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Ike Turner: Why I Beat Tina

Wearing a white Yohji Yamamoto jumpsuit complete with chest flaps and metal hardware, the goateed, wavy-haired Ike Turner looks like across between a Japanese aviator and Sammy Davis Jr. We are sitting at a corner table in the Old World Cafe on Sunset ... July 13, 2015

The Man Who Saw America

A sturdy man who never uses socks, a winter hat or gloves, Frank is now 90, and in the cool Swiss air, he had on a new blue down coat. Then Frank pointed to a construction crane, its boom passing below a church steeple clock. ''This is Zurich,'' he ... July 2, 2015

Nesting, the Vice Media Way

The kitchen — a few shelves on a stainless steel counter, a refrigerator, a stove — is mostly storage for various supplements, herbs and nootropics (or smart drugs), including a vial of selegiline. It is an antidepressant and a treatment for ... June 10, 2015

Favorite Streets in 12 European Cities

It is a meandering one-lane thoroughfare of mostly unremarkable 20th-century buildings whose street-level hangouts — cool-kid cafes, homey small bars, vintage stores — and ever-evolving selection of French indie fashion labels draw Paris's bourgeois ... April 17, 2015

The French Side of Basque Country

Cool new shops, one selling vintage Hermès and Chanel, and restaurants like Baleak, with its steel chairs, exposed stone and whale motif, had opened in the short, angled Rue du Centre. At the top of Rue des Halles, we found Les Passeurs de Vins et Les ... June 6, 2015

Hotel Review: The Dean

Aside from its shipshape guest rooms, its facilities — including a European-style bar, a late-night karaoke lounge, a German restaurant and a coffee shop in the lobby furnished with oversize velvet sofas and artwork by Rhode Island School of Design ... May 21, 2015

The Agency

Behind the glass doors, a pair of metal turnstiles stand guard at the top of a short flight of stairs in the lobby. At 9 o'clock on this Friday night in April, except for the stairwell and the lobby, the building was entirely dark. This puzzled my ... June 3, 2015

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Vibrant hues and eclectic touches in a golf course home

Both have Chicago roots and had already enjoyed a French country-style home ... the big dining table, crafted by Andy Brown at Hearthwoods Custom Furnishings in Lakeside, Mich.; Stephanie, Jack, and Kathy designed its iron base. A clock fashioned from ... July 19, 2015

Country Western Table Clock Copper Metal Cowboy Boot Wood Decor 92318

A blend of functionality and style, this Metal Boot Clock in Copper and Antique Shades with Unique Design is a perfect home accessory .A timeless table clock with intriguing design work can always lift the mood of any decor setting. Its copper and antique ... December 10, 2013

Stylish and Sleek The Cool Metal Desk Clock 4 Assorted

The metal desk clocks in four assorted colors will just do the trick for you. In four colors, these clocks have a very unique dial surface. Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms: these clocks will enliven your home like anything. Not only will they show ... December 10, 2013


Vintage Inspired Metal Clock Table

Mollieashton 02.27.15

Vintage Inspired Metal Clock Table Vintage Inspired Metal Clock Table Made of metal and glass Clock accented with a compass Approximate dimensions are 185 x 185 x 264


The Iron Age


High Styles

1985.216 pages.

The first major survey of the genius of 20th-century American design,...