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3D Printed Moon Phase Clock 2017 update ( 3dprint + Arduino + OpenSource )

April 16, 2018

Build a 3D printed Lunar Phase Clock for your desk. Features: - Created with Open Software (Ubuntu / FreeCAD / Arduino) - Open Source / Hardware - Cheap HW (Arduino, cheap LCD..) - Only...

What is the best moon phase alarm clocks?

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Apple Watch review: first-look at Apple's smartwatch ahead of launch

These range from detailed analogue faces with extra complications (on a traditional watch these are the extra elements that inform the watch face, like multiple time zones and moon phases) to bright digital clocks. These faces are hugely customisable ... April 8, 2015

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another complication: a second time zone — and tells the time with its beautiful alarm gong chiming. Big Bang Chrono Perpetual Calendar This model now combines three major complications: the chronograph, the perpetual calendar and the moon phase.... March 24, 2015

Runtastic Releases 'Sleep Better' Smart Alarm Clock Sleep Cycle Tracker for iOS

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The Black Hole Bed


I’ve gotten off easily on the sleep front, I know. Ever since the babies were about 7 months old, when the clock hits 7pm, I am free to do as I please. We have a sweet, lovely night-time routine, then my duties are FUCKING OVER and they go happily to sleep on their own. Sure, plenty of nights there were multiple wake ups for sick babies or inexplicably crying babies, plenty of changing sheets in the darkness, getting no sleep at all… But that’s all totally fucking easy compared to the horror stories I’ve... And I guess what I’m going through right now is still totally fucking easy compared to being woken up over and over and over all night long. That said, the current situation we’ve got going on is turning me into a crazy person. Now I fucking hate it. I need HEEEEEEELP. Even though I know I’m going to be all I TRIED THAT. It all started when Bunlet outgrew his sleeping cage. Once he had a floor bed, he started running around during his nap. It kept Bun Bun from sleeping (recall that they share a room) and drove me wild because I couldn’t rest during naptime either. He was tired as fuck but just wouldn’t sleep. Anyway, we spent a lot of time strategizing, but it was tolerable because nights were still fine.

Two little monkeys in a bed, one of them grows five extra sharp little limbs and kicks me all night


Hell hath no fury like sharing a bed with a three year old. The first night we were here, I put her to bed in pajamas, but she’s a hot sleeper, so at some point in the night, off came the blankets and the PJs, and I was very confused in the morning when this three year old next to me was happily passed out... I also have no need for an alarm clock, because sleeping in the same bed as this child is like having a little heater velcroed to you, and at six in the morning, this kid sprouts five of the sharpest little elbows and knees and kicks me in the... Sometimes, once in a blue moon, like this morning, it’s all three. In some ways I kind of have to laugh because I think every little kid goes through that phase, which means anyone in the buisness of owning or taking care of kids goes through it as well, but on the other hand, I’m reminded why I don’t... While I will happily do what is necessary, getting kicked all night is not a great way to sleep.

CARROT Weather’s forecast includes a 100% chance of snark

Mike Beasley

The latest piece of software to join the CARROT family is CARROT Weather. As you may have gathered from the title, this new app helps you track current and upcoming weather conditions with the snark that only CARROT can really nail. The Weather app is much simpler in presentation than its predecessors, but it’s just as robust as you’ve come to expect from this line of apps. You’ll need to provide the app with permission to use your current location, or you can feed it a zip code or city name (after all, who wants an evil supercomputer knowing their exact location. Once CARROT has a location, you can view current temperature, weather condition, “feels like” temp, wind speed, and seven-day forecast. A quick tap on the bottom of the screen (or a swipe across the middle) will also bring up a short-term forecast that can predict the likelihood of rain up to an hour in advance, and another swipe can show you similar data for the entire day. Swiping up anywhere on the screen will pull up a sheet with even more information, including moon phase, humidity, barometric pressure, visibility (for those foggy days), sunrise and sunset times, hourly weather data for today, and more specific... Tapping the title bar at the top of the screen allows you to select a new location.


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description moon phase alarm clock is a digital alarm clock that also ...

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