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Howard Miller Oceana Gimbaled Captain's ClockVIEW DETAILS

Howard Miller Oceana Gimbaled Captain's Clock

Finished in Windsor Cherry on select hardwoods and veneers. A polished brass-finished gimbaled captain's clock is...

Howard Miller 645-575 Oceana Weather & Maritime Table ClockVIEW DETAILS

Howard Miller 645-575 Oceana Weather & Maritime Table Clock

The Oceana Weather and Maritime Clock by Howard Miller is a Polished-brass, gimbaled captain's clock housed in a...

Universal Lighting and Decor Howard Miller Oceana 6 1/2 Wide Gimbaled ClockVIEW DETAILS

Universal Lighting and Decor Howard Miller Oceana 6 1/2" Wide Gimbaled Clock

Housed in a Windsor Cherry octagonal chest, this polished brass captain's clock is gimbaled (mounted to tilt freely)...

HOWARD MILLER 645-575 / Howard Miller Oceana Gimbaled Captain039;s ClockVIEW DETAILS


Chef Ramsay Completely Loses His Mind - Kitchen Nightmares

June 17, 2018

SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEW HELL'S KITCHEN CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt1fxPc6KaOeMxdhtUcEEEA During a disastrous dinner service ...

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Hate nickel-and-diming? This new cruise ship is for you

ABOARD THE VIKING STAR — You cruise a lot. You've noticed a growing number of extra charges on ships for everything from room service to yoga classes. You hate it. You're going to love the Viking Star. River cruise giant Viking's first ocean ship ...

www.usatoday.com April 14, 2015

Florida to feds: Don't approve seismic tests in ocean without more research

Because large amounts of ocean have to be surveyed, testing can continue for days, and critics have said the experience for marine life is like having a rocket launch repeated seconds apart around the clock. Florida officials “We certainly applaud ...

jacksonville.com April 27, 2015

Northeast Dems try to block Obama plan for drilling in Atlantic

“It's worth noting the Atlantic Coast has been off the table to drilling since 1983.” Oceana, for example, said, “The Atlantic Ocean has long been spared from the dangerous threats posed by offshore drilling and must retain these important ...

ctmirror.org May 6, 2015

Scientists Know Why Sea Lions Are Starving

“The clock is ticking to save these beautiful corals,” said Shaye Wolf, the Center's climate science director, “so I'm happy to see there's finally a concrete plan to move them toward recovery. The plan rightly recognizes that we'll need to manage ...

www.lagunabeachindy.com March 28, 2015

Who and What We Trust Might Kill Us

In a world where technology sends us on a galloping chase after social media (the rabbit hole spiral of Bill Cosby's reputation) and round the clock news coverage (CNN's panicked eyeballs on Ebola), we have morphed into consumers who take everything at ...

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Gov. McCrory applauds Carolinas offshore drilling plan

"The areas off the table are very small in comparison to areas on the table." North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory says moving closer to drilling offshore of the Carolinas is a step in the "This 5-year plan could destroy our coastal economies for ...

www.witn.com January 28, 2015

A hobby, with bite: Florida Shark Club members moved to tagging as shark ...

According to Gib Brogan, a fisheries campaign manager at Oceana, a conservation and advocacy group, the decline in the shark population is well-documented. A number of species, he added, are still in decline. For the most part, it is the large ...

jacksonville.com May 2, 2015


Florida to feds: Don't approve seismic tests in ocean without more research - Florida Times-Union

Florida’s environmental agency is asking the federal government not to allow seismic testing off the state’s Atlantic coast until more research is done on the tests’ effects on sea life. “Florida is concerned about the effects … on its marine and coastal resources,” including endangered sea turtles and right whales, the Department of Environmental Protection’s deputy chief of staff, Carla Gaskin Mautz, told the Bureau of Ocean... Mautz added that “much of Florida’s economy is dependent on these healthy and sustainable … resources,” and there’s too much still unknown about testing’s impacts. Because large amounts of ocean have to be surveyed, testing can continue for days, and critics have said the experience for marine life is like having a rocket launch repeated seconds apart around the clock. Florida officials didn’t argue testing would cause harm, but said too much was simply unknown. A DEP spokeswoman, Dee Ann Miller, said Monday that in a kind of impact statement by Energy Management officials and a report by the National Marine Fisheries Service, that “data and information concerning the effects of activities to be conducted...

Northeast Dems try to block Obama plan for drilling in Atlantic - The CT Mirror

Washington – The Obama administration may soon break a key environmentalist commandment: Thou shalt not drill for oil in the Atlantic . Consequently, Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal has joined a list of East Coast senators who want to stop the president from allowing oil and natural gas production in what are considered environmentally sensitive waters. The legislation would prohibit the U. S. Department of Interior from issuing leases for the exploration, development, or production of oil or gas in the North, Mid- or South Atlantic Ocean. Starting in the early 1980’s, drilling was banned in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and limited largely to the western portion of the Gulf of Mexico and waters off the coast of Alaska by moratoria imposed both by Congress and the White House. Former President George W. Bush lifted the executive branch moratorium, threatened to veto any legislation that included the ban, and proposed to do what hadn’t been done in more than 30 years — open the Atlantic to oil and gas production with a... Obama disappointed environmentalists by continuing work on Bush's five-year energy proposal, with some modifications. But, in response to the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, work on the lease sale was postponed. It is under development by the Interior Department’s Bureau of Ocean Energy.

Scientists Know Why Sea Lions Are Starving - Laguna Beach Independent Newspaper

Nearly 130 stranded and starving sea lions are once again pushing recovery cages and pools to the maximum at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Canyon, the organization says. More than 1,900 sea lions have been stranded along California coasts since January, the highest number for any recorded year, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Sardines are scarcer and mother sea lions are leaving their pups for longer periods to feed deeper and farther away, “stranding” their offspring, according to the report by PMMC. The sea mammal care center is the only organization in Orange County licensed to rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured sea lions, seals and, occasionally, dolphins between San Clemente and Seal Beach. mother’s milk and cause the premature weaning of pups too young to fend for themselves, a NOAA report explains. When hundreds of sea lion pups were stranded along Orange County shores and dying from starvation in 2013, scientists weren’t ready to pinpoint the cause of the “unusual mortality event. ” The causes are becoming clearer, with scientists pointing to an acidifying ocean, unusually warm water temperatures and depleted fish populations as suspected culprits for the current influx of emaciated sea lion pups.

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Oceana Inn Santa Cruz

Formerly The Santa Cruz Travelodge now the Oceana Inn.. The City of Santa Cruz is a fun filled getaway for the whole family. When you stay at the Oceana Inn you are within moments from crystal white sandy beaches and downtowns exciting restaurants coffee ...

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Modiss Oceana table lamp

The Oceana table lamp from Modiss has been designed by Alfonso Fontal in 2003. This table mounted luminaire is great for incandescent lighting. The Oceana is composed of transparent and white glass with chrome details. The power cord for this luminaire is ...

www.houzz.com December 10, 2013

Eye Catching Metal Table Clock

Features: Metal table clock measures 15 inches (W) x 2 inches (D) x18 inches (H) Must home accessory Antique styled Introducing antique style fascinating square metal table clock that will add charm to your room space. This Metal table clock comes in ...

www.houzz.com December 10, 2013

Corum Skeletal Desk Clock a Rarity the World Over

“Talk Like a Pirate Day” is coming up on September 19, and if you’re biding your time counting the hours and minutes, there’s a clock for that. The skull and crossbones clad Jolly Roger desk clock by Corum was produced in 2000 as one of the company ...

hauteliving.com July 17, 2012

Reassuring words come for Oceana, other Navy bases

Hampton Roads officials, who don't want a repeat of 2005, when the Defense Base Realignment and Closure Commission considered shuttering Oceana Naval Air Station ... Monday that almost all spending is on the table as Congress looks for at least $350 ...

hamptonroads.com September 6, 2011

Missing: Family of beavers who were reintroduced to Scotland after 400-year absence

Field staff and volunteers have been working around the clock in an effort to track the missing beavers.' Of the adult female, he added: 'We are obviously concerned that there could to be a link between her disappearance and the unauthorised shooting and ...

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Sign of the times: U.S. National Debt clock in New York runs out of digits

But time has run out for the US National Debt Clock. The government’s debts have ballooned so badly the New York landmark has run out of digits to record the spiralling figure. The electronic billboard in Times Square was erected in 1989 to highlight ...

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