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Parents @ Play: Tuning up imagination, coordination

The setting is, as you might guess from the name, the Sunshine Preschool, and the kit includes one adult figure, four children, and a dizzying array of accessories: a music area complete with instruments, a climbing wall, a clock with moveable hands, ... August 13, 2015

15 Objectively Perfect Albums That Are Less Than Half an Hour Long

The instruments, the feedback, frontperson Meredith Graves' voice are all constantly jostling for space like charged particles in a balloon. But for something so naturally raw and explosive, it also We could have put the debut Earl mixtape on here ... August 13, 2015

Lanterman House: The Enduring Legacy and Forgotten Scandals of La Cañada's ...

There were musical instruments everywhere -- a testament to their son Frank's love of music. Upstairs was the ballroom, where Emily held Coroner R.S. Lanterman was arrested about 1 o'clock this morning on the charge of drunkenness, after creating a ... August 6, 2015

Texans' Clock Collection Sells in Massachusetts

A grouping of 58 stellar clocks was offered at Skinner's live auction of clocks, watches, and scientific instruments held in Marlborough, Massachusetts, on April 25. The Terry and Karen Brotherton The second-highest price at $30,750 was for Joseph ... August 6, 2015

The night peace finally broke out: VJ Day 70th anniversary

“The guard shot me in the leg and the rest of them shot at the wall and, because I didn't show any fear – partly because I didn't believe it was happening – they didn't kill me because they thought I was very brave. Afterwards I thought they'd just ... August 15, 2015

Mozart, Mahler, Manny, and MTT

These words lie at the root of Tanglewood, the long-time summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and come together to produce, ideally, a unified aesthetic experience with beautiful music the blooming fruit. spittoons, a small stool, a big ... July 29, 2015

Home of the Week: A kinetic home of sculptures and global memories

One is a handsome 1876 Regulator clock by the Seth Thomas Clock Company set into a wooden case. Though made Musical instruments from Peru also dangle from special hooks on one wall rack or are arranged neatly underneath the display. A wooden ... July 17, 2015

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My Violin and Death

It was a musty, cold place, like one of those basements that seems to turn every shadow into a black de-mon plastered onto the wall ... hated the instrument, but always found myself going back to it. I felt that if I lost that resonant music, I would ... August 11, 2015

Ken Walton: The best classical music of the Fringe

From organ recitals and opera to a piano that’s strung back-to-front, the Fringe offers a host of colourful partnerships and peformances From the classical music perspective ... that you can set your digestive clock by them – Bach at Breakfast ... August 8, 2015

Toptal Developer by Day, Traveling Band by Night

Since 2008, Lora and Zoran have played music around parts of Europe under the moniker ... During our conversation, Zoran sits in the Mašinerija office in Zagreb. Three clocks, evenly spaced, hang on the wall behind him, one for the time in New York ... August 6, 2015

OPINION: If music be the food of love - buskers must be on a diet

I must admit that some of them are actually quite good - you know - can play an instrument, carry a tune and generally sing along in time to the music. That said ... out-of-tune versions of Rock-Around-the-Clock must surely be like rubbing salt into ... August 3, 2015

Pastor held for ‘stealing’

A pastor is in police net for allegedly stealing from churches in Lagos. Pastor Tope Kolawole (45) was said to have broken into churches, carting away music instruments, wall clocks, offering and tithe. One Alausa, who allegedly buys the stolen goods from ... April 5, 2015

Texas Instruments Boosts Dividend 13%

Texas Instruments Inc. said Thursday it will boost its quarterly dividend by 13% after posting improved margins and earnings growth in recent quarters. Shareholders will receive 34 cents a share, up from 30 cents a share, on Nov. 17. September 18, 2014

Hang your guitar or other stringed instrument from any hook

I’ve seen special hooks for hanging your guitar, ukulele, banjo, or other stringed instruments on the wall or even in your closet, but they can be pretty expensive. What if you could hang your instruments for less than $5.00 per hanger? I found these ... June 19, 2014


Tikkabilla Musical Instruments And Clocks Part 2 in 2

4desenhosnovos 01.03.15

Tikkabilla was a UK children's television programme, shown on BBC1, BBC2 and on the CBeebies channel.The programme aims to educate pre-school children in an entertaining manner. The title "Tikkabilla" comes from the Hindi word meaning "Hopscotch", a popular children's game. It was an exceptionally well loved children's television show.Each programme is introduced by two adults and a small dragon puppet named Tamba, who resembles Spyro the Dragon in colouration. Tamba serves as the programme's...