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Why Dating Women Is More Fun Than Dating Men

Or that she had to cover the alarm clock with a sock at night because she claimed the LED lights were bright enough to illuminate a movie set. Okay, she told restaurant He was young and Asian and sexy and smart and funny. His diet consisted mainly ... August 12, 2015

Marvell's ARMADA PXA1928 and PXA1908 Mobile Multi-mode 4G LTE Solutions ...

It is our passion to continue to deliver best-in-class LTE single chip solutions to global OEMs and ODMs and enable them to bring cost-effective and field-proven smart devices on one of America's top mobile carriers, AT&T. This is in In addition to ... August 18, 2015

Gadgets to Transform Your Home into a Sci-Fi Worthy Pad

There is a growing range of smart devices available to modern home-owners, each of which has its own unique purpose and merit in the modern age. With this in mind, here are some of the most popular modern devices and their purpose in the home.... August 14, 2015

Uplink Releases New Cellular Module for Upgrading Interlogix Simon XT/XTi ...

"As cellular carriers upgrade their towers to more modern equipment, panel owners need also to keep their panels current, in much the same way that they keep their own cell phones current," said Kelly Gay, president of Security Solutions for Numerex ... August 6, 2015

'Bring It On': The Complete Oral History

SCANLON: It was about girls being tough and badass and smart and sexy at the same time – you just literally didn't see that. WONG: And we just really, With the clock ticking on a summer shoot, it was time to find a director. Peyton Reed, in search ... August 6, 2015

IoT Promises and Dirty Little Lies

In this world, your alarm clock can wake you and send a signal to your coffee maker to brew your morning cup of Joe. Your smart car will check your calendar and As more smart offices and homes rely on sensors, the need for sustained power using ... July 27, 2015

The Apple Watch Review

One of the convenient things about a phone is that they usually have the time on them, along with alarm and timer functionality. For me, this Even before cellphones, wall-mounted clocks were more than sufficient for me when it came to checking the ... July 21, 2015

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Informal sector key to creating jobs

noisy and unfit for our modern society. I agree that walking along the Durban beach or in the Cape Town city centre is more comfortable without peddling, frying, shouting and incessant alarm clocks that never stop. But it’s a beautiful sight compared ... August 13, 2015

Smart Finish puts a traditional twist on the Nest thermostat

That’s where the Smart Finish mounting bracket comes in. Made of sustainably harvested European Beech wood and available in a variety of colors and finishes, the mount adds a traditional look to this modern gadget. The Smart Finish mount comes in Golden ... August 4, 2015

Sandman Alarm Clock will charge multiple devices while you sleep

One of the problems with our modern way of life is we have way too many devices to charge. To address this, Palo Alto Innovation has developed a solution called The Sandman Alarm Clock. More than just an alarm clock, it features four USB ports that allow ... June 26, 2015

Keyboardio’s Model 01 Secures Over $300,000 in Less Than a Week on Kickstarter

Last week, California technology company, Keyboardio, took to crowdfunding giant Kickstarter with a mission to raise $120,000 for its new unique keyboard, the Model 01. The Model 01 consists of a hardwood body, mechanical switches and custom-sculpted ... June 23, 2015

California Startup Fove Secures Over $325,000 on Kickstarter to Bring Eye Tracking to Virtual Reality

Setting out to be the next big thing for virtual reality industry, California startup FOVE hit Kickstarter with a mission to raise $250,000 with its new self-titled device. Within only two days, FOVE’s initiative surpassed the initial goal and has since ... May 26, 2015

Remember Snake? It's back on smartphones and more addictive than ever

The classic game has be reinvented for modern smartphones and will return to handsets on May 14th. Called Snake Rewind it's been revived by ex Nokia engineer Taneli Armanto and a team at Rumilus Design. Armanto programmed the original game in 1997 and has ... May 7, 2015

These cheap gadgets use acoustics to control phones

And because no electrical circuitry is involved, the plastic Acoustruments can be made rapidly and inexpensively. How the alarm clock works. (Credit: Carnegie Mellon) A toolbox of physical knobs, sliders, and other mechanisms that can be readily added to ... April 22, 2015


Modern White LED White Wood Wooden USB/AAA Cube Alarm Clock Thermometer Review

Unhzu 12.27.14

Modern White LED White Wood Wooden USB/AAA Cube Alarm Clock Thermometer Review Modern White LED White Wood Wooden USB/AAA Cube Alarm Clock Thermometer