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1880 Antique Footed Seth Thomas Clock #295 with Lion Handles

March 15, 2020

What is the best lion mantel quartz clocks?

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Also, a mahogany heavily carved Chippendale-style grandfather clock with nine tubes and Elliott works of London, circa 1890, chimed on time for $12,650; and a rare rosewood laminated recamier in the Rosalie With Grapes pattern, attributed to J.H ... June 15, 2015

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Before 1430 several designers, including Filippo Brunelleschi (architect of the great dome of the cathedral in Florence), contributed to the development of the spring-driven movement, which enabled clockmakers to produce domestic table and mantel ... August 27, 2013

Charm and elegance emerge after lengthy renovation of 19th-century ...

When Terry Hritz bought a two-story Lawrenceville house in October of 2001, he considered himself lucky because it was double the more typical 20-foot-width of a property in that neighborhood. Home to generations of the same family for 80 years, the ... October 5, 2013


Bulova Collins Majestic Triple Chime Key-Wound mantel clock

Bodaciousjaialai 05.22.15

Bulova Collins Majestic Triple Chime Key-Wound mantel clock