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How to Build a Large Photo Wall Clock - Build Your Own Clock

March 18, 2018

Yes You Can Build an impressive Large Photo Wall Clock. We provide the training video, technical support and the parts. Visit Us At: Have Questions Call Us; 888-827-2387...

What is the best large picture frame wall clocks?

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torquay/anglesea march 2015


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Assignment 4.


For this assignment I have chosen to write an essay on a photograph by the renowned Indian photographer RAGHU RAI. The photograph is of LOCAL COMMUTERS AT CHURCHGATE RAILWAY STATION, MUMBAI 1995. It captures a moment of daily bustle as commuters rush to & from the train. Raghu Rai photographs India. com/Bhopal/Bhopal. In 1965 he took up photography & the following year joined the New Delhi newspaper The Statesman as its chief photographer. Churchgate station gets its name from Church Gate Street which is on the immediate south of the station. This is the first station of the Western Railway suburban network of Mumbai. Churchgate station is a terminus of Western Railway line of Mumbai suburban railway. It is the southernmost station of the city. Today the station is one of the busiest stations in the city. Millions of city dwellers living in the suburbs alight at this station to get to their offices in the business districts of south Mumbai. A cavernous railway station The rushing crowd of commuters An island of calm that is the three commuters reading newspapers On the left a long row of carriages disgorging their occupants Plain to see on the carriage wall is an advertisement for...

My "Day Off"


I love changing things up. I love moving furniture around and into different rooms to get a new look. Even when I was young and living with my parents, I would change things up and move them around. I love to paint, I love to clean and polish and dust and shop for beautiful things. you get the picture. When my two older kids came home from living in Central Florida, they brought a bunch of furniture with them, including a sofa and love seat we'd bought them at a furniture outlet store. At first I put them in the garage, since my son's desire was to look for a place and take the furniture with him. Things didn't work out for him financially, and it made no sense to me to have brand new furniture in the garage while I was sitting on faded furniture that was 13 years old. So I sold the old sofa and love seat and put the new items in the family room. Last year I decided to get an electric fireplace/media center for the living room, and I got rid of the enormous wall unit that was in the family room. I'd originally put it in the living room, but I moved it to the family room and put the fireplace/media console in there instead. It was 3 1/2 years old but looked like we'd been sitting on it for 20 years.

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In Construct, the local artist's exhibition at Martha Street Studio, large-scale prints reveal brightly lit, eerily empty interiors in impressive detail, but they withhold just as much, leaving viewers to complete the picture. The images are meticulously ... April 2, 2015


3D Large Sliver Modern DIY Home Decor Mirror Wall Clock Sticker

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