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Senet Deploys First Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) in North America for ...

Competing short-range technology requires multiple repeaters and in-depth infrastructure to achieve wide coverage and has limited network capacity to be able to connect a high volume of nodes, making the return on investment unattractive for many ... June 30, 2015

Latest intelligence report on the next decade ignored Africa, but we tell you ...

In the next ten years blue-collar factory jobs, as well as the whole cadre of clerical jobs, will vanish as industrial technology becomes more sophisticated. A recent groundbreaking study by scholars from Oxford University on the future of employment ... June 18, 2015

Can Skyworks Keep Up Its Robust Stock Performance?

Skyworks Solutions Inc. has been one of the outright best performing S&P 500 stocks so far in 2015. Even farther back, over the past year, the stock has in fact grown about 170%. The question to ask is whether that growth is expected to remain or to slow.... March 30, 2015

At Milan Expo 2015, it's still an analog world, after all

There's an interesting mix of hands-on experience and technology to involve visitors in the discussion -- with the analog experience winning out in many cases, perhaps due to the nature of the topic of food and agriculture. Water is the Take-home ... May 5, 2015

Massive Biotech Stock Sale Highlights Insider Selling Report

We cover insider selling each week at , and as a reminder, if you happen to see a stock you own listed with insider activity there is no reason to be immediately concerned. Many executives and 10% owners are either overweighted to company ... April 4, 2015

Getting to know the Moto 360

The user interface is fairly intuitive; had I paid better attention to the watch- and tablet-based tutorials that greeted me upon Android Wear app installation and initial watch activation, I might have ramped up to speed even more quickly. in ... July 16, 2015

Hanging Out With Someone Who Walked On The Moon

The simulators were hybrid digital and analog systems. David told us that the people running the simulations were trying to kill them by causing a large plurality of alarms, false alarms, systems failures, partial failures, and so on. It required an ... May 11, 2015

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Teardown: Wireless weather sensor transmitters

Last time, I disassembled La Crosse Technology's TX61U-IT solar-powered temperature sensor and wireless ... But once I got around to taking it off the wall, the unit's markings quickly identified it: Unlike its more modern counterparts, the WS-2010-25 ... February 13, 2015

The Geek Gifts You Didn't Get (But Still Can) for Christmas 2013

After all these years, I still find that most digital wall clocks look tacky. The old-fashioned clock face is elegant, and it strangely feels more accurate. No wonder that Apple's iOS 7 uses an analog face to show the current time in its Clock app's icon. December 25, 2013

Atomic Wall Clock Solar Power

La Crosse Technology's WS-811561-W Digital Self-setting atomic time ... It features your Indoor and outdoor temperature ( F/ C) and time alarm with snooze feature to keep you alert! Clock will display in 4 different languages: English French German and ... December 10, 2013

Atomic Wall Clock With Solar Power

Wake up to your weather. Accurate atomic time and date featuring projection onto your ceiling or wall with arm rotation and automatic focus. View your outdoor temperature and/or alternating time along with alarm features and display of indoor temperature ... December 10, 2013

10 Clever Clocks & Watches That Spring Forward (And Back) By Themselves

This is the KLH Audio KC-120. (Update: This clock is no longer available. A great alternative clock is here.) 8. La Crosse Technology Atomic Wall Clock With Remote Temperature Casio atomic watches are rated very highly by users. The Mudman is as tough as ... January 27, 2013

Assignment: Education - No Screens in Class

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- Learning 6th grade math in Mr. Rabbitt's class involves compasses, straight edges and a black board. There are no TV's in the corners of the room. An analog clock hangs on the wall and there ... who can pick up technology, which is ... November 8, 2011

Field test: travel alarm clocks

The newest travel alarm clocks fit easily into any suitcase and inspire confidence with features like automatic synchronization to foreign time zones, easy-to-read displays that can be projected onto walls, and bed-shaking alarm technology. September 28, 2007


La Crosse Weather Station WS-8157 Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Forecast & Weather

Gloria Acy 06.30.15

La Crosse Weather Station WS-8157 Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Forecast & Weather