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Newton's Cradle - Incredible Science

April 17, 2018

Check out this experiment and many others at Demonstrate the law of conservation of energy and momentum! This large Newton's Cradle is one of the most incredible...

What is the best metal pendulum clocks?

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Willard Clock Museum highlights 100 years of clock-making in Grafton

Grafton – At the Willard House and Clock Museum, clocks of every shape and size, sitting squarely amidst other artifacts and art, highlight the importance of the Willard family's inventions and their prolific work. The 18th-century colonial A clock ... March 26, 2015

Weekly entertainment calendar

Five O'Clock Steakhouse: Tweed Funk, 8 p.m. March 20, 2416 W. State St. George's Tavern: Cy's Blues . Linneman's: New Boyz Club, with Rocket Paloma, Flag Signals, and Stubby Chubz Brass Band, 9 p.m. March 20, Equinox Music Festival, with The Sugar ... March 19, 2015

These Clocks Keep Time With Saxophones, Pendulums, And Fans

With their knack for transforming everyday household objects into art pieces, Formafantasma designers Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin created a series of number-less, analog clock-sculptures using saxophones, brass pendulums, discs of marble, ... September 22, 2014

Jimmy Hayes keeps ticking as he collects, fixes clocks

PINEVILLE — It may not be the Gateway Arch, but a 20-foot wooden tower housing a "great great grandfather clock" is the first thing that catches one's attention after tooling up the driveway to the home of 87-year-old Jimmy Hayes. Hayes built it, just ... March 6, 2015

Hertzberg clock still ticking

A mechanical device, the Hertzberg clock runs purely on kinetic energy like the rocking pendulum and dangling weight system of a grandfather clock. “It's precisely the same mechanism, only it's heavy duty,” Gaida said. The clock is supposed to be ... February 17, 2015

What is your stance on the new pace-of-play rules in Major League Baseball?

I grew up loving the leisurely pace of the game, the fact that there was no clock and that no deficit, no matter how great, was impossible to overcome in the final inning (I will have warm memories of Mike Jarvis' walk-off double to cap a big comeback ... March 1, 2015

Main Street spirit alive and well in Wilton

“There was an insurance company, a snack shop, lawyer's office, two grocery stores, a clock repair shop, pharmacy, five and dime, men's clothing store, bank, frame shop and arts supply shop, hardware store, tavern, Western Union, newspaper shop, gift ... February 16, 2015


Beauty and the Beast | Disney's Broadway Musical International Tour: A Review and Must Watch Scenes!

(CharlesAngel Lacson)

Call it cliche, but there are no other words to describe Beauty and the Beast but magical and enchanting. Beauty and the Beast flaunts the classic tale of unconditional love and kindness. Belle (Hilary Maiberger) who falls in love with the Beast (Darick Pead), in spite of his physical appearance, period. The characters know how to inject vitality in their designated dialogues, Disney has done yet another fantastic job casting, choosing and moulding this US cast. The bookish and brave Belle (Hilary Maiberger), her voice is freakin’ crystal clear, not a moment that I flinched and had a tough time trying to figure out the words coming out from her mouth. The Beast, ill-tempered at first but finally managed to love and let go – his portrayal was not too soppy, so there isn’t any chance for boredom to seep in. he is dreamy alright. The love triangle between Gaston, Belle and the Beast is incomparable to other broadway musical plays. Household / Castle Staff Characters. Humans turned into household objects brought about by their spell: Cogsworth (pendulum clock), Lumiere (candelabra), Mrs. They did a brilliant job in making the audience roll with laughter.

Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2015


I LOVE Graphic 45 papers and embellishments, so creating with them is ALWAYS fun. There is not a week goes by when I don't make something with their beautiful collections, creating bold statement pieces by combining contrasting coloured papers with fussy cut images. I hope you enjoy looking at my projects as much as I have enjoyed making them. I found this 18 inch tall dresser in a charity shop and set about altering it. Each shelf is the perfect height to store my Stickles, Liquid Pearls, stacks of Distress Inks and Alcohol Inks. Each pocket page allows me to list the colours of inks, or glitters I already have, as well as photo examples of items I have made with the products. I plan to make a 'mini' mini album to fit inside to store some pictures of our days out. Girl, you are beyond AMAZING, you totally blew me away with this post, your projects are stunning beyond compare and feature the Graphic 45 products so wonderfully. You are a natural fit for the Graphic 45 DT. I know how much you love G45, I've been following you since Ning. From a young age I've always loved making things whether it be from my own imagination or 'upgrading' Blue Peter creations. As I've got older I've enjoyed capturing different events in my life through scrapbooking as well as making cards and.

1st edition of Profile – Printer Kristensen

Yanshu Lee

John Kristensen doesn’t possess a cell phone. Kristensen no longer possesses a car. Kristensen does have is a letterpress printing shop named Firefly in Boston, where a space filled by mechanical sounds when they are working, the ink smells and huge machines he acquired 30 years ago. Kristensen took the bus from Summerville to his shop where he describes as “noisy with artists. “You can tell I overly fond the sound of my own voice,” he , walking ahead and smiling. Whether it was done out of kindness helping a young journalist, or was out of his own ardency for his machines, Mr. Kristensen introduced every machine in the shop, when sometimes his hands would touch them while talking. “It is a text in every letter in its own piece of metal,” he said, slightly touched the well-set typeface on the set. In one decade there was no printing, and the next decade there was. Johannes Gutennerg, who invented the technology, would be pleased seeing the way he talked about his invention. It felt like seeing a time machine, and the pilot was a man who had silver hair and beard, and wore a taupe shirt and trousers with.


kilofly Metal Bird Pendulum Wall Clock Review

Henrysf 12.15.14

kilofly Metal Bird Pendulum Wall Clock Review kilofly Metal Bird Pendulum Wall Clock Bird themed metal wall clockMetal pendulumA perfect decorative clock for any living room, bedroom, studio or cafePowered by 2 AA battery (not included), no cables or wiring is neededSize: 72 x 55 cm / 28.8 x 22 inch (L x W); Dial: 23 cm / 9.2 inch

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Ashton Sutton Bird Pendulum Wall Clock | eBayVIEW MORE

Ashton Sutton Bird Pendulum Wall Clock | eBay

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Metal Pendulum Wall Clock- Vintage/ French Provincial/ Retro StyleVIEW MORE

Metal Pendulum Wall Clock- Vintage/ French Provincial/ Retro Style

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16.5-inch Wrought Iron Metal Pendulum Clock | ChaneyVIEW MORE

16.5-inch Wrought Iron Metal Pendulum Clock | Chaney

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Metal antique pendulum wall clock, View antique pendulum wall clock ...VIEW MORE

Metal antique pendulum wall clock, View antique pendulum wall clock ...

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Quality Metal Wall Clock/Pendulum Clock | NewCavendishJewellers | Pin ...VIEW MORE

Quality Metal Wall Clock/Pendulum Clock | NewCavendishJewellers | Pin ...

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Home › Gifts › Clocks › Metal Pendulum ClockVIEW MORE

Home › Gifts › Clocks › Metal Pendulum Clock

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Creative Co-Op Metal Pendulum Standing Clock- Vintage/ French ...VIEW MORE

Creative Co-Op Metal Pendulum Standing Clock- Vintage/ French ...

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