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Timer Wall Clocks // New & Popular 2017

August 17, 2018

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What is the best large digital stopwatch wall clock?

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Fifty years later, this technology found its way from wall-hanging clocks to wrists, and Switzerland's watchmaking industry, being slow to adapt, was decimated. In the 1980s, the Quartz “Do you need an annual calendar or stopwatch?” says Ian Latham ... March 24, 2015

Negative Space filled with creativity

A huge gold Buddha greets them at the entrance, smiling as though he knows they are headed toward enlightenment. Some folks A four-foot gear with a face peering through the teeth leans against a window; a hand gun, the size of a person, engraved ... January 22, 2015

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In honor of Sports Illustrated's 60th anniversary, is republishing, in full, 60 of the best stories ever to appear in the magazine. Today's selection is "Pure Heart," by William Nack, which ran in the June 4, 1990 issue. In waging the most ... January 2, 2015

Movie Cram II at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater

went over big at the theater. A repeat was inevitable. This time, two observers sanctioned by the Guinness World Records were invited to clock the proceedings and report back to Guinness headquarters. The stopwatches began ticking at midnight ... November 17, 2014

Session stopwatch: Ready, set, here it goes

But here are some of the events and actions that will shake the session, as the stopwatch begins to tick. • Jan. 5: The state Court of If lawmakers complete their work, it will mark the fifth year in a row they've beaten the clock. • April 1: The ... January 5, 2015

Aviator Buffs Yearn for Watches, but Few Pilots Actually Use Them

During World War II, planes and watches added more functions. But another spinoff of WWII—computing—wound down watches' role in aviation. By the 1970s planes were automating and computerized quartz watches, some with digital readouts, nearly killed ... December 25, 2014

Adjusting time is like clockwork in the Mission City

He calibrated steam and pressure instruments, and adjusted clocks, stopwatches and wristwatches. “I never There are also signs from an Oklahoma drugstore and license plates that once graced his grandfather's black four-door 1946 Buick on the wall.... January 15, 2015


Get all the facts on Casio WVA-M640D-1ACR Wave


Comments: This is my second Casio Wave Ceptor type watch. I really liked the fact that it never needed to be tweaked to keep the exact time, so when it stopped working I started looking again at what watches are out there that sync time with the Ft Collins, CO time broadcast. I’ve always been a fan of self-setting time pieces: I have four variations of clocks in the house that set themselves to this time source as well. After a couple of hours of research, the WVA-M640D-1ACR worked its way to the top of my list and I ordered it. I am partial to analog time display and stainless segmented bands — pretty much the look of this watch — so this one fit the bill nicely. I’ve only had it a couple of weeks so I don’t know how well it’ll hold up, but I can offer a few comments about it, and a little comparison to my previous Wave Ceptor. Now that I look more closely at the photo of it, I can see that it’s a little larger around than my previous watch, but it’s not overly large. It’s also thinner, so even though it’s larger around, it stays nicely in place and fits well. My previous watch was all metal… this one has a stainless covered plastic frame. Read more ›. Comments: I always liked the look and feel of metal analog watches (I think it’s a very manly and fashionable look ) but at the same time I also liked the features of digital watches.

Citizen AT9013-03H Stainless is best for the money


I have a number of watches including Rolex, Omega’s as well as other fine watches but prefer to wear the Citizen AT9013-03H World Time A-T Eco Drive what else needs to be stated. The description does state the leather strap to be 22mm but I found it to be 23mm. This makes a slight difference if you wish to add a different strap like I did (Hadley-Roma Men’s MS2005RA-220 22-mm Black Genuine Alligator Leather) along with a... I have received a number of compliments for this combination and the overall look of the watch looks like a watch worth $5,000+. Good luck and best wishes. Compare Citizen AT9013-03H Stainless with similar products and specs: JBW JB-6215-238-A Phantom Brown Diamond Gold Bezel Leather Band. 238 round-cut white diamonds with 2. 38 CTW Highest Standard Quartz Chronograph Movement Genuine brown leather band with contrast white stitching firmly fit to the case lugs on the gold plated stainless steel case Water resistant to 165 feet (50... Case diameter: 44 mm Sapphire crystal Automatic Chronograph watch Water resistant to 165 feet (50 M): suitable for swimming and showering TAG Heuer CAR2110.

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For some reason, there are a lot of people who still prefer a low-tech, digital alarm clock for getting ... and it's plugged into the wall (with a 9V battery back up), so if I get home and toss my pants to the side, it's no big deal.” April 10, 2015

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Why this matters: Study after study has shown that a large chunk of the human population is getting ... up to domestic felicity and enhanced professional productivity. The wall-mounted "personal sunrise" alarm uses its built-in body heat sensor to ... April 9, 2015

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Time? Clocks go out in minor-league opener

The new rules take into account clock malfunctions. When malfunctions happen, umpires are supposed to keep time on a stopwatch while the stadium clocks ... with one in the outfield and two along the wall behind the plate. The clock in center began counting ... April 8, 2015

Landmark Building Reopens as Embassy Suites in the Heart of Downtown Louisville

With many historic details maintained, including a large clock that once graced the entry way ... original architecture that has been carefully restored to its beauty. One wall of the hotel features artistic tiles of hand-sanded orchids, paying homage ... April 8, 2015

Braun to Display Three Emergency Vehicles at FDIC 2015

To enable emergency personnel to freely and safely move in and out of the model, it features a door forward design, a large pass thru opening ... storage in the squad bench and a Franklin digital clock. If you'd like to learn more about Braun ambulances ... April 8, 2015


KEEDOX� Digital Large Display Soft Blue LED Light Snooze Wall Desk Alarm Calendar Clock Review

Geraldinese 11.23.14

KEEDOX� Digital Large Display Soft Blue LED Light Snooze Wall Desk Alarm Calendar Clock Review KEEDOX� Digital Large Display Soft Blue LED Light Snooze Wall Desk Alarm Calendar Clock Multi-function: it could be show time, date, temperature and as an alarm clock if need.Time display: 12-hour or 2-hour modeSoft LED light, you can see the time clearly even at dark backgroundElectronic internal design, completely mute walkingThe ringtone grows from lower to louder, and...

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