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Reno Rebirth profile: Tessa Dee Miller

Miller: I graduated from SCU and knew that I promptly wanted to return to Reno. I had a After a few years of teaching myself how to run that business by trial and error, I decided to open The Nest because I wanted to take the skills I had learned ... July 12, 2015

'LFL' Game 12 Recap: Mist Take Over First Place, Defeating LA 24-13

Though the score was not as close as those first two games, this game featured some incredible highlights and both teams laid it all out on the field, as a playoff berth for victor was on the line. Both LA and . LA then started a 10 play drive that ... July 11, 2015

From a career perspective, it's a big year for many Broncos

But with roster spots at a premium, it would help his cause if he could emerge as a punt returner, something he hasn't handled on a full-time basis as a pro or at Arizona State. Further, if Manning plays well this year and returns for the final ... July 11, 2015

Clippers, Dallas' Cuban detail chaos over DeAndre Jordan's re-signing

He wanted the shooting guard to join a contingent of Clippers heading to Houston on Wednesday to urge DeAndre Jordan to back out of his commitment to the Dallas Mavericks after the free-agent center had expressed second thoughts. both the Mavericks ... July 10, 2015

Wimbledon 2015: Roger Federer defies time and ignores fear to paint ...

He will utilise the same seductive powers today, when he seeks to defy the accelerated life-cycle of modern sport and become Wimbledon's oldest champion of the Open era. The Centre Court will doubtlessly fall at his feet. Statistics may frame the ... July 11, 2015

Ask Rufus: Dating a house and shooting a horse thief

When the "gentleman" rode up the two thieves came out of the house and "commenced firing on their pursuers who returned the fire killing one and wounding the other." The surviving robber, J.H. Newman of Tennessee, was carried to Columbus and held ... July 12, 2015

Why the Tuscan Island of Giglio Misses Its Disaster

More than 500 men and women from 29 nations worked around the clock to get the ship off Giglio in what was a billion-dollar operation that created a cottage industry for businesses in Giglio's port that fed and housed the workers for almost two years ... July 10, 2015

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Be warned: Hosting most powerful man on earth is a nerve-wracking experience

Bush, who came to Tanzania towards the end of his term in office in early 2008 to sign ... clock. For a moment, Dar was dustless! During the two days that Obama was in town, roads such as Mandela Expressway, Nyerere, Ali Hassan Mwinyi and Morogoro were ... July 11, 2015

Wimbledon 2015: Roger Federer defies time and ignores fear to paint masterpieces

Time is a tyrant ... cesspit in which Raheem Sterling and his acquisitive agent do their business, football’s air is clear and the ambition is authentic. Hereford marked their return to the ground yesterday afternoon, when a capacity crowd watched ... July 11, 2015

How Edgar Martinez is already making Mariners hitters better

Edgar Martinez, at 52, doesn’t show many outward signs ... with an open mind with Edgar. I had to almost tell myself, ‘Press the reset button. All right, just start from new.’” Martinez decided before the season that it was a good time to push ... July 10, 2015

Martorella: Shop local — especially at Darien’s Sidewalk Sales

Since my return, I’ve seen a lot of places come and go. Shops signs changed from “Grand Opening” to “Going Out of Business”; restaurants that cooked then cooled; buildings demolished and replaced; schools closed, reopened, enlarged, and ... July 11, 2015

Intelligent Design

That debate persists today, as surely as the courthouse clock still chimes the hour in Dayton ... Dayton fell on hard times when the mines closed. That was 1914. By 1920, 10 percent of the town's population had moved away. Five years later, the Butler ... July 8, 2015

Sweating it out: Some Volusia residents choose to live without AC

Open your windows. Let some air in.” She sleeps with a window AC unit on, but the thought of living all the time in a closed-up house is a turn off ... Because he noticed signs of mold, he purchased a dehumidifier. For his 1,900-square-foot home ... July 10, 2015

Eye of the Sluricane: A Dispatch from an E-40 Bottle Signing

This is, ironically, a sign of Stevens’ top-shelf success ... which is also the title of an E-40 and the Click track from 1995. The beverage clocks in at 18 percent ABV, which makes the lyric “Sluricane, strong enough to start an engine, mayne ... July 10, 2015


[MEP] Lego House Sign-Ups (CLOSED; 5/8 DONE)

Fun 07.09.15

[MEP] Lego House Sign-Ups (CLOSED; 5/8 DONE)