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Large 10.5 Wall Clock Decorative Round Wall Clock Home Decor Novelty Clock BLUE GREEN WOOD BOARDSVIEW DETAILS

Large 10.5" Wall Clock Decorative Round Wall Clock Home Decor Novelty Clock BLUE GREEN WOOD BOARDS

This is not a wood clock this is an image custom printed onto an OPEN FACE CLOCK with the no cover over the top. This...

ITS ALWAYS 5 O'CLOCK wall art clock novelty margarita parrot 10 1/2VIEW DETAILS

ITS ALWAYS 5 O'CLOCK wall art clock novelty margarita parrot 10 1/2"

This is an image custom printed onto an OPEN FACE CLOCK with no cover over the top. This clock does not need a frame....

Thumbs Up! Melting ClockVIEW DETAILS

Thumbs Up! Melting Clock

With this eye-catching Dali-esque clock, time doesn't stop, it simply melts away. Inspired by Salvador Dali's work of...



HOMY Large Wall Clock Decorative 3D DIY Luxurious Silent and Modern Home decorations

March 16, 2018

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What is the best novelty large art wall clocks?

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others say the optical technology being used for heart-rate readings from the wrist is getting better. Until these devices can be as accurate as chest-worn monitors, their makers should tell customers that all biometric readings are for novelty ... March 10, 2015

Virtual Reality's Potential Displayed at Game Developers Conference

It's the biggest step yet toward discovering what kinds of creative works will prove most successful in this new medium — an immersive, sensorially isolating experience that is either the art form of the 21st century or the biggest fad of 2016. Last ... March 8, 2015

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PITTSBURGH—Thorley Industries LLC began planning several years ago to launch a baby car seat with a set of electronic controls and a potential novelty: The Pittsburgh-based firm considered making the seats in the U.S.. Officials at Thorley, which ... January 13, 2015

At Legoland, adventure without leaving the hotel

From a distance, what looks like a pixelated Lichtenstein pop-art piece behind the check-in desk is a wall-scape of 5,000 mini Lego figurines. An animated bicycle slowly pivots the length of the work, its wheels serving as giant magnifying glasses ... January 4, 2015

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The Story of a Custom Cob


When I first started seriously exploring corn cob pipes, my question was "Do cobs smoke as well as briars. " Now, my question has become, "Do any of my briar pipes smoke better than my cobs. Look, I know there are pipers who are never going to get beyond the esthetics of corn cob pipes. To some, pipe smokers should look like Fred McMurray in a cardigan - a reflective, suave, intellectual man of refined taste. I originally ordered a few cobs to try out some Lakelands and aromatics, so as not to ghost my briars. At most, I expected to smoke a cob every now and then as a novelty or perhaps for a change of pace. something I could give to a visitor who was interested in giving tobacco pipes a try. When I was ready to pull the trigger on my cob order, I called the Missouri Meerschaum factory, established in 1917 in Washington, MO, and spoke with Marilyn. Marilyn is the de facto voice of the company and something of a legend in her own right, at least in the world of cob pipes. Considering the factory manufactures about 3500 pipes a day, my order was handled expeditiously, arriving in around five business days. I was able to swiftly affirm that cobs didn’t need a break-in.

Adventures of the Black Square: Changing the world, and changing the rules.


It’s no secret that we’ve been frequenting more than a bit of abstract art, from Sigmar Polke at Tate Modern to the more recent Reiner Ruthenbeck at the Serpentine Gallery . With the arrival of Adventures of the Black Square: Abstract and Society... Smack bang in the heart of the East End, the Whitechapel Gallery stands proud, a magnificent building with one toe in today’s trendy Shoreditch and the other in the scruffy Whitechapel of old. Bringing together over 100 works by modern masters and contemporary artists, the show is presented across 6 galleries with 4 themes, each looking at the role of abstract art in society during this time. Utopia (starting with the headline act – Malevich’s Black Square), Architectonics (looking at space), Communication (impact on social change) and Everyday (role in everyday culture). Unclear whether it was was the novelty of the headphones, the theatrical costumes or the wonder of the shapes cast by the tippy-toed ballerina, but this installation soon became unmissable, and one to.

Lower Westheimer, 1986

It includes some interesting tidbits, like the Tower Theater being restored as a live theater in 1984, and the fact that several old structures were demolished at this time. I've read on HAIF that they wanted to close Lower Westheimer to vehicular traffic sometime in the 1980s--this is the kind of things that Westheimer was offering at the time. When I have time, I might transcribe some of the "modern" equivalents based on address. We've included some of the larger shops, restaurants and landmarks, but things are changing for the better all the time. A trip to lower Westheimer on any weekend - day or night - might offer new discoveries. Radio Music Theater: A unique form of nightclub entertainment, which has now even been copied in other cities, Radio Music Theater began here in Houston and could well travel beyond it. Three actors (Steve and Vicki Farrell, Ken Polk) revive the... Shows are 8:30 p. m. Thursday-Saturday and 11 p. m. Saturday. 1840 Westheimer. Driscoll Street Cafe: 1834 Westheimer. Let there be no confusion, because changes have been made: The menu has been altered to show a decidedly Cajun flavor, and piano bar music is now presented live most nights. Sunday (brunch on Sunday).

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The talk was cheekily titled Marketwatch, after the Wall Street Journal website ... [Clement] Greenberg called it novelty art.”) “They’re all little Daniel Loebs,” Dorland said of the new collectors, “They’re activist investors and they ... April 10, 2015

Edgefest transforms library into artistic oasis

Held between five and 10 p.m., the event showcased campus arts and the Edge’s spacious design and unique ... the free wall space to crunch formulas or layout papers, as students often do, Bey proposed students fill the Edge’s walls with art, doodles ... April 8, 2015

THEY'RE COOL, and they know it

At 160 rooms, it is too big to be called a boutique hotel, but it has the feel of one, she said. Take for example, the focal point of the lobby -- a four-metre, three-dimensional rectangular wall ... Art. Each of the 160 rooms will feature 10 unique ... April 10, 2015

unique handmade wooden wall plaques F... For Sale

hi there welcome to my wood'n'art unique handmade wooden wall plaques and pictures of any vehicle you wish ... please note the price is for the campervan as its a large and detailed item prices start from £60 depending on size and detail March 28, 2015

Student work auctioned for after-school programs highlights arts and beauty of Lawrence

The boys and girls crave the latest news on their art — their paintings and drawings ... lean or sit stacked just beyond the door in Langlois’ big bright office. The images are of brick mills, the river, the clock tower, a self-portrait with a city ... April 9, 2015

Piece of the Past: Exhibit Highlights Sharon's History

Opposite is Hillside Cemetery, a burying ground featuring many Victorian-period markers and surrounded by a stone wall with gateposts and a Gothic-style chapel. Along South Main Street intersecting with Cornwall Road stands the Clock Tower, built in as a ... April 9, 2015


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See the small card with the code on it? The seller printed that out ...

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