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How to make a giant rustic wall clock

March 18, 2018

I show you how to make a really large rustic wall clock from reclaimed pallet wood and a clock movement found on amazon. This project requires a Pallet, a hammer, a jig saw, a drill, some...

What is the best large round wooden wall clocks?

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Modified for Manilow

The suite comes with a large, hand-carved, four-poster bed with inlaid detail and matching nightstands, overstuffed love seat and ottoman, custom carpeting and a chandelier. The lobby has a two-story rotunda, lots of wood paneling and an impressive ... April 6, 2015

Office Space Is Hard to Find for Silicon Valley Newcomers

After making about $22,000 in improvements, including adding a kitchen and a shower, installing a wooden phone booth, hanging buoys on the wall, and setting up a Ping-Pong table, Boatbound had a comfortable space for its 14 employees. “People hang ... April 1, 2015

Office space hard to find for startups

After making about $22,000 in improvements — including adding a kitchen and a shower, installing a wooden phone booth, hanging buoys on the wall and setting up a pingpong table — Boatbound had a comfortable space for its 14 employees. Jenny Haeg ... April 3, 2015

Peirce Mansion volunteers finish latest phase of restoration

SIOUX CITY | Joan Schurtz marvels at the beige wall she plastered and the wood floor she cleaned and polished as rays of light stream through stained glass windows in the Peirce Mansion's third-floor ballroom on Tuesday morning. "The floor was A ... April 4, 2015

Zad's Is a Relic of Old Milwaukee

The hyper-early tavern hours are a relic of Milwaukee's industrial heritage, when factories operated around the clock, discharging thirsty laborers every 8 – 12 hours or so. For a third shifter, 6 a.m. was every bit as much a happy hour as was 6 p.m ... April 1, 2015

Detroit resident finally feels at home next to wacky public art project

A box of felt-tip markers sits on a table beside her, and steam rises temptingly from a large thermos filled with hot chocolate. The icy . Wooden slabs painted as clock faces, each showing a different time, are scattered across the landscape ... March 19, 2015

The final rituals: Confronting Islam's demons

Most sat the hajjis down on the ground among the tufts of hair already cut; only the more elegant barbers provided wooden chairs. They chopped Today, Saudi Arabia's huge oil income makes the country a cherished customer for exporters around the ... March 24, 2015


Northern Gothic. Inverness.Ness islands.


After an overnight stay on the Black Isle with our convivial hosts B and M, Alex and John were up early to bag another isolated Corbett. Around lunch time my hosts kindly dropped me off in Inverness as they were going there anyway and I fancied a comprehensive city tour of the Highland Capital. I love city explorations (especially when it's grim on the mountain tops. ) Above is Whin Park, a lovely area packed with interesting features like an extensive children's adventure playground, various colourful public shelters, ponds and a miniature railway running in summer. This area is situated near the city centre and lies very close to the River Ness so it's prone to flooding. The Caledonian Canal sits on one side of the park with the river on the other so winter flooding seems to be a regular occurrence now. I stayed briefly in this area around the Black Isle and Strathpeffer during the late 1970s- early 1980s and remembered Inverness and the walk round the islands well. The River Ness, the Ness islands and Whin park are the jewels in the crown of this northern city. Several ornate iron bridges span the fast flowing River Ness, connecting up the wooded islands in mid stream and a further bridge leads to the opposite bank. A well made walking trail runs though them with good views and they are just as pretty as I remembered them.

Grandma’s house

Don Egan

Donleigh Street was from a time long gone, even when I lived there. A short bent dirt track of 15 or so houses, and just two gas lamps painted green. At one end, the street lay adjacent to Brookdale Park at the junction with Miriam Street, with its tarmac road neatly edged against our dirt track, signalling its superiority and that of its residents. At the opposite end was the junction with Averill Street with the Baker’s shop on the corner, opposite number one Donleigh Street, where the strange people lived. Halfway down our street was our Grandma’s house, the only detached house in the street. The rest were small terraced houses. Grandma’s house was only one of two that had a small front garden. If Donleigh Street seemed from a past age, the inside of Grandma’s house was from an age even further back. (I don’t know why we called it a ‘back kitchen’ because there was only one kitchen. Then she’d slice the top off the loaf and fold the slice in half. It was always quiet at Grandma’s house. You could hear the clock ticking, apart from when we were hammering the piano keys, just before our father, who art a bit cheesed off with noisy boys,.

The Third Shelf (Warping The Innocent)


It occurs to me, (somewhat alarmingly, maybe) that I find myself incredibly contented when I have something alcoholic in my hand and I’m working on a story. taking children’s characters and warping them in an adult fashion. one example being his 24th novel ‘The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse’, in which a boy named Jack (potentially related to Jill, who knows. ) goes to seek his fortune in Toy City, only to find himself on the lam with the inebriated teddy bear assistant to Wee Willie (Bill) Winkie who has also mysteriously vanished. ‘ the two set out on an epic adventure, not to mention a lot of heavy drinking, bad behaviour, fast car chases, gratuitous sex and violence, bizarre toy fetishism and all-round grossness of a type not normally associated with Toy Town. So, me warping children’s characters then. As a kid I loved a kids animation called ‘The Gingerbread Man’. It was sweet and innocent and had bags and bags of potential for naughtiness. I used to take it out of the library and watch it on repeat. Here’s one of my first Uni assignments from my creative writing class. please excuse the grammar/syntax/etc as, even in the first year, I was probably inebriated a good 90% of the time. ‘I’m just looking Gingey, I swear I heard something…’. ‘Love, there’s no-one on the third shelf, it’s just China plates and dust.

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ON THE CLOCK: Why a dominant running back means more now than ever

The ‘On the Clock’ series on ... Buffalo made a strong effort to move up in the second round of the 2014 draft in an effort to land Ohio State RB Carlos Hyde. A back with the feet to elude the big hits and make linebackers miss was coveted by Buffalo ... April 10, 2015

Pauline Frommer: When your vacation really is an escape

Wooden tiered seats so old and flimsy looked like they’d fall apart if an audience member guffawed too hard. Dust-coated surfaces, a massive digital wall clock and a mysterious ... be a good break from the merry-go-round of sightseeing. April 10, 2015

Bars choosing conversation and conviviality over TVs on the wall

“We inherited a beautiful bar filled with stained glass, brick and wood. It seemed like the TVs distracted people from the natural look of the room.” While Republic does miss out during big sporting ... in the very first round.) April 10, 2015

PURDUE | Boilermakers Wrap Up Successful Season at 93rd Annual Banquet

A.J. Hammons - John Wooden Most Valuable Player Award FINAL ... 399) and the third lowest since the shot clock was introduced before the 1985-86 season (.391 - 2009; .399 - 2010). * In Big Ten play only, Purdue led the league in field goal percentage ... April 9, 2015

Miami Dolphins Draft Countdown: Making the Case for DeVante Parker

And when you're building a brand new wall, are you going to want to use brand new wood or ... would really round out the passing game, but not just any weapon. With Cameron and Stills in the fold, the Dolphins have given themselves two big-bodied threats ... April 9, 2015

Replay and physical play are high on NCAA basketball rules agenda

"I think we're at a tipping point," said Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany ... The two biggest topics, Hyland said, would likely be shortening the shot clock (form 35 seconds to 30) and expanding the restricted area-arc (from 3 feet to 4 feet). April 8, 2015

Twins pitcher Aaron Thompson survives bumpy road to big leagues

A 28-year-old left-handed reliever, he knows the clock is ticking on ... he was flying north with the big club after all. Sitting at his wood-framed locker in the visiting clubhouse at Comerica Park, the former first-round draft pick of the Marlins shook ... April 8, 2015


NFL WinCraft Round Chrome Wall Clocks Review

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NFL WinCraft Round Chrome Wall Clocks Review NFL WinCraft Round Chrome Wall Clocks 12" Round Wall ClockBold Style Face with Metal HandsContemporary Style Chrome plated plasticGlass lens protects the handsSporty chrome look is perfect for every man cave

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