaker with USB Charging for Smartphones Review

Maplecd0 01.10.15

iHome Portable Alarm Clock Stereo Speaker with USB Charging for Smartphones Review