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Laura´s Copper and Oak Lamp

April 17, 2018

First of all: Thank You Rockler for your outstanding support and sponsoring my work and my videos! This week i built two lamps from copper and oak to complete my turntable area. The build...

What is the best metal tripod tabletop clock?

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Zeblaze Ishot 1 action camera review

Having this screw thread is so nice to have since I regularly use those small table top tripods as well as standard size tripods. The sample that Instead, the SD card lays under a small metal door flap and that door flap is under the camera's ... March 19, 2015

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Samson C01U Pro USB Microphone review

Connect directly to your computer via USB or iPad (needs adapter cable); Good sound for a very reasonable price; Great for a travel kit or simple home setup; Comes with a neat little tabletop tripod. Cons: Adjustability limited to whatever your ... August 8, 2014

Ivee Sleek Review: The Dumbest Smart Clock Money Can Buy

It's designed to function as a tabletop clock with the added benefit of 33 voice-activated functions. It's supposedly capable of controlling a number of other home automation devices like the Nest thermostat, Hue Lights, or WeMo-enabled devices. At ... October 27, 2014

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Zeblaze Ishot 1 action camera review - The Gadgeteer

I remember when POV action cameras first started making their appearance and if you wanted to do any underwater shots, or needed to shoot scenes where your camera could get wet, you had to purchase a waterproof housing since one didn’t come with... , have a waterproof housing as part of their included accessories. With these special cases you can shoot underwater, shoot yourself wakeboarding, or splashing through mud in your truck right out of the box. However, a waterproof housing is just another add-on in your arsenal of camera accessories. Zeblaze took the waterproof housing concept and made their camera a self-contained waterproof unit eliminating the need for a separate housing. The first time you handle this camera you can tell right away that it feels waterproof. It is solid and the texture even feels like it’s waterproof. With this camera housed in its own waterproof container it is enough for anyone to appreciate it for just that reason alone. More so than the SJCAM S4000 or the BlackVue Sport Action Cameras. The fish-eye effect looks good in some scenes but there are some people who may not want that distorted effect in their footage, so keep that in mind.

Samson C01U Pro USB Microphone review - The Gadgeteer

Keep in mind that your source material (voice, instrument) may work better with some microphones, but not others. But for the money, the Samson C01U Pro works quite well as a plug and play, no nonsense USB device or an ultraportable iPad studio on-the-go. Moving the mic closer to the person talking helps, as does the type of microphone pickup pattern (cardioid, omni, etc) plus your recording environment. If you’ve been told your recordings sound “hollow” I’m *guessing* your room acoustics may be a factor, where noise and reflections are getting picked up. Try positioning the microphone closer, record in a different room if you can, etc. During a FaceTime video chat, I can’t just drag a desktop computer in the recording booth. So instead of relying on my USB video camera’s built-in microphone- which works OKAY- I wear a headset with boom microphone. It gives me some privacy (I hear the other side in my ear) and my outgoing speech is picked up from the microphone at the tip of the boom, which sounds less “hollow” or “dude are you on a speakerphone.

Ivee Sleek Review: The Dumbest Smart Clock Money Can Buy - Gizmodo India

The Ivee Sleek is billed as "the first Wi-Fi voice-activated assistant for the home that answers questions, obeys commands and controls other Internet-connected devices," according to its creators. It's designed to function as a tabletop clock with the added benefit of 33 voice-activated functions. It's supposedly capable of controlling a number of other home automation devices like the Nest thermostat, Hue Lights, or WeMo-enabled devices. At least they got the clock part right. It's, as the name implies, a very sleek looking device with a minimal number of buttons and dials, and a large, easily read LED display. After you plug in the unit, you'll have to connect it to your home Wi-Fi network, which involves scrolling through an unintuitive UI using the exterior volume and brightness toggle switches to input the network password. Next you'll have to set up a user account at Ivee. After that, you can grant the clock access to your various other IoT devices. All of these steps entail saying "hello Ivee" to activate the unit before issuing a verbal command like "Pair Hue," "set alarm 1 to 7am," or "radio off. Unfortunately, the Ivee Sleek's voice recognition software is laughably incompetent. The literature suggests speaking to the clock as though it were another person.

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Designeon LED Clock and Light Combo

The clock comes in two styles, one with green LEDs and a green acrylic case, and the other one comes with orange LEDs and a clear acrylic case. Both models feature a metal stand that floats the clock above your table. August 6, 2007

Von Zios – Watch Converts Into a Table Clock by Siti Khatijah

Von Zios is a unisex watch that can be transformed into a table clock. Besides showing the time ... In order to make the watch stand, two units need to be snapped together. This will make the watch strap rigid and therefore it able to stand on its own. March 1, 2007


Deco 79 Metal Tripod Floor Clock, 62 by 16-Inch Review

Roseannewdd 01.06.15

Deco 79 Metal Tripod Floor Clock, 62 by 16-Inch Review






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A corrected edition of the single-volume catalogue of the Great Exhibition...