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Spy Alarm Clock Mini Video Recorder Hidden Nanny Cam DVR Motion Detection

January 17, 2018 Covert Alarm Clock Spy Camera with Built In Recording (DVR) There are many inferior Spy Digital Alarm Clock DVR units on the market that look similar to ours on...

What is the best mini portable digital alarm clocks?

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10 Gadgets That Will Make You Feel Like a Spy

But if the volcano's clear, just attach this Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker to an enemy agent's car and track their speed, time, and position through Google Maps for up to two weeks on a single charge. And when you're not saving the world from ... August 9, 2015

Amazon Echo Review -- Is This the Future of Computing?

Echo can tell you a wide variety of things, from the weather to names of company CEOs, set an alarm clock, play music and much more. If you have a Fire HDX tablet or a Fire phone, Alexa can If you're looking for a portable speaker -- such as a ... July 14, 2015

10 Things That Should Be In Your Emergency Kit

You can also make a trail of digital, GPS-tagged breadcrumbs for people to find you if you head off on your own. And since it's both water- and Equipped with AM, FM, and NOAA radio bands, this multi-purpose must-have can work as a flashlight ... July 28, 2015

Everything Should Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone

My hope: eventually wireless chargers be built into every kitchen counter, coffee table, hotel night stand, lamp base, alarm clock, electric toothbrush charger, drink warmer, mouse pad, keyboard, toilet tank, and lightsaber. If it plugs in and/or has a ... July 27, 2015

Apple's WatchOS 2 update brings native apps, new features

You can also turn your Watch into an expensive alarm clock when it's charging in Nightstand mode, with the Digital Crown acting as a "snooze" button. The Crown is also being put to good use for Time Travel, allowing you to fast-forward your calendar to ... June 8, 2015

Get a 13.3-inch Android tablet and keyboard for $109.99

From the Cheapskate: It's a refurbished no-brand model, but with some surprisingly good specs -- including a 1080p IPS screen. Tablets. July 20, 20156:40 AM PDT. Rick Broida mugshot. by Rick Broida · @cheapskateblog. facebook. twitter. linkedin.... July 20, 2015

Get a 2-pack of Bluetooth Tethercells for $24.49

It's too bad there's no 9-volt version of this, because that's what pretty much every smoke alarm uses -- and this would be awesome for that. Even so, there's no denying this is a It works on nearly any deviceI use it most for my ipad mini ... August 10, 2015


Apple's WatchOS 2 update brings native apps, new features - Engadget

Along with native apps, Apple also revealed a spate of new features coming to WatchOS 2. To start with, you'll be able to reply to emails directly from the Watch, assuming you don't mind the tiny screen. There's also a bunch of new watch faces, including a Photo face that can be customized with your own images, and a Time-lapse Photo face that shows the passage of time at spots like the Big Ben clock. " That'll put specific app features up-front, letting you see your United flight time, the charge status of your Tesla Model S EV or sports scores, to name a few examples. You can also turn your Watch into an expensive alarm clock when it's charging in Nightstand mode, with the Digital Crown acting as a "snooze" button. Apple also revealed an "add a friend" feature to help you find kindred Apple Watch spirits from the "Friends" menu, and then chat with them using the Watch's upcoming FaceTime audio capability. Moving along to health and fitness, as expected, third-party apps will run on the Watch without the aid of an iPhone, making it far less of a kludge for workouts. Apple says that on top of making it faster and easier to build native Watch apps, it'll give developers access to all the device's bells and whistles. Health app-makers will be able to use the heart rate monitor, and sports trainer apps can tap the accelerometer to measure your golf swing, for instance.

Student engineers pool their talents for human-powered submarine race - Washington Post

Teddy Schwalm found himself nearly two-dozen feet underwater, trying to steer a mini submarine inside an enormous indoor pool. But the 15-year-old was having trouble keeping his feet on the pedals that powered the submarine, and he started to loose control of the contraption. “Not a big deal,” said Rizwan Ramakdawala, who was supervising 25 students in a week-long competition to build human-powered subs. Teddy and Ramakdawala’s team — KIDS Team Nautilus — was one of 22 in the contest. Behrle said the competition gives students hands-on experience with engineering challenges that professionals encounter. “It’s essentially a drag race underwater,” said Ben Gingras, a 19-year-old junior at Virginia Tech studying aerospace engineering. Gingras is a part of team Virginia Tech HPS, which brought two submarines — the Phantom 6 and the Phantom 7 — to the event. The orange Phantom 6 won an award in innovation previously, but the team plans to retire the 8-year-old, two-person-powered.