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Schneider 8 Inch Black Forest Puppy Cuckoo ClockVIEW DETAILS

Schneider 8 Inch Black Forest Puppy Cuckoo Clock

This colorful Schneider cuckoo clock will add charm and delight to any home or collection. Made in the Black Forest...

Black Forest 14 Inch Wide Cuckoo Clock by SchneiderVIEW DETAILS

Black Forest 14 Inch Wide Cuckoo Clock by Schneider

The Black Forest Cuckoo Clock with Swinging Children and Water-Wheel by Schneider is an exquisite addition to any...

Sternreiter Blue! Black Forest Quartz Cuckoo Clock #1201BQMVIEW DETAILS

Sternreiter Blue! Black Forest Quartz Cuckoo Clock #1201BQM

What fun! A delightfully BLUE cuckoo clock! The leaves and bird are hands carved from solid Linden wood. When the...


Antique Linden Westminster Chime Wall Clock With Mauthe Movement

June 19, 2018

This is what a Linden wall clock sounds like. This clock has a Mauthe movement. If you like this clock or would like another similar to it, please visit our shop!

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Guten tag from Germany!


So we arrived last Monday night into a cold and snowy Berlin, we stayed in a hostel for 4 days exploring everything the city had to offer. Especially when Stark showered in the men’s toilets by accident and got a massive telling off by a strict German cleaner on the first night. For the next 3 days we absolutely hammered the sights of Berlin, so much to see and do, Topography of Terror and walking through the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe both were incredibly moving. Visited the Berlin Wall museum, it was really interesting to walk along and see, also saw Alexanderplatz with a GMT rotating clock, TV Tower, Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island, went to posh Fassbender and Rausch and sampled some chocolate, yum. Walked along Unter den Linden to Brandenburg Gate, had a personalised picture with a giant Nutella, found the location of Hitlers bunker and did some red squirrel spotting at Charlottenburg Palace. Also tried the famous Berlin curry wurst, it was actually pretty good. Got up ridiculously early on our last day to visit the Reichstag dome, but it was so worth it. We were the first in and had it pretty much to ourselves, beautiful 360 degree views over the snowy city and river Spree, saw the sunrise, amazing light.

Eureka: Chapter Nineteen — “When Lions Come Calling, they Call to Collect.”


I shook my head to clear it as hard as I could, then I shook it again in dismay: My yearning was making me hallucinate. Then I realized that Hans was rigid with attention, and at last the Kaiser was turning with a frown toward the passageway outside of the room. It hadn’t been a hallucination: Sean Michael, Lion McPherson, the Prince of Firenzi came into the room, with Pharaoh Quartermain right behind him. Pharaoh was dressed in the clothes I’d sometimes seen in his gym bag: black pants, low boots, and a sleeveless white shirt. “In the States, we have an old saying: ‘When Lions come calling, they call to collect. The Todeschlagi sorcerer Lion lunged low, a spellfront crackling through the air like a wave of wind bending grain. It got caught in a fine spiderweb of light and erupted in a pyrotechnic display, the smell of burning dust filling the room. Pharaoh went over to him and curled an aristocratic lip. He straightened, tossed my mouse up in the air, caught it, and put it in one of his pockets with a nod to me. Rudolf dove at Sean, proving he hadn’t recognized him. Always understated, the Prince of Firenzi was just wearing jeans and a sweater, but he didn’t need fighting clothes, because he was rumored to be an even more talented gater than the Crucio himself. Sean stretched out a lazy-looking hand, and as his palm brushed along Rudolf’s back, the German disappeared.

Germany and the complexity of memory

Amanda Kendal

Having walked up the steps of the Reading Room, past a VW Beetle and a fragment of the Berlin Wall, the exhibition proper begins with a brief explanation of how Germany has not long been that. that it shares more borders with other countries than any other European nation, that its borders have been more fluid than those of other nations and, indeed, that there was, for most of its history, no such thing as a common and single ‘Germany’. a motto, one could feel, that is even more sinister even than the famous ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ (‘work makes you free’) of Auschwitz, Dachau or Sachsenhausen, where it was facing outwards to be seen by those arriving at the camps. Less personally but more surprisingly, there’s no mention that I can recall of music – and Germany provided two of the trio of composers who all singlehandledly changed the course of classical music. Legend has it that, in the German Peasants’ War of 1525, as a city councilor of Würzburg, Riemenschneider took the side of the peasants. If this feels in some ways a very small exhibition, it leaves you with a sense of something far, far larger. On a practical level, you will need at least 90 minutes to really get the most out of this – and on the basis of what I’ve read so far, the book is vital to really extending knowledge and understanding.


Make a funky wall clock out of wood

Raina Carrion 04.10.15

Make a funky wall clock out of wood

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... Westminster Linden 8 Day Chime Mantle Wall Cuckoo Clock West GermanyVIEW MORE

... Westminster Linden 8 Day Chime Mantle Wall Cuckoo Clock West Germany

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Linden Schoolhouse Chime Clock

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Items similar to Vintage Linden Wall Clock with Pendulum on Etsy

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391: Linden wood wall clock, Westminster chimes, 18hVIEW MORE

391: Linden wood wall clock, Westminster chimes, 18h

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Clocks, Watches: Linden Westminster wall clock #8080, day clock ...VIEW MORE

Clocks, Watches: Linden Westminster wall clock #8080, day clock ...

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Linden Vintage Westminster Chimes Large Wall Clock Nice | eBayVIEW MORE

Linden Vintage Westminster Chimes Large Wall Clock Nice | eBay

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