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Giant illuminated wall clock with remote controlled colour changing dial !

July 13, 2018

Timelight - Giant illuminated wall clock with colour changing dial ! Can be personalised with your company name or logo. Timelight - A giant contemporary wall ...

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This Woman Makes Remarkable Coffee Filter Lampshades

I met Farrell at her local Starbucks, which she acknowledges has been the most generous source of the used coffee filters that she fashions into kaleidoscopic drums of illumination for retail spaces and homes across the US. lampada I like to come ... December 10, 2015

'Pearls on a String' at the Walters Art Museum offers a glimpse into Islamic ...

The jali screen, part of the Walters Art Museum's "Pearls on a String: Artists, Patrons, and Poets at the Great Islamic Courts," might have once adorned a Mughal window, separating a room from a larger space, a royal reception room perhaps, yet ... December 8, 2015

Uncle Milton's moon grows bigger and gets smarter; plus scientific Star Wars fun

A supermoon is ready to rise in kid's bedrooms as Uncle Milton's enhances its top selling wall decoration with a larger and more technologically-advanced version of Earth's moon. Super Moon In My Room ($54.99) is 30-percent larger than the original ... December 5, 2015

Pathological Visions

Eastern European modernism looms large in their films. Beneath the music can be heard vague muted mumblings as if hearing someone speaking from behind a wall or to place it in more Freudian terms, which seems appropriate since Freudian psychology ... December 4, 2015

A View from the Easel

One thing not in this space is a clock. It's inevitable that time is always a In the photograph presented here, the inner wall of my studio is revealed. There are countless Though I have a basement studio area for creating my large format work ... November 27, 2015

Notre Dame Memorial Service Honors Victims Of Paris Attacks

heard a lot of people talking about [the attacks], not a lot of anger … much less hysterical reaction than I've seen on the American [Internet],” Barnett said. “By and large I think people were just living normally today. Yesterday was less busy ... November 15, 2015

Confessions of an ISIS Spy

Abu Khaled saw firsthand, he said, what amounted to the colonial arrogance of Iraqi and other foreign elites in the ISIS leadership occupying large swaths of his Syrian homeland. He was in a Members of the Committee for Promotion of Virtues and ... November 20, 2015


85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90


Feliz Dia de la Inmaculada Concepcion (yet another Spanish holiday that I don’t really understand despite research and asking Spaniards). Before I get to writing about my Scandinavian adventures, I should mention just how happy I am to be back in my Spanish home (today’s activities have included a morning run, a very necessary shower, tolerating Angelia’s goodnatured but... I began missing Sevilla and my new language even before I’d left Spain and sorely missed my lifestyle here while I was away. My flight took off just before 7 and I then had a four-hour layover in Barcelona, during which I ate churros, took walks in the airport (it’s REALLY nice), and sent voice messages in Spanish (instead of texts–too lazy to type and I can practice... ” Black floors, illuminated yellow lettering on signs, super sleek, very upscale, well-decorated for Christmas. A few things were immediately evident: 1) Spanish would be useless (airport signs were in nearly every language EXCEPT Spanish), 2) I might actually have trouble communicating (English is not as widespread as I’d thought), 3) I would be freezing... I changed 10 euros to Danish kronor (which, I’ll add, are incredibly odd and have holes in the middle) and took the metro straight from the airport to the city center.

LIVE REPORT: MeteoroiD 2nd Oneman 「死華ノ花」 @ Takadanobaba ARENA 15.10.10

Hayley (ヘイリー)

The venue at Takadanobaba AREA was full and the excitement was intense as the band took their places and launched into their first song of the night “鳥籠ノ沙羅双樹ハ死華ノ花 / Torikago no Sarasouju wa Shika no Hana”. As the first single to be released after the band underwent major changes, it was the perfect start to the show. live, it was like hearing the band for the first time. The band went full force from the beginning, sucking the crowd in without any time wasted on buildup. The audience went wild headbanging and flailing as if possessed as the band kept the energy at top level with “racrimosa” right after. entered the stage holding a single lantern which illuminated the darkness of the stage as the band began to play “いばら姫 / Ibarahime”. The song began with a military-style drum beat and was more instrumentally complex overall. Immediately transitioning into “脈時計 / Myaku Tokei”, the band continued their high-powered performance which featured a dual guitar solo highlighted by After that it was the dreaded announcement of the last song for the night “呪殺 / Noroi Ya”. The...

Soar, Part 23 - Mare

(Pieta Tuomisto)

It's being held by two sisters: the older, Matu, a hippieish biology student, who secretly wants to be a novelist, and the younger, Pie, a baker-in-training, who doesn't really know what she's doing with her life, but likes weird internet stuff,... They went through some old books and the internet to try and find the curse used, or some kind of cure, but their efforts were about as fruitless as they had been the entire week. Roxie's mom came home briefly around six, updated them on the situation, which hadn't changed too much, and then left again, telling Roxie not to wait up. After that the girls fell back into a somewhat uncomfortable silence, as they watched the... Quarter to eleven and Vanilla, who had spent the whole day sprawled on one of Roxie's armchairs and staring at the clock, stood up and stretched. "Excuse me. " said Roxie, standing up as well. I don't care if you're a centuries old deity, I'm not letting you leave. "Millennia old, actually," said Vanilla easily, and grinned. Roxie's frown only grew. "I believe you're about to receive a text message. " said Alex. Alex's eyes widened, and she slowly pulled out her phone. Vanilla looked at her pointedly as she opened the text she received.

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Judith Foltz aims for pretty and traditional with holiday decor for the city and her own home

She says, “I found a photo in a design magazine that showed lighted garland and bows on a ‘Main Street ... of the pool table and its replacement with classic leather pieces, a large desk, and a giant flat-screen television. The result is a home that ... December 3, 2015

New luxury cruise ship to debut on the Mekong

Scenic Cruises new Scenic Spirit, as seen in an illustration. (Photo: Bruno Morandi/SIME/4Corners I) Add Scenic Cruises to the list of river lines operating on the Mekong in Southeast Asia. The Australia-based operator, known for upscale, all-inclusive ... November 20, 2015

Sail the friendly seas: The best cruises for meeting people

Some of the best memories you bring home from a cruise vacation may be of the people you meet on your ship. Picking a ship where you're cruising with like-minded folks helps with the bonding. Theme cruises – whether focused on Star Trek or nudism ... October 14, 2015

DIY Dotted Wall Clock

DIY String Wall Art I'm pinning this purely for the idea of using a mechanical pencil as a way to guide the string. Diy Project : String Wall Art I did string art once. This project looks a whole lot more manageable than that one January 28, 2015

Gas station history coming alive in Whiteland

Gas station history coming alive in Whiteland An amazing array of colors from a wall old service station clocks are part of the collection Alan Ray and Jennifer Whitaker have built in Whiteland. Most of the clocks are called Cleveland Clocks, built by the ... December 20, 2014

Cruise ship tours: Scenic Cruises' Scenic Gem

Cruise ship tours: Scenic Cruises' Scenic Gem Unveiled on France's Seine River in July 2014, Scenic Cruises' 128-passenger Scenic Gem is a stylish, unusually-all-inclusive vessel that offers a more upscale experience than many of its competitors on the ... August 18, 2014


Gil Hodges

U of Nebraska Press.2015.ISBN: 9780803274334,0803274335.478 pages.

In descriptions of athletes, the word “hero” is bandied about and liberally...

Warman's Clocks Field Guide

Krause Publications.2011.ISBN: 9781440228278,1440228272.512 pages.

Avoid costly mistakes! Use that telephone book sized reference under the...

Risky Business

Silhouette.1992.ISBN: 0373221851,9780373221851.253 pages.

The Profiteers

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Members of financial businesses are murdered. An elite female escort agency...

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