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Awesome Alarm Clock App for Better Sleep

February 17, 2018


What is the best phase alarm clocks?

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Sleep Cycle alarm clock for perfect sleep

If you are looking for the perfect sleep in relation to waking up in the best way, you may be interested to know that there are apps that can help with this. We've just stumbled upon Sleep Cycle alarm clock app for iPhone and Android and quite simply ... March 27, 2015

Tories commit to like-for-like replacement for Trident

The future of nuclear weapons has taken centre stage in the election campaign, with the Conservatives promising to renew the four ageing submarines that carry Trident missiles, and the Scottish and Welsh nationalists vowing to scrap the fleet. Official ... April 9, 2015

This Alarm Clock Wakes You (and Not Your Partner) with a Targeted Beam of ...

In the ongoing battle against oversleeping, humanity has devised some clever, elaborate, and downright sadistic alarm clocks. We've seen everything from wake-up lights that monitor your sleep cycle and determine the best time to wake you to high-volume ... April 2, 2015

Healthy uses of tech in your morning routine

From the point of view of more modernized tech, you may wish to consider the Sleep Cycle alarm clock app. Sleep Cycle is a super-cheap (.99¢) app for iPhone and Android that uses the accelerometer inside your phone to detect your movements as you ... April 6, 2015

Grace Boyum: May the (mass times acceleration) be with you

Having just studied temperature and phase changes in class, I began to compose a physics problem. If the outdoor temperature is 0 degrees Fahrenheit and we assume the body to be 50 kilograms of water at 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, how long will it take ... April 8, 2015

Want To Be Happier, Healthier And More Intelligent? Just Sleep In

According to Greer, who also quoted Dr. Maas, “besides boosting alertness, sleep – particularly REM sleep – is a way for the brain to store new information into long-term memory.” And by setting our alarm clocks early each morning, we are also cutting ... April 7, 2015

Science Says Sleeping In Is Better Than Being The 'Early Bird'

It is the custom: the ever reliable “the-early-bird-gets-the-worm” principle that pushes us to set our alarm clocks at 5:45 am every single day. Whether it can He further notes, “REM sleep -- is a way for the brain to store new information into ... April 9, 2015


My way to overcome writer’s block


The empty page, glaring into my soul, taunting me and making faces to mock me, when I do not find words to fill it. The feeling of failure looming over my head, as I struggle to continue what I have started. My head is full of things, thoughts, worries, but nothing of it has to do with the story. I have been asked by some of my readers and friends, how I am dealing with my Writer’s block. Since I know, that quite a number of writers have to deal with that from time to time, I thought I’d share it here. Please note, that these methods are what help me and might not necessarily work for everyone. When you are blocked, you want to try as many things as possible to find the one thing that helps YOU. I know there are some “Oooh no, then you’ll never get anything done” voices, trying to hammer into my mind. Sometimes my mind is so full of so many things, that I cannot hear my creativity over them. When I distract myself, I am turning my mind off. I play a video game, watch videos on youtube, read a book, take a walk (well no, I am lazy, but it’s an option), watch a movie… whatever gets my mind to shut up for a while. If you do not get into the story you are focussing right now, try writing something different. Maybe that will help you to free your mind for your main project. There is the kind of writer’s block that comes when you feel you hit a wall in your story.

Stick to the Plan

FM Editor

Since then I have developed a solid plan that works for me. I hunt in phases. Each phase is a time of the day that corresponds to certain turkey behaviors. I hate wearing a watch, but when I am hunting with my plan, I use the clock on my cellphone to keep me on track and keep me disciplined. When I am bored stiff hunting, time seems to move really slowly, the clock keeps me honest. When I turkey hunt- I like to go out until I have a bird or it’s dark- whichever happens first. I remember a hunt a while back when I was glad I had a plan in place…. I always start out in the morning prepared for an entire day hunt. Scent control doesn’t matter for turkeys, but I like to use it in the spring anyway for a few reasons. Spooked deer will alarm any nearby turkey and send them running to the hills as well. Also, I like to try and shoot coyotes whenever possible – and they are very active in the spring turkey woods. So, what does “hunting in phases” mean. The first phase of the plan is the hunt at first light. When the birds start to chirp, the turkeys get woken up. If possible, sneaking in before they are awake decreases my chances of getting busted.

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There are apps that can help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals, and talk you through CPR during an emergency. The First Aid Android app is designed to handle emergency situations. This free app provides step by step instructions on what to do in the emergency, and provides tips and allows you to tests your first aid knowledge. The American Heart Association has a Pocket First Aid CPR app that you can buy for $1. 99 from iTunes. You can download the app, which includes some workouts, cost free, and you can opt to pay for additional exercises. That is where the apps come in. Fooducate is a free app for iPhone and Android that helps you make smart food purchases at the supermarket. Apps make dieting discrete and easier than ever. There are many free apps for calorie counting and portion tracking, as well as ones that allow you to track your weight loss, so find one that you find works best for you. FitNow Lose It. app helps you set and meet your food and exercise goals. Sleep Cycle alarm clock, which is available for 99 cents from the iTunes store, analyzes your.

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4 Best Fitness Apps for Android

Well, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is made to solve this problem that everyone has ever had since a long time. It is an intelligent app that will make the alarm goes off in the lightest phase of your sleep so you don’t wake up irritated and frustrated but ... April 7, 2015


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