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Hollywood's Other Piracy Problem: 3-D Printers

Right after watching the trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” last April, Ken Landrum began building his own Stormtrooper gun. From his home in St. Louis, he cobbled together images of the “blaster” featured in the ad, and then used software on ... July 20, 2015

The Newest Job in Sports: Videogame Coach

The screen is overrun with text, graphics, scores, a clock, a map and more. “There was a time when we were doing really poorly… “Electronic gaming is on course to enter the arena of modern American sports,” Major League Baseball's Mr. Thorn says.... July 29, 2015

How to Set Up a Just-Smart-Enough Smart Home

IF YOU SPEND enough time trying to rig up a smart home—one in which your smartphone magically turns on the lights when you walk through the door then sets the temperature just so—you'll eventually long for a Clapper. Remember the ad? Clap on!... August 1, 2015

Radio Host Jesse Thorn's Favorite Gadgets

One nice thing about having two home teams is that they're often playing at different times, so you get a 4 o'clock game and a 7 o'clock game. I turn it on when I'm cooking dinner, driving around or giving my children a bath. Buying that subscription ... July 15, 2015

Jean Nouvel Is a Master Without a Style

(“There, all is order and beauty, / Luxury, peace, and pleasure.”) It would be easy to He lingers for a while at one architect's shoulder, fussing over dreamy renderings of the National Art Museum of China, in which figures glimpsed in a window ... July 2, 2015

The Third Temple - A 3D Walk-Through

This is a walk-through the main sanctuary of the Holy Temple, showcasing decades of research and tens of innovative Halachic solutions to various perplexing issues that were resolved to create fully functional, ready-to-use plans. As the visual tour ... July 26, 2015

Chinese company unveils 3D printed villas that can be 'built' in under 3 hours

The houses are built wall by wall from an 'ink' made up of a mixture of cement and environmentally friendly construction waste and claims to make walls that are even stronger than concrete. The company is now working in Dubai to build the world's first ... July 21, 2015


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