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Invoke that old time feel

Modern electronics seems to have put an end to most of that. We clamour today for sleek, small and incredibly ergonomic accessories. Well, the trend is back with a modern twist. Huge oversized wall clocks are being used in modern contemporary homes and ... August 2, 2015

Classes begin Sept. 8 at new Frazier facility for grades K-8

The building, named after a former superintendent, will house Frazier School District students from kindergarten through eighth grade when classes start Sept. 8. Frazier Turek started in the library, which takes up a large space on the second floor ... August 15, 2015

Backstage Heroes: Charlene Tan and the Art Preparator's Multifaceted Role

A large salmon-colored woven fabric piece is partially unraveled on the floor with a blue packing blanket beneath it, and several wall works have wads of plastic bag protecting the white paint beneath them. After the YBCA, Tan went to work at the ... August 15, 2015

Mad Fox Tap Room is FINALLY ready to open in Glover Park

The arched doorway that leads to the upstairs bar "was the original front door of the house," Madden says. A large window next to it was opened. Shading and wear on the brick wall in the back of the room also reveals the outline of "the column that ... August 12, 2015

A Surprisingly Uncomplicated Look At Rube Goldberg Machines in Movies

The silent film tells the story of a house of the future that is ridiculously automated in every way from a roving bathtub, to a self-racking pool table, to a bed that could fold itself into the wall, not a one of these machines accomplished much even ... August 14, 2015

The Environmental Crisis in Your Closet

Plaques on the homes commemorated their erection—most date from the late 1980s, when construction of the dam began. Twenty-five But while the disaster did force Westerners to take notice of the plight of those who make their clothes, a larger ... August 13, 2015

Is an 80-hour work week worth it?

“By Friday evening, I hit the wall,” said the 32-year-old. “When After putting in more than 40 hours a week at the firm's Linden Avenue location, he often works a few hours at night from home to stay on top of things. “You have to go out About ... August 7, 2015

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Vogue completes interior for San Michele at Talis Park

The "single loaded" neighborhood presents 24 south-facing homes on ... for a large contemporary abstract painting in soft blues. Three arched openings and columns in the hallway define the entry to the dining room. On the back wall, applied moldings ... August 16, 2015

The bungalow bonanza: Building single-storey homes may have fallen out of fashion - but demand means that prices are set to go through the roof

If they are paying a large sum for land, the theory is that they might ... which is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Special Landscape Area. The house’s southern wall is also fully glazed, to take advantage of further views. August 16, 2015

Firefighters respond to 'The Last Alarm'

In our modern era, the blare of a fire siren has been replaced in ... "There is always one thing to remember in the fire service - fires and emergencies don't punch a time clock. They're going to happen whenever, and they're something we cannot control ... August 16, 2015

Enchanting Slovakian sojourn

Most evenings, though, Terezia pampers us with her Slovak home cooking - a rich cuisine that starts with tasty soups and moves on to pork or chicken main dishes, plus potatoes from their large garden ... tools coexist with a modern lathe and bandsaw. August 15, 2015

Sugar City, Idaho, soldier endures hell in World War I and returns a hero

He was a humble Idaho farm boy thrust into a European cauldron that had been brewing for a century before erupting into a world war, and came home an American hero with ... Methods of warfare were changing; modern technology and nations acquiring colonies ... August 16, 2015

Right at Home: decor with a West Coast vibe

Channel the sun and sand with beachy, "retro-modern" hues (deep aqua ... Simplicity is your friend. One large statement — a single wall of color or a beautifully patterned rug — supported by low-key furnishings is more Cali than a room full of fussy ... August 16, 2015

Children’s Books Inspire Room Decor

who designed the room for the Charlottesville Design House a few years ago ... Add a big vintage-style wall clock and a teacup lamp ( Find rugs, nightlights and wall decals from Eric Carle books The Very Hungry Caterpillar and more at ... August 16, 2015


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