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Diy Large Wall Clock Decor| Wall Decorating Idea.

April 17, 2018

Clocks Are Essentials in Homes for keeping us on track with timing and This DIY Wall Clock Helps with that in a Glam Style! It Was made with just Cardboards and Spoons from the Dollar Store....

What is the best large lighted wall clocks?

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Without calling attention to themselves, Morris' images are attractively lit and framed. Gates of Heaven is divided into two halves. The first 40 minutes chronicle Floyd That job experience paid off. However, he also took a large stylistic leap ... April 8, 2015

Invitation to view some of our historic homes

Fierce grey lines scrabbled from the wall and, as the outer layer crumbled away, a hound, painted almost 500 years ago, stared back at her. Today the long Trespassers had lit fires in some of the main rooms, historic ceilings had been artexed ... April 10, 2015

Cal Fire Academy cadets, instructors were good for bar's business, until ...

six years and knew Fleming. “They used to come in and take over a wall, or the back half of the room.” . Bg's sits in virtual shadow behind the Gillmans' brightly lit Mel and Faye's Diner. The family-style restaurant is Fleming sometimes ... April 4, 2015

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Excerpt 12 – Dead Low Winter

T.K. O'Neill

EXCERPT 12. Several days after the big poker game had come and gone, the first sunny spring-like day of the year hit town. I had the glass front door propped open a crack to let in the soft night air. My eyes flicked restlessly around the brightly lighted room. I was rubbing my eyes with my knuckles when Sammy Cross walked in arm and arm with a gorgeous girl, the babe about five-six or seven, medium length auburn hair, a gorgeous slinky bod and dreamy brown eyes. Kind of girl that makes your dick hard, your heart soft and turns your brain to mush—just the way I liked it. My mouth must have fallen open or something because now Cross and the girl were both grinning up at me. Then the light bulb went on in my... I said, “Sam—what are you doing here. My heart thumped like a big bass drum. Surely she must remember me , thought I, but she didn’t let on. Sam was grinning like a satanic Teddy Bear. “Keith,” he said, “Let me introduce you to Mary. I said, “Hi,” and a thousand worms wriggled in my gut. “Hi,” she said, with a sexy.

My Little Beach House


For two glorious summers, I spent May to October in my very own little beach “house”, at Sauble Beach on Lake Huron. This little house was my very first I-Own-It home, paid for by I-Earned-It money, and to me it was a symbol of freedom and accomplishment. My house was a 16 foot trailer, which I purchased in Stratford, and left with my Dad for a couple of weeks because he wanted to improve it for me. My wonderful Dad took blank panelled areas and cut them out, installed doors to give me extra... He made an opening to the boot on the inside of the trailer, so that I didn’t have to go outside in the dark or in bad weather to get things stored there. He installed an awning on the side of the trailer so that I could put a picnic table under it, and enjoy the shade on hot days. As for my Mom, her contributions were curtains I could see through easily, but which didn’t reveal much to anyone looking inside, along with kitchen stuff, and other practical, useful things, like clip-on lamps here and there for extra lighting. My little house had a panoramic-view window at the back, from where I could look out at a road that led to the beach, just beyond the fence that enclosed Carson’s Camp ,. I even had my own little gate leading from my big lot to the roadway, so I...

Oceania Marina visits Poland: Exploring Gdansk Old Town


To continue exploring Gdansk Old Town, we depart the High Gate, the entrance through which the Polish king passed when visiting Gdansk (pronounced “. dænsk”). From the High Gate it’s a short distance along the Royal Route to the arch of the Golden Gate, the entrance to Long Street. Eight statues atop the wall represent traits varying from piety to wealth. Inside the gate’s arch, we have a perfect view of Long Street (Dluga on the city map), Old Town’s historical heart offering a showcase of museums, architecture and some of the city’s best photo opportunities. Many armories of today may be featureless blocks of concrete but the Great Armoury reflects the 17th century Gdansk tradition that every building should be pleasing to the eye. Returning to Long Street, we’re soon standing beside the imposing town hall dating back to the 13th century. A fire in the 1500’s created an opportunity to expand the town hall and to change its architectural style to D utch/Flemish mannerism. The town hall is a grand building, five stories high and topped with a 272 foot-high tower. No longer the seat of local government, the town hall is home to the Historical Museum of Gdansk. A short distance beyond the town hall where Long Street.

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This alarm clock showers you with targeted beams of light and sound

Why this matters: Study after study has shown that a large ... The wall-mounted “personal sunrise” alarm uses its built-in body heat sensor to determine the designated individual’s location on bed, letting out narrow, focused beams of light and ... April 8, 2015

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Custom Accessories CU072100 Large Lighted Readout Clock Review

Staciaon3 01.17.15

Custom Accessories CU072100 Large Lighted Readout Clock Review Custom Accessories CU072100 Large Lighted Readout Clock Custom Accessories #72100 Large Readout ClockCUSTOM ACCESSORIES

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illuminated wall clock

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