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I seemed the life and soul of the party. in fact, I was mentally ill

Alex Fontaine, 39, a successful London businesswoman, suffers from bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression. Although nearly half a million people suffer from the illness, it can take an average nine years to be diagnosed, and one in five manic ... September 21, 2006

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Clocks 'SPEAK' to each other: The mystery of how pendulum clocks self-synchronise their ticks is solved after 350 years

the impact propagates in the wall slightly perturbing the second clock. 'In this model each clock transmits once per cycle a sound pulse that is translated in a pendulum speed change.' The researchers set up two pendulum clocks attached to an aluminium ... July 27, 2015

O'Malley says nation needs tougher oversight of Wall Street

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrat Martin O'Malley is making tougher oversight of Wall Street a centerpiece of his presidential campaign, outlining steps to bring more regulations to large banks and tax high-frequency trading. The former Maryland governor was ... July 8, 2015

Above & Beyond: Spring Arts Preview 2015

Next month marks the 150th anniversary of the Lincoln Assassination at Ford’s Theatre — and the venue isn’t being shy about the occasion. Hauling out its arsenal of artifacts as well as hosting tours and discussions, Ford’s is even reenacting the ... March 26, 2015

2015 Regional CotY and Chrysalis Award Winner- Master Bath Flip-Flop

A leaking shower encouraged these homeowners to remodel their Master Bath. The L-shaped room had been remodeled in the 50’s and they were looking for a classic design solution to suit the style of their vintage home. During the demolition phase ... March 3, 2015

2015 Regional CotY and Chrysalis Award Winner- Master Bath Flip-Flop

Before and after images. Removing a non-structrural wall behind the toilet revealed extra space below the roof of this second-floor bath. The creative homeowners suggested flipping the plumbing; building a generous shower in place of the toilet and vice versa. June 7, 2014

Can YOU tell the time? Designers of shell-shaped clock claim it is easier to read because the hours are in a vertical line

It may look like an modern art installation in a gallery, but this shell-shaped clock is designed to make telling the time easier. According to two designers, Westerners read in a straight line and often calculate mathematical equations in a long string ... May 23, 2014

Dezeen Book of Ideas: Sweeper Clock

you could buy the movie on a hard-drive and turn your widescreen TV or computer screen into a clock." Two janitors continuously sweep a large expanse of concrete as part of a 24-hour long performance by designer Maarten Baas. Pushing two lines of trash ... November 29, 2012


Clock to flip-flop(LM555)-Oscilador de onda cuadrada-Tutorial

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Clock to flip-flop(LM555)-Oscilador de onda cuadrada-Tutorial