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Anne-Marie - Alarm (Marshmello Remix)

March 14, 2018

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What is the best kito clocks?

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Opposition emerges to repeal of daylight saving time in Alaska

The Alaska State Chamber of Commerce and a broadcasters' group has launched an ad campaign against the bill, urging viewers to tell lawmakers to block the measure that would stop Alaskans from setting their clocks ahead each spring and back in the fall ... March 29, 2015

6 Things You Need in Your College Decision Day Survival Kit

This post was written by Alexis Zimmer, a freshman in college. It was originally published on The Prospect, the world's largest student-run college access organization. You can follow The Prospect on Facebook and Twitter. College decisions are coming ... March 17, 2015

Juneau: Showdown over Medicaid expansion

Berta Gardner, the Senate minority leader. Gardner was referring to House Bill 18, which was sponsored by three Democrats in the House — Rep. Andy Josephson, Rep. Sam Kito and Rep. Max Gruenberg. Last session, Democrats also introduced legislation ... February 27, 2015

Nor'easter Could Hamper Holiday Travel

The turnpike has activated round-the-clock shifts and will roll with the first flakes pledging to keep the road just wet. “Over the years, we've had much worse and dire forecast than we have now and we're prepared to “We were planning to probably ... November 25, 2014

Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal: Harry Kane scores twice as Spurs come from behind to ...

There were 85 minutes on the clock when Nabil Bentaleb swung in a hopeful cross which, in reality, should have been dealt with better. Neither Laurent Koscielny nor Per Mertesacker claimed it for their own. One man did, however. He is, of course, the ... February 7, 2015

The Beaten Path: 5 Welterweights the UFC Should Sign Now

Another week, another continuation of the self-proclaimed best series on the Internet. That's right, the "Prospects the UFC Should Sign" series is back with a vengeance. We left off with the middleweights, and now, we move on to the welterweight division.... January 22, 2015

Hundreds turn out to remember Elijah Marsh

Kito Clarke, Elijah's stepfather, said the little boy was already so grown up even at such a young age. “The joy he brought to me as a person, a person he made me,” Clarke said. “I thanked him every day when he was around when I had hard times, Elijah ... March 1, 2015



Gareth Smith

Those of us with kids were talking yesterday about how no matter what time you hit the lights you still wake up early, the old body clock set to dad. I check on Andy, his eyes are closed but I can tell he’s awake. I give up and jump in the shower before heading downstairs to see if there’s anyone up for taking some air. Karl and Alec are alive and up for it so we head down the road to see what’s about and end up in a café. There’s a rumour that Flash is cooking up some breakfast later but there’s no telling how long that will be, judging by the chorus of snores in the house it’s going to be a while. The café looks pretty decent and I order some poached eggs on toast. We head back to Flash’s where people are beginning to stir. Kev looks fresh enough despite last night’s over indulgence. I head into the dining room where Flash has put a veggie buffet on, looks fucking amazing. Under the table lies Jon, fast asleep in his sleeping bag, completely oblivious. He tells me that Jon was stoating about the house last night confused and he stood right on him before falling flat on his ass. the sound of running liquid was interrupted by the sound of pouring every ten seconds or so.


Alex Lee & Keizo Matsuda vs. Koharu Hinata & Yuji Kito (REINA)

RealHero 01.11.15

REINA Final Stage 2014 12/26/14 Korakuen Hall 731 Fans

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