la crosse technology wireless thermometer


WS-9160U-IT Wireless Weather Station

March 31, 2018

La Crosse Technology's WS-9160U-IT product set up guide. Please comment below with questions or concerns. For product information and support visit:

What is the best la crosse technology wireless thermometer?

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'Fever alarm' armband triggers alarm when body temperature goes above 37C

Engineers have developed an armband which triggers an alarm when the wearer has developed a fever. The self-powered device sounds the audible warning when a person's body temperature either hits above the average of 37C or falls one degree below.... February 23, 2015

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At the same time, the company will move its remaining thermometer probe cover, lamp and some of its blood pressure cuff production to its factory in Tijuana, Mexico, Meyer said. That factory opened about seven The company's headquarters will ... September 10, 2012


'Fever alarm' armband triggers alarm when body temperature goes above 37C - Daily Mail

The armband that can sense a FEVER: Self-powered device triggers an alarm when your body temperature goes above 37C Armband has a silicone solar panel and thermal sensor to detect body heat High-tech device can sense temperatures ranging between... The so-called 'fever alarm', which has been designed by Japanese engineers, includes a flexible silicon solar panel and a thermal sensor which can detect temperatures ranging between 36. 5C and 38. 5C. He said: 'Our fever alarm armband... 'We have demonstrated the technology with a temperature sensor and fever alarm, but the system could also be adapted to provide audible feedback on body temperature, or combined with other sensors to register wetness, pressure or heart rate.

Cue the grill: 6 BBQ must-haves - The Journal News |

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Helmets May Never Prevent Concussions - Discovery News

Athletes capitalize on advances from engineering, material science, biomechanics, communication and information technologies to maximize training and performance. And brainiacs develop technologies that are transforming every aspect of sport, including coaching, judging, even the design of sports arenas and spectator experience. To date, most advances in sports technology have been in material science and design. Aerospace engineer Kim B. Blair, founder of the Sports Innovation Group LLC, an affiliate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, thinks the playbook is changing. " These advances will move all developments into the computer era, where everything will be tracked, monitored, optimized, refined and disseminated in ways that athletes can't possibly imagine. Here, in alphabetical order, is our list of 10 technologies that are changing the way sports are practiced, played, scored and watched: iStockPhoto. Until now, core body temperature has been monitored through observation, but athletes can ignore signs of heat exhaustion and trainers may be too far away to make accurate observations. A "thermometer pill" may save lives. Initially developed by NASA and Johns Hopkins University to monitor astronauts from space, the pill contains a quartz crystal sensor and micro-battery wrapped in silicon.

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New cell phone tower granted permit in Onalaska

Wireless to build a new cell phone tower ... "The tower was proposed at 125 feet and we are are in close proximity to the La Crosse Regional Airport which has, within three miles of the airport, height limitations," said Onalaska's Development Director ... April 29, 2015

CenturyLink takes on Charter by providing 1 Gbps FTTP service to La Crosse, Wis.

CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) is providing a new competitive challenge to local cable operator Charter Communications (NASDAQ: CHTR) by launching its 1 Gbps fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) service for residential and SMBs in La Crosse, Wis. The service is ... April 16, 2015

Police: 98 grams of blue meth seized from La Crosse man

A 57-year-old La Crosse man has been arrested on charges of possessing blue-tinted methamphetamine worth thousands of dollars. The La Crosse Tribune reports Steven McCurdy is facing charges of possession with intent to deliver meth, escape, resisting ... January 6, 2015

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Wood Finish Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Forecasting Function

3 languages to choose from: English, French, Spanish. Wall hanging or free standing. Made in the La Crosse Asia factory in Shenzhen, ChinaSpecifications:. Wireless outdoor temperature range: -39 degree F to 140 degree F. Indoor temperature range ... December 10, 2013

WS-9160U-IT - Digital Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Thermometer in Chrome Finish

Wireless outdoor temperature (degree F or degree C). Monitors indoor temperature (degree F or degree C). Min & Max value of temperature. Wall hanging or free standing. Can receive up to 3 sensors. Time display (manual setting). 12/24 hour time ... December 10, 2013


La Crosse Technology 302-604R-TBP Red Indoor Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer Station Review

Pearlenew2g 03.08.15

La Crosse Technology 302-604R-TBP Red Indoor Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer Station Review La Crosse Technology 302-604R-TBP Red Indoor Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer Station Indoor Temperature (F/C)Indoor Humidity (%RH)MIN/MAX value recordsComfort Level Icon12/24 Hour Manual Set time


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