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Modern Digital Led - Wooden Alarm Clock - Review & Setup

March 12, 2020

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The set contains a matching spoon, spaghetti server, slotted spoon, turner and tongs, all in a square acacia wood pot. 5-piece Acacia tool set ... give Dad a laugh with this attractive retro-style alarm clock from Newgate Clocks. June 11, 2015

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It comes with a wooden stand too. Prop your handset in it and it’ll show the time on-screen, replacing your alarm clock. Your correspondent hasn’t used a wake-up light, so can’t comment on their effectiveness. But we would assume a light with a long ... April 24, 2015

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At moments like this, I can’t help thinking there’s a lot to be said for an old-fashioned alarm clock rather than using your phone. Alarm picture from Shutterstock When I’m travelling, I’ll use my phone, but at home I have an entirely separate ... January 14, 2015

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GOgroove packed just about every modern connectivity option into the TYM, their new alarm clock. Take all that and put it in a classic, wooden casing with a retro display, and you’ve got a decent crack at making an alarm clock interesting. The look of ... November 19, 2014

75 Years of Marvel, Your Beautiful New Alarm Clock, and More Deals

75 Years of Marvel ... look like simple blocks of wood; perhaps some kind of minimalist IKEA decoration. Take a closer look though, and there's a lot going on. Both the dark and light model feature an LED alarm clock on the front that seems to glow ... October 24, 2014


Modern White LED White Wood Wooden USB/AAA Cube Alarm Clock Thermometer Review

Unhzu 12.27.14

Modern White LED White Wood Wooden USB/AAA Cube Alarm Clock Thermometer Review Modern White LED White Wood Wooden USB/AAA Cube Alarm Clock Thermometer