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May 23, 2018


What is the best office mate wall clock?

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The Greek Warrior

It was ten o'clock. Far fewer tourists were about than on a typical July evening, and at the restaurant Greek voices were low. When a passerby took Varoufakis's hand—the minister preferred a right-angled bro-shake with Greeks—he kept shaking it with ... July 27, 2015

How Carly Fiorina' s Mistake Put Me on a Path to Entrepreneurship

Kiran Vemuri, the engineer directly in front of me and my office mate was not so lucky. Or maybe he was I guess they saw the writing on the wall as those programs were all gutted in short order. It was a .. There's no practical reason to wind ... August 13, 2015

Beyond Happy Hour: Workspaces Offer Yoga and Hair Blowouts

Co-working relationships at communal workspaces tend to avoid typical tensions of office politics, some members say, making it more enjoyable to spend time together off the clock. “You don't have the friction of the co-worker experience,” said Aaron ... July 28, 2015

THE BIG READ: On the stump with Donald Trump

Nearly three decades later, I'm riding with Trump in an elevator in Trump Tower on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, heading up to his office just after he's done yet another interview in the lobby with yet another anchor from Fox News. This time - you might ... August 14, 2015

Meaningful Cadet Training Means Funding Modern Ships

Arriving at a station, you would pick up the key attached to the wall, insert the key into the clock and turn it so as to impact a paper record inside. This proved you had indeed done your “fire” rounds. For a 17-year old frosh cadet, it could be a ... August 3, 2015

Mike Duffy trial adjourns, returns in August with Nigel Wright as 1st witness

I gather that there's some sort of discrepancy in the dates, and Bayne is now in high dudgeon because the Crown, he claims, isn't willing to provide the documents he wants, so he's going to have to go back to his office to get his own, which will ... August 10, 2015

Driven Hibs kid Oli Shaw passes two tests in one day

Little did he know at that point what lay in store, coach Joe McBride simply telling him the “gaffer” Alan Stubbs wanted to see him in his office. The test was at 9 o'clock and by half-past it was all over and it was a great feeling to be told I ... August 4, 2015


How Carly Fiorina' s Mistake Put Me on a Path to Entrepreneurship - Pulse

The aftermath of the 2002 acquisition of Compaq by HP was hard for many of us. Carly Fiorina's "adopt and go" policy and general economic malaise had resulted in layoffs of entire departments. My group, the Richardson, VLSI Lab, based in Richardson, TX was no exception. By the way, did anyone at HP really think re-branding layoffs as “workforce reductions” would soften the blow of being fired. Kiran Vemuri, the engineer directly in front of me and my office mate was not so lucky. As part of Carly’s “adopt and go” policy, she had eliminated the bulk of the pre-merger HP enterprise sales organization and sales of HP-UX based (UNIX) systems sales were in free fall. As a veteran of the telecom sector (Alcatel), Carly had extensive experience with what was essentially a transactional technology sale. In other words, it was a relatively short sales cycle where price competition dominated and supply chain was the primary buyer. This approach fit well with a Compaq sales organization that was primarily focused on x86 “volume” server sales. It didn’t’ work well with sales of HP-UX systems, an $8 Billion HP business at the time, however.

THE BIG READ: On the stump with Donald Trump - Irish Examiner

We were finally sitting in Donald Trump’s office for our final interview at the end of a month-long reporting odyssey. I flew with him down to Atlantic City in his retrofitted French military helicopter, rode with him in his limos and chatted with him in his various offices and at his home. It was 1987, and Trump back then was a real estate and casino magnate who was, for the first time in what would become a quadrennial drill over the next 30 years, pretending to contemplate running for president. One day in his office, he gleefully reeled off the names on his phone messages from media poo-bahs. “Look at this: Fox Butterfield, Noo Yoooik Times. “I’ll give you a scoop: I’m not going to run for president. ” He paused, letting the not terribly surprising news sink in, then waved a finger at us and added, “but if I did run, I’d win. Nearly three decades later, I’m riding with Trump in an elevator in Trump Tower on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue, heading up to his office just after he’s done yet another interview in the lobby with yet another anchor from Fox News. This time - you might have heard - he is running for president, and my editor at Newsweek asked me to fly to New York City from my post in Shanghai to follow him around again to try to figure out why he’s running and, more important and.

Meaningful Cadet Training Means Funding Modern Ships - Maritime Professional (blog)

As the state maritime academies collectively plead for “new, modern training platforms for the mariners who guide the critical cargoes to our ports and to our servicemen and women overseas,” the concept of a fit-for-purpose training vessel has... It’ll need more than that to run the labyrinth of obstacles in today’s U. S. Congress and the minefield of budget realities in a time when the nation struggles to build much needed icebreakers for a looming and expanded role in the Arctic. The academies nevertheless do need modern tonnage on which to train cadets to ensure that sea time is meaningful, and closely approximates the goal of graduating a deck or engine mariner that can do the job on any number of increasingly diverse... As those needs are considered, stakeholders and decision makers also need to carefully consider what the training vessel of the future will look like, what it will be designed to do, and why. RADM Richard Gurnon, the outgoing President of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, said recently in a prepared statement, “Since our inception, the State Maritime Academies (SMAs) have used old merchant ships or surplus Navy ships that were... The current MMA academy vessel, the T/S Kennedy may well be 47 years old, and they can complain about it all they want, but it is a palace compared to the old T/S Bay State , which served as the academy’s training platform from 1974 through 1979....

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Howard Miller Spokane Wall Clock, Brushed Aluminum

Amazing!!!! Was shocked that the product surpassed the price of the clock. Once on our kitchen wall it looks like it costs a couple hundred dollars. Love the retro look and the fact I can read the time. It replaced a clock that was difficult to read. January 14, 2015

Infinity Instruments Cuccina Silent Wall Clock, Black

Not too big and not too small, these clocks are perfect for what I needed. I ordered two of them for a home office because I wanted to quickly see two time zones. They are stylish, well constructed and painted, and easy to hang up. December 27, 2014


Cheeto, Our Office Mate

Torrie Elmore 05.23.15

Cheeto, Our Office Mate