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Chihai LED Clock Overzise Large Jumbo Display Remote Control Digital Alarm Clock Countdown Snooze

August 16, 2018


What is the best large red led jumbo display alarm clocks?

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Chris Christie and our GOP corruption nightmare: Fight, or this is how Ben ...

As the 2016 presidential race heats up, the Republican field continues to mystify and alarm. We can now safely say this batch is crazier than the last. On Monday, Ben Carson kicked things off with a gospel choir singing a chorus of Eminem's “Lose Yourself.... May 10, 2015

America's ugly whitesplaining epidemic: Baltimore, Freddie Gray and the ...

We'll have to explain the hideousness of racism and watch his big, beautiful smile fall, his lips quiver, and his whole face crumple into confusion and disillusionment. My wife and I will be devastated if he loses his sense of joy and humor—he ... May 6, 2015

Another TPP lie exposed: How Medicare is getting stiffed in Obama's massive ...

But progressive groups have added to that alarm in recent days. Democracy for America called it a Republicans claim they are gaining momentum in picking up votes, but all public whip counts show the tally coming up short. Adding Medicare cuts into ... May 19, 2015

The New York Times just will not rest until you buy this

“Damon's repertory of charmingly approachable products continues to swell,” observed the Times, noting “an L.E.D. alarm clock composed of four rearrangeable black cubes, each displaying a single red digit, that was inspired by 1980s supercomputers.”.... March 7, 2015

Our clueless keyboard warriors need to simmer down about Islam: This is how ...

Like Robert Kagan, who exulted, “The world has become normal again,” in 2007, when the neoliberal global village began resembling a painting by Hieronymus Bosch, America's Enlightenment warriors grasp for coordinates by projecting big face-offs with ... May 11, 2015

Obama, Bush and Carson believe this nonsense? Our faith-addled, God-fearing ...

CNN might wish to rename its show “This Week in Politics” as “This Week in God”; it's getting that bad. Just in the days between May 1 and May 7, for example, the Seventh-Day Adventist evolution-denier Ben Carson announced his intention to seek the ... May 17, 2015

Jesus went to hell: The Christian history churches would rather not acknowledge

This is one phrase that Christians, whether mainline or evangelical, Catholic or Protestant, will likely not hear from the pulpit this week. And yet the story of Christ's descent to the underworld has deep roots in tradition. The fourth century Apostle ... April 9, 2015


Chris Christie and our GOP corruption nightmare: Fight, or this is how Ben ... - Salon

If you like politics, it was one heck of a week. Three Republicans kicked off presidential campaigns, a record, I’ll bet. Adding to the excitement, New York state Senate president Dean Skelos got indicted for extortion just three months after New York House Speaker Sheldon Silver got indicted for the very same thing. As the 2016 presidential race heats up, the Republican field continues to mystify and alarm. ” One assumes Carson read the original lyrics, which include this gem: This world is mine for the taking. He calls Obamacare “The worst thing that has happened… since slavery” and says America is “very much like Nazi Germany. Even listening closely one couldn’t tell if he was just exploiting the paranoia of his audience or had actually succumbed to it himself. Fiorina announced in a one-minute video that opened with shots of — and at — Hillary Clinton. Listening to her one got a sense of what Sarah Palin would sound like had she gone to Stanford, as when she said the Founders didn’t want a permanent political class when in fact they were all members of one. She vows to run government like a business, by which we assume she means one other than Hewlett Packard.

America's ugly whitesplaining epidemic: Baltimore, Freddie Gray and the ... - Salon

I hate ’splaining of all kinds—I even hate the word—which is why I typically resist the urge to do so. But desperate times call for desperate measures, so I am going to muster some chutzpah just this once and whitesplain to whitesplainers the... I’ve gotten ensnared in heated conversations on Facebook threads with people—namely White people, some whom I know, some I don’t. I don’t live in Baltimore. I’ve never lived in Ferguson. I do live in New York City. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a middle-class home, live in a middle-class neighborhood, attend good schools and go on to a good college. Today, I have a nice home and live a comfortable life. I am also the mother of a Black son who is currently 3-1/2. The other day, he came home from preschool and spontaneously declared, “I’m happy,” a wide smile beaming across his gorgeous little face. And it shattered my heart because I know he is living in a bubble of innocence that has an end date. Because one day, in the not-too-distant future, my wife and I are going to have to burst that bubble and start having awful conversations with him.

Another TPP lie exposed: How Medicare is getting stiffed in Obama's massive ... - Salon

In their bid to sell a skeptical Democratic Party on a free trade agenda, the Obama Administration has insisted that no U. S. laws would change as a result. Top White House officials contended to Politico that the “fast-track” trade bill “expressly forbids changing U. S. law. In fact, the companion bill to fast track itself does include a change to U. S. law, paying for assistance for workers who lose their jobs from trade deals — by cutting medical assistance to the elderly. TAA is partially financed through $700 million in Medicare cuts. Sequestration expires in fiscal year 2024, but the TAA bill expands it by piling those cuts onto the back end. Medicare spent $492 billion in fiscal year 2013, so you’re talking about a bit more than 1/1000th of the cost. But it’s true that this continues a very dangerous precedent: When anyone in Congress wants to pay for something, they just push sequestration out a bit more or expand it a hair, chipping away at social services and essentially robbing Peter to... once to pay for the Ryan-Murray budget, and once to pay for reversing pension cuts for veterans. As National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare President and CEO Max Richtman told the National Journal , “Apparently using Medicare as a piggy bank to pay for everything under the sun has become the new legislative norm for Congress.

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Announcement: Flesh and Blood, by Ethan Stone

The mansion was built in Tuscan style, with curved windows and an arched gate that led ... a large, deep sunken tub and a huge shower. Lex and I went to the tub--the scene of the crime. It was still filled, but the water wasn't clear--it was red. June 9, 2015

Alarm Clocks Suppliers

Distributor of alarm clocks ... LED display, snooze alarm, adjustable display brightness, 9 V battery backup, brass finish, glass lens, white dial with black arabic numbers, luminous hour dot, black hands with luminous centers, red second, black alarm hand ... May 15, 2015

Dual Alarm Clock Radio

Dual alarm function. Sleek style. Intuitive controls allow for easy operation . Large display is easy to readExactly what you need and want, this clock radio has a dual alarm function to make sure you get up on time. Listen to your favorite radio stations ... December 10, 2013

Digital Am/FM Clock Radio

Digital Am/Fm Alarm Clock RadioBrand: Sangean. SNGRCR5. Fully Digital Tuning With Extra-Large Display. 10 Station Presets-5 AM & 5 FM. Humane Waking System. Features 2 Alarm Timers With Weekday/Weekend/Daily Or Once Timer Functions. Sleep Timer From 15 Min ... December 10, 2013

Giant Display Alarm Clock

There are alarm clocks, and then there are alarm clocks. For starters, the $89.95 Giant Display Alarm Clock that you see on the right will be able to show off the time in large 4” digits ... digit digital clocks. The red LED numbers have also been ... December 4, 2012


Eiiox Large Digital LED LCD Display Screen Desk Alarm Clock/nice Christmas Present Review

Heidywi 12.06.14

Eiiox Large Digital LED LCD Display Screen Desk Alarm Clock/nice Christmas Present Review Eiiox Large Digital LED LCD Display Screen Desk Alarm Clock/nice Christmas Present Calendar Functions, Digital Clock with AlarmLarge Digital LED LCD Display Screen8 Groups of World Famous Music are EnjoyableSeven-Color Change by Little and Little Backlight is Enjoyable.Battery: 3 x AAA batteries (Not Included)



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