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Mechanical Gear Wall Clock

March 14, 2020

This is a quartz movement clock powered by (2) D-cell batteries so all the mechanical gears that are turning are just for visuals only. They don't actually do ...

What is the best metal moving gear wall clocks?

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16 In. Double Sided Iron Wall Clock with Black Iron Frame

The design of this wall clock is very European one could easily imagine it on the outside of a store front on a cobblestone lined street. The clock comes with a scroll like wall mount hook to hang the clock from adding to the character and charm. December 10, 2013

18 in. Pendant Iron Wall Clock and MDF back plate

Travel through time with this European style hanging wall clock designed with old world charm in mind. The design resembles a men's pocket watch. There's a loop on the top where one would imagine a pocket watch chain to be attached. The dial has a black ... December 10, 2013

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