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Chihai LED Alarm Clock

April 16, 2018

The Second generation LED Alarm Clock How to set a countdown time.

What is the best red led clock with seconds?

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Remembering the founder of the Syracuse Nats: From 1992, 'Time stands still ...

Yet Biasone isn't in the Hall, except for the display case that honors the clock. Hall-of-Famer Dolph Schayes - whose signing by Biasone helped trigger the merger that led to the modern NBA - points to Michael Jordan, who was a pretty good college ... April 11, 2015

Nearly 77000 fans take in Red-White game

The White team got on the board with a safety at the end of the half, when Armstrong took a knee in the end zone after the Red defense got an interception from Creighton Koley at the goal line in the final seconds of the half to end a White threat. The ... April 11, 2015

It's Providence who produced the late drama

BU, which was 19-0-0 this season when it led after two periods, was up, 3-2, thanks to Cason Hohmann's long-reach rebound goal. from the crowd, which had to peer at the video replay several times to confirm what the red light indicated. It wasn ... April 12, 2015

Stage production proves everybody still loves Lucy

Of course, the lengths she went to meet the stars led to all kinds of crazy mix-ups. “Lucy,” the Cuban bandleader Even today, when viewers have literally hundreds of choices around the clock, “I Love Lucy” still rates a regular slot in retro ... April 12, 2015

OSU's Andersen not losing sleep over QB situation

CORVALLIS – Faced with the reality of opening the 2015 season without a quarterback on the roster with college game experience, first-year Oregon State coach Gary Andersen joked that he should be losing sleep. But Andersen is not experiencing restless ... April 11, 2015

With NFL draft nearing and wide receiver needed, history is no help to Ravens

Most likely, there will be a big-play talent available when the Ravens are on the clock, but their track record of finding impact players at the position is poor. Of the 21 receivers the team has taken since 1996, only two — Jermaine What were we ... April 12, 2015

Blood on the Georgia Guidestones?

That's a question posed by some after a video posted on YouTube purported to show red stains recently found on the mysterious Stonehenge-like monument in Elbert County. Speculation surrounds the video, posted online March 27. Taken from a ... April 11, 2015


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Early March, the weather suddenly as mild and kind as they could hope for without the threat of biting insects which became such a nuisance later in the year, Martin and Kate were able to essay their first ‘proper’ walk of the year. Having reached the top of their local prominence, they would then carry on for five or six miles along the high ground and descend into the next valley but one in time to catch a bus home. Stopping for a breather, they looked down – Martin with appreciation and Kate relying on memory – at the vista below them, their ‘village’, officially a town, dissected by the main road and the railway, then the strait separating the island from... Martin had not wanted to move to Wales, had in fact put up quite a struggle, but Kate had held all the cards. A compulsory purchase order was served on the four houses Martin had bought and renovated, including the one they lived in. Kate, busy with trade union activity directed at averting the worst aspects of the latest projected reorganisation which... Brian had been conspicuous by his absence for a while, busy as she found out later trying to persuade Louise Bernstein to sell her house.

More Street Lighting Folly

Evelyn Sahaja

somebody asked me if the health risks were acceptable for High Output Blue Rich LED given their energy savings in the area of outdoor street, area and roadway lighting. The blue rich diode can be easily employed where its greatly needed and that’s to drive productivity during the day. Because we didn’t evolve under a roof, we were outside, where the sky is blue and the sun is passing overhead with light levels much brighter than indoors. (well it continues to this day, but the LEED green building and daylight educational classes are helping to reverse this terrible trend in architecture – skylights anyone. Its like this: if your ceilings are 10′ or lower then daylight doesn’t penetrate into the building past roughly 15′, so they require a separate photosensor control. So think of your massive cube farm office building, or classroom with no windows, which has gone on unmitigated by untalented architects since the 50’s-ish. Only the executives get offices with windows, and so that leaves the cube farm workers without proper exposure to daylight – all day M-F. They sit under static fluorescent light for 8+ hours a day – non-moving – remember the earth is revolving... So that’s where full spectrum and hence the blue rich LED is greatly needed, especially considering that 25% of the population has Irlens, which produces an “allergy” to fluorescent light.

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NEW YORK — The first game of the season between the Red Sox ... Ellsbury led off with a single. Brett Gardner flied out, and Garrett Jones hit a low liner toward the middle. Bogaerts short-hopped the ball at shortstop and flipped to second, where Dustin ... April 11, 2015

Georgia Alums Enjoy Return To Sanford Stadium

Quarterback Joey Hester (1986-89) led the march deep into Red territory. On the final play of regulation, as the running clock wound down to all zeroes ... I had to come back the second play and do what I had to do." Samuel is in graduate school at ... April 11, 2015

Yankees Lost To Red Sox In A 7-Hour, 19-Inning Game

In the latest classic matchup of their long and illustrious history, the Boston Red ... led off with a single. Gardner flied out, and Garrett Jones hit a low liner toward the middle. Bogaerts short-hopped the ball at shortstop and flipped to second ... April 11, 2015

Red tops White in spring game, 16-3

The rookie running back led the red squad, who he only played for during the ... a redshirt freshman kicker. The second half featured a running clock and neither side was able to muster much offense with mostly younger players getting the majority of ... April 11, 2015

Red Claws ready for do-or-die weekend

Should the Red Claws win, a decisive Game 3 would be played at 4:30 p.m. Sunday, also at the Expo. The Claws led by as many ... the ball with 1.2 seconds remaining in regulation and the game tied. The second was a shot-clock violation with 16 seconds ... April 11, 2015

Girls Lacrosse: Rogorzenski leads Barnstable to a 10-8 win over Falmouth

Another draw went to Rogorzenski, and Shannon Roycroft ran about 30 seconds off the clock ... led to a Barnstable goal early in the second half, but O’Neil tied it with 18:11 left. Theroux gave Falmouth its first lead when she caught a pass in between ... April 10, 2015

Friday’s school roundup: Watertown boys defeat Winchester in lacrosse

Watertown recovered and was able to run out the clock ... led the Cougars (3-3, 1-2). Fitchburg 3, Worcester North 1 — Andrew Sasaki had 20 assists and junior Colbert Asjei added 12 kills for the visiting Polar Bears (2-2) in a loss to the Red ... April 11, 2015


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