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Arespark Smart LED Alarm Clock

March 16, 2018

Unboxing the Arespark Smart LED Alarm Clock. A closeup look and test of the 3 AAA battery operated light sensing alarm clock with temperature and date display. Alarm Clock, Arespark Smart...

What is the best night backlight alarm clocks?

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To write at peak efficiency, I like to use an external keyboard, and while Apple now makes its Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro, there are plenty of great Bluetooth keyboards out there that offer more keys, better key travel, and even backlighting in some ... November 27, 2015

How to Fix Everything

My alarm went off. I kicked my leg out as I jolted awake, making solid contact with my new laptop, which was innocently lying at the foot of my hotel bed for some reason. It landed on a chair leg; the crash was loud. The aluminum next to the Apple logo ... November 24, 2015

Children and their mobiles: psychologists' views on a modern obsession

that checking your phone at night has a serious impact on sleep. The backlights can be very bright, which can trick your brain into thinking it is day and stop it releasing the hormone melatonin, which encourages sleep. right down and leave it ... September 15, 2015

Review: the 1997 Psion Series 5 personal digital assistant

Bad compared to the light-up alarm clock I had when I was 10. It's both low-contrast and glossy, nearly unreadable under anything but artificial ambient light, unless you turn on a green backlight that I'm guessing eats battery fairly quickly. I'd seen ... August 2, 2015

12 Hacks For The Best Sleep Ever

When it comes to setting ourselves up for a night of quality sleep, we often focus our energy on creating the optimal bedtime routine or keeping consistent drift-off and wake-up times. And while these two considerations are important, they leave out ... May 15, 2015

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Review

If you listen to the cynics, the "s" in Apple's iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus stands for "same-old". The tick-tock upgrade cycle of the best-selling smartphone has led many to expect revolution one year and then mere evolution the next. Turns out ... October 5, 2015

That Time My Husband and I Stayed at a Japanese Love Hotel

one of those atmospheric Japanese inns with softly sliding paper doors, guests lounging in cotton kimono, private hot spring baths, and a smorgasbord of exquisitely Instagram-able traditional fare…but then I found out that a night in a ryokan ... August 26, 2015


Tech to be thankful for - Macworld

Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in the United States, and columnists writing things-I’m-thankful-for columns is as much a tradition as turkey and stuffing and family arguments. This year my son started middle school and my daughter high school. Apple Music. It seems to be popular to rip on Apple’s fledgling music service, but I’m using it far more than I’ve ever used any other streaming service, and I’ve tried most of them. It’s great that Apple Music integrates into my iTunes music library, so I can mix and match music I’ve bought with music from the service, and I’ve come to really appreciate the curated playlists of new music from different genres. I have discovered a huge swath of great new music simply by subscribing to the A-List Alternative playlist. I wish my family would embrace it, though—my daughter loves listening to music, but is a devout Spotify user and won’t make the switch. I’ve been using Grocery IQ for a few years right now, which lets my entire family place items onto our grocery-store list. Recently I switched to AnyList , which is more modern and full featured than Grocery IQ, and adds Siri integration, so I can say, “Hey Siri, add an aluminum turkey roasting pan to the grocery list. ), and since I work at home, I don’t have a commute to use as listening time.

How to Fix Everything - Motherboard

It happened suddenly, like most of these stories do. My alarm went off. I kicked my leg out as I jolted awake, making solid contact with my new laptop, which was innocently lying at the foot of my hotel bed for some reason. The aluminum next to the Apple logo was visibly, obviously dented. $600 for an LCD replacement at the Apple store. $500 to get an independent repairman to do it. On a whim, I searched eBay and was shocked to see that I could get a new LCD for $50, if I was willing to find out whatever the inside of a MacBook Pro looked like. If you’ve tried to open any iDevice—iPad, iPhone, iMac, any of them—within the last four years, you've come face-to-face with Apple’s very small, five-pointed Do Not Enter sign. If you’re reading this on your iPhone or have one nearby, look at either side of the charging port and you’ll seem them: two tiny, star-shaped screw heads that, outside of an obscure wheelchair manufacturer, do not otherwise exist in the wild. Pentalobe screws. There is a solution to this “pentalobe” screw, however. A screwdriver engineered by iFixit , a California startup that has been simultaneously antagonizing Apple and making sure that, as electronics get more and more complicated, the layperson will still be able to learn how to fix them. I spent a few days with iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens and professional repair experts at the Electronics Reuse Conference in New Orleans.

Children and their mobiles: psychologists' views on a modern obsession - The Guardian

Teaching talk turned to smartphones this week, with the announcement of a new government study into the impact of mobile devices on behaviour and the news that a fifth of secondary school pupils are using social media in the middle of the night ,... That’s not to say that behaviour and bedtimes were trouble-free before smartphones – hands up if you ever got told off for reading under the duvet with a torch – but it does mean they’re facing an unfamiliar issue. Parents should not constantly check their phones. Relying on self-management for children may not work well – when the technology is there, they tend to use it. I don’t think schools should necessarily employ an outright ban but one approach might be to bring children, teachers and parents... If children are involved in setting rules they are more likely to adhere to them and enforce them in others. Last week I read an interview in a magazine with a child about their relationship with their parents. The child said they’d like to be reincarnated as a mobile phone as the device gets more of their parents’ attention than they do. If a parent is constantly checking their phone then it’s understandable that a child won’t think it is wrong. Setting some boundaries for technology use at home is also useful.

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Once he realised that he was no longer imprisoned, he took to roaming around the house in the night like some paranormal presence, knocking over books and dialling Russian phone numbers. I recall the incident with the alarm clock chiefly because I wrote ... December 6, 2015

Healthy lifestyle helps prevent heart disease

Aim for seven to nine hours of sleep each night and try to wake without an alarm clock when possible. 1. Hard boil eggs and peel. 2. Cut eggs in half, remove yolks and place into a bowl. Put egg whites onto a plate. 3. Mix yolks with mayo, mustard (I like ... December 6, 2015

The Morning Man Alarm Clock app: a sexy wake-up call

No, I haven't woken up sandwiched between three hunks (a girl can dream); I've downloaded the Morning Man Alarm Clock app, created by New York-based ... like a man you knew or were involved with," she says. Each night, users select the nationality of ... December 5, 2015

Fish Tales: Bow fishing, fun for all ages!

(WGNO) - No early alarm clocks, no hook to bait, no casting ... and I'm like 'oh my goodness, this is gonna be a long night." Practice, and humility makes perfect! "By the end of the night, even the mom they were all hittin' fish one after the other. December 4, 2015

Voltmeter Analog Alarm Clock: Stay Current

Here’s a clock that will fit right into an electronics enthusiast’s workshop. Made by Awkward Engineer, the AWK-105AL is an alarm clock that looks like ... The AWK-105AL without a backlight sells for $169 (USD) while the backlit one goes for $189. December 4, 2015

First Night Clock App Released for Ubuntu Phones, Available Now for Free

Night Clock has been designed from the ground-up to be a simple application that display the time in a format similar to the one used on those digital LED desk alarm clocks that most of us own. As you can see in the image attached at the end of the article ... December 4, 2015

Wake Up To The Sound Of Sunrise With Soundfreaq’s Alarm Clock

the alarm speaker can connect to any device for music or sounds you’d want to wake up to, no wires required. There’s a built-in nap timer and adjustable brightness to wake you up gently or make the clock crystal clear in the middle of the night. November 30, 2015


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