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Comcast Wants To Change Sign On Historic 30 Rock Building

July 15, 2018

30 Rockefeller Plaza is one of the city's most iconic landmarks and Comcast wants to put its logo on the structure. Comcast is trying to mark its territory in New ...

What is the best landmark studio wall clock?

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Destination decor

Evoke exotic atmosphere with a 'faraway scene' wall mural, or your own holiday photo turned into a canvas, and furniture pieces in characteristic style or colour. Or, confine Alternatively, feature an iconic landmark, with an Eiffel. Tower giant ... August 13, 2015

Exploring Maboneng: what not to miss

Take the entrance to Smack Republic, through the honey-smelling micro brewery, up through the owner's art studio and onto his outdoor patio, with your Smack beer and some food from the market. Beyond the courtyard, on the street, Pop into the Happy ... July 28, 2015

What Else Can Art Do?

When I visited Bradford's industrial-sized studio, in South Los Angeles, this spring, one wall was almost entirely covered by a huge outline map of the United States, with clusters of numbers that represented the AIDS cases reported in each state up to ... June 15, 2015

New York City Water Views for $500000 or Less

9G, a one-bedroom whose long west-facing living room windows reveal a panorama that seems like an atlas come to life: the Verrazano Bridge, the hump of Staten Island, the gleaming towers of Wall Street. “It's always changing. You are seeing New York ... May 22, 2015

Migos: Young, Rich and Outrunning Trouble

This summer, they're on the brink of new conquests: Their first official studio LP, Yung Rich Nation, is due out on the last day of July, and work is coming down to the wire. "We're grinding right up until July 31st," Takeoff says. He plugs his phone ... June 24, 2015

Favorite Streets in 12 European Cities

From the Zytglogge, a 13th-century clock tower, I rolled east past Albert Einstein's house and down toward Bear Park, where a flat path shot along the river. I missed my turn, the road cocked skyward, and I learned the Grosser Muristalden is best on foot.... April 17, 2015

22 Things You Learn Hanging Out With Rush

There's a reason there are few, if any, unreleased songs from Rush's studio sessions. "That's not how we've ever worked," says "Doing stuff I would never do and with a clock that I have transcended now, it was hard. And then after having done it ... June 30, 2015


No charges for Bill Cosby in Atlantic City rape allegations - Press of Atlantic City

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Trey Anastasio on Phish's Bond, His Man Cave and the Dead's Big Gigs -

Trey Anastasio isn't taking his job as singer-guitarist at the Grateful Dead's reunion shows lightly. In preparation for the Fare Thee Well concerts (which start on June 27th), Anastasio has been shuttling between the houses of surviving members of the Dead in Northern California to practice and talk set lists. "There's certain things you can't pick up without sitting there," says Anastasio, as he talks about visiting Bob Weir at home, "like some of the changes in 'New, New Minglewood Blues. ' " A few weeks after the Dead shows, Anastasio will return to his day job in Phish, who are starting a U. S. tour in Oregon on July 21st. For those rehearsals, the guitarist only has to travel to his Vermont barn, where he was heading when we spoke. I hung with Bobby [Weir] at his beach house for about a week. " We played through all the tunes, but being given the opportunity to hear stories about how they were written – Bobby would tell me what bands they were listening to when they wrote a particular song – that stuff is really informative. Then Phil [Lesh] invited me out, and we had a barbecue at his house, and I got to see Phil walking on the beach with his grandson, which was really touching. Bobby, Phil and I just sat, talking about the set list. One day, Bobby started talking about how much he loved Brent [Mydland, the Dead keyboardist who died in 1990]. He said, "Make sure you listen to those vocal harmonies from the late 1980s. " I also thought Brent was great and miss him.

Share “Photos, video & interviews: Science Museum...” -

Science Museum Oklahoma sparks families’ love of learning with CurioCity. "There's everything here you need to get ready for a show," the chairman of Science Museum Oklahoma's board of trustees said during one of The Oklahoman's early exclusive tours of CurioCity. The curtain goes up Sunday on one of the biggest changes in the museum's almost six-decade history: a 20,000-square-foot, $9 million family exhibition designed to teach children, parents and grandparents about science through exploration and... It's appropriate that CurioCity — pronounced "curiosity" — is opening on Father's Day since it's not a children's exhibit, said Jim Farris, the museum board's past chairman. It's a family exhibit designed so that people of all ages can participate in the dozens of activities housed within its colorful walls. "Our whole goal all along was to try to have an exhibit that no matter what your age when you came in, you could enjoy it. My kids will love this, but certainly, my grandson Max, who just turned 1, will enjoy it. And it's not the kind of thing... "That was our whole goal: to try to give something to the state of Oklahoma — not just Oklahoma City but the state of Oklahoma because we are Science Museum Oklahoma — that's a legacy for the museum.

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6" Designer Wall Clock Helio Black

This Bai Helio Wall Clock features a minimal designer dial with chrome-plated hour and minute hands with matching stainless steel bezel. Quality silent quartz movement with sweeping orange second hand. Requires one AA battery to operate. December 10, 2013

5.9" Designer Wall Clock Mega Silver

This Bai Helio Wall Clock features a satin silver designer dial, niteglow dial and niteglow hour/minute hands and matching stainless steel bezel. Quality silent quartz movement with sweeping orange second hand. Requires one AA battery to operate. December 10, 2013

Luxury Watchmakers Craft Landmark Clocks

Movado’s TimeSculpture outside Lincoln Center. The rich legacy of the landmark timepiece is no doubt one of the reasons luxury watchmakers have been developing clocks for the city’s cultural and entertainment institutions in recent years. July 31, 2013

Blair Kamin

Blair Kamin has been the Chicago Tribune’s architecture critic since 1992. A graduate of Amherst College and the Yale University School of Architecture, he has also been a fellow at the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University. The ... June 7, 2012


The Western Wall Tunnel, Jerusalem, Israel - A landmark of Jerusalem-astonishing

Yeastytaunt 07.05.15

The Western Wall Tunnel, Jerusalem, Israel - A landmark of Jerusalem-astonishing