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Why We Love Chrono Trigger After 20 Years

Square Enix RPGs and intricate, moving scores go hand in hand, and Chrono Trigger is no exception. From the rhythmic ticking clock and fragile piano arpeggio of the “Title Theme” to the rousing, regal “Frog's Theme”, Chrono Trigger's score conveys ... August 22, 2015

Poe's in Season

Moreover, Poe's perspective mirrors that of the Holy Scriptures concerning mortal man's ticking/beating motor organ: "The human heart is deep. Who can know it? No doubt, dark themes are ubiquitous in many of his characters; but does he deserve the ... August 20, 2015

'Bring It On': The Complete Oral History

“I remember one time I was watching TV, and there was another cheerleader movie on — not 'Bring It On,' but they were watching 'Bring It On' in the movie,” star Kirsten Dunst told MTV News. “You know you have a hit . Then, fate took over: they sent ... August 6, 2015

The Road to Heaven: Val Brelinski's The Girl Who Slept with God

Raise your hand if you've ever thought that no family could possibly be stranger than yours. If asked the same question, Jory Quanbeck, the heroine of Val Brelinski's sparkling debut novel, The Girl Who Slept with God, would undoubtedly raise both hands.... August 4, 2015

Can big data help you get a good night's sleep?

Salesforce is not 'just an SFA company anymore' August 20, 2015 .. It's pitch dark and completely silent, but I manage to find my bearings. Santa Cruz Nearly five dozen framed patents for wearable-related software and devices hang on the wall in ... June 29, 2015

Wanted: A true conservative who will lead on traditional marriage, abortion

Homosexuals only account for 2-3 percent of the population, yet because of a sympathetic press, they have dominated coverage of the marriage debate in a fashion unseen in modern history. With the deck so disproportionately stacked against supporters of ... July 17, 2015

New atomic clock accurate for next 15 billion years

A strontium clock developed by a joint institute of National Institute of Standards and Technology and the University of Colorado, Boulder, is designed to neither gain nor lose a second until the universe is twice as old as it is now.... April 22, 2015

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Clock keeps ticking toward North Dakota oil tax break

The clock kept ticking in March on a potential $5.3 billion, two-year tax break for North Dakota's oil industry after a state-calculated average of the month's crude price fell below $52.59 per barrel. The state waives its 6.5 percent oil extraction tax ... April 4, 2015

HangTime Designs Blackberry Clock

HangTime Designs presents the art of Dlynn Roll on this unique wall clock. Each image is beautifully printed reverse on the backside of acrylic. An attached frame allows for the clock to float off the wall. Quartz movement is operated by one AA battery. September 27, 2014

Blomus Era White Wall Clock, Small

Add a sleek accent piece to your office or kitchen using the Blomus Era White Wall Clock ... Hang it alongside modern design elements for a clean, polished look. The clock's silent quartz movement eliminates ticking noises. One AA battery is included. December 10, 2013

With Time Against Them

I work well under deadline. There's something about the watch at my wrist, the calendar on the wall, that energizes me. This kind of urgency carries over to fiction, where a ticking clock—a sense of time running out—can make the pages seem to snap by ... March 22, 2013

Clock Is Ticking on Debt Agreement

Television networks have started displaying countdown clocks to the Aug. 2 deadline by which the Treasury ... seem incapable of functioning without their backs up against the wall. After yet another meeting at the White House Monday, the bipartisan group ... July 12, 2011

Howard Kurtz finds there are news nuggets in the tough, often tacky blog world

I didn't get into journalism to write about Brett Favre's private parts, and I suspect most of my colleagues would like that story ruled out of bounds. But our ability to spike such tawdry tales ended many seasons ago. The story of whether Favre sent racy ... October 17, 2010


Sinceda Modern Non Ticking Silent Quartz Analog Digital Rectangle Wall Clock Review

Faith4l1 04.23.15

Sinceda Modern Non Ticking Silent Quartz Analog Digital Rectangle Wall Clock Review Sinceda Modern Non Ticking Silent Quartz Analog Digital Rectangle Wall Clock Non-ticking, silent clockSimplicity in design offers quick and easy installationBack nail slot makes it easy to hang on wallsFlat lens covers clock face to protect from dust and debrisApproximately measures 27 x 23 x 5 cm