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Kikkerland Big Wheel Hour Wall Clock, BlackVIEW DETAILS

Kikkerland Big Wheel Hour Wall Clock, Black

H.G. Welles time machine has nothing on this exposed gear wall clock. Inspired by the industrial revolution, this...

FirsTime & Co. Gear Works Wall Clock, 24, Metallic BlackVIEW DETAILS

FirsTime & Co. Gear Works Wall Clock, 24", Metallic Black

Nothing ties a room together better than a great clock, and the one you choose to place in your home should reflect...

FDYD Gear Pendulum Wall Clock, Mechanical Silent Gear Clock,with 3D Moving Gears Home DecorVIEW DETAILS

FDYD Gear Pendulum Wall Clock, Mechanical Silent Gear Clock,with 3D Moving Gears Home Decor

FUN PROJECT - easy-to-understand instructions and precise components that are included, the feat of making, tuning...

Rhythm Clocks Gadget Magic Motion Clock, BlackVIEW DETAILS

Rhythm Clocks "Gadget" Magic Motion Clock, Black

GADGET Musical Motion Clock by Rhythm CLOCKS Rhythm's Gadget Clock includes a temperature gauge and hygrometer...

Hermle Ravensburg 70974000711 ClockVIEW DETAILS

Hermle Ravensburg 70974000711 Clock

Black and brass metal wall clock with a mechanical 8-day chain driven skeleton movement with passing bell strike on...

Automaton Bite 1682 Black Gold Custom made Wall Clock, Handcrafted Steampunk Decor, Mechanical moving Gears, Wooden Home Kitchen Living Room and Office design, Personalized Decorative Art, GiftVIEW DETAILS

Automaton Bite 1682 Black Gold Custom made Wall Clock, Handcrafted Steampunk Decor, Mechanical moving Gears, Wooden Home Kitchen Living Room and Office design, Personalized Decorative Art, Gift

Why settle for a plain-looking wall clock that never gets to be looked twice?Every household has a wall clock. It's...


Mechanical Gear Wall Clock

February 17, 2020

This is a quartz movement clock powered by (2) D-cell batteries so all the mechanical gears that are turning are just for visuals only. They don't actually do ...

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Time well spent: Clockmaker cherishes stories from each timepiece

“The gear trains in a printing press are very similar to the ones in clocks, but you don't need to use a crane most of the time when you're working on clocks,” he said. Pendley started It can plug right into the wall and tell time based on the rate ... July 21, 2015

Apprentice Watchmaker: MSU electrical engineering grad learns an analog craft

Among his duties, Reynolds said, is also winding the tens of wall clocks and watches that tick away inside the Last Wind-Up (not to be confused with the now-defunct Bozeman Watch Company), a chorus occasionally punctuated by chimes and cuckoo calls.... July 4, 2015

Audi A4 Avant

All the driver has to do is accelerate, shift gears and brake. The 360-degree cameras Guidelines make it easier to maneuver in reverse gear. .. With a clock rate of more than one gigahertz and a powerful graphics card, it can carry out eight ... June 28, 2015

Can the Swiss Watchmaker Survive the Digital Age?

Pim Koeslag designs and fabricates some of the world's most complicated mechanical timepieces. Especially . Each new “complication” — say, a calendar that advances the date with a satisfying snap at midnight — demanded a new set of gears and more ... June 3, 2015

Breguet Watches: A History of Innovation

The tiered conical gear it uses is visible at 5 o'clock; a 155-link finely finished steel chain that connects to the mainspring is found at 9 o'clock. Available in rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum, it retails from $174,800 to $189,700. But La ... May 15, 2015

Chip-Card Rollout Has Banks, Retailers Scrambling

EXTON, Pa.—Inside a one-story brick factory surrounded by a locked chain fence, more than a thousand workers toil in a plant that operates around the clock to help U.S. banks catch up to the rest of the world in credit-card security. The owner of the ... April 20, 2015

Always on the clock: Amherst clock maker Hermle keeps ticking

It gets its name, Eby surmised, from the escapement, which is shaped like grasshopper legs and paces a gear called the controller. The grasshopper clock is just a gift. Hermle, which has its roots in Germany, is a five-part business that sells ... April 19, 2015

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Historic clocks return to Harrisonville square

While the dials and hands were reinstalled, the inner mechanical gears that account for the hands’ movement are still being remade. The clocks, then, will be frozen in time until the gears are finished sometime this fall. The original clock faces were ... June 26, 2015

Handmade Wooden Wall Clock Keeps Surprisingly Good Time

While cleaning out an old laptop’s filesystem back in October, David West discovered a few videos he took of a mechanical ... teeth of each gear. Because the choice material for West’s work is wood, he reports that each clock takes about a week to ... June 23, 2015

Coolest Clock is a smartphone-connected projection clock

Coolest Clock is the wall-mounted projection display that you never realized you needed. It's up for crowdfunding on Indiegogo and has blown its goals out of the water, reeling in over $230,000 USD when its original goal was only $20,000 USD. This device ... April 2, 2015

Wooden Mechanical Clock Kit tells the time in classical style

When it comes to telling the time, there has been wooden clocks that we have looked at in the past, but the $69.99 Wooden Mechanical Clock Kit does seem to beat ... cutting and greasing your gears in order to end up with a fully-functional, wooden pendulum ... November 11, 2014

Marc DesRosiers of Conway is driven to keep clocks ticking

Every hour on the hour, and to lesser degrees at the quarter and half-hour points, the clocks — hung on walls, perched on shelves or standing against the wall — strike and chime in a confusion of bells and whistles. Gears trip tiny padded hammers ... June 27, 2014

Cracked Brown Paint Vintage Kitchen Wall Clock-30 in.

Vintage Hotel Du Vieux Quartier Clock Vintage Clock with crackled and weathered clock face on wood laminate. The outer rim is constructed from antiqued nickel-plated cast brass. Includes an internal pendulum. Hotel Du Vieux Quartier style clock with white ... December 10, 2013

Mark Jenkins

One thing you shouldn’t leave behind with your foolhardy youth: the great American dirtbag road trip. Mark Jenkins explains how to do it right. As MARK JENKINS knows, wilderness first aid can hurt. (Just ask his patients.) So he finally did what everyone ... September 17, 2013


My first wooden mechanical clock

Nakita Ruffin 06.06.15

My first wooden mechanical clock


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