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Breguet Watches: A History of Innovation

And now, on its 240th anniversary, the company has just introduced new versions of its Tradition watch series, where the movements re-imagine the firm's elegant 18th century pocket-watch aesthetics. A new automatic Tradition has a cool seconds subdial ...

online.barrons.com May 15, 2015

MARILYN HAGERTY: Keeping time with Grand Forks' Wayne Miller

He's one of the few people around who can come up with the answer for a wristwatch that stalls, a wall clock that stands still. He is one of the They were 90 percent mechanical movement and now they are run mostly by quartz battery. And a new ...

www.grandforksherald.com February 7, 2015

Man Films Entire 135-Mile Run

"These long races are much more challenging psychologically than physically," says Spector, who reaffirms to his GoPro that "it's gonna be okay" throughout his trek. About 70 athletes navigated Brazil's dirt roads and city streets, often in the sole ...

www.outsideonline.com April 11, 2014

All The Scorsese Movies That Could Have Been Longer Than 'Wolf of Wall ...

Lengthy runtimes, of course, are hardly a new development for Scorsese, who hasn't made a film that clocks in under two hours since he directed the sorely underrated After Hours in 1985. But it hasn't always been this way; the best of his seventies ...

www.thewire.com December 19, 2013

Eva Chen: What I Read

So usually the alarm clock will go off, I'll listen to the crazy melody that's playing, and then I'll turn it off. The first thing I look at is Twitter, which I also get the Wall Street Journal on the weekends, because I love the WSJ magazine. I ...

www.thewire.com January 7, 2014

'Time and Navigation,' at the National Air and Space Museum

The only reliable ones are in the sky: the movements of the heavenly bodies. Luckily for the development But the most effective interactive display may be the simple sextants pointed at diagrams of stars on the wall, which you can use to determine ...

www.nytimes.com April 11, 2013

Triple-Digit Heat Index (cooler, stormier pattern returns next week)

This week has been a sharp, atmospheric retort to those of us who doubted we'd see a "real summer" this year. Spring was tortured. When a 10 foot wall of ice pushed onto our Pelican Lake shoreline on May 12 I seriously wondered if we would ever thaw out....

www.startribune.com July 18, 2013

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The story of the invention that could revolutionize batteries—and maybe American manufacturing as well

Disko worked around the clock for two weeks ... said Izhar Armony of Charles River Ventures, one of Chiang’s VC investors. The refrigerator-sized machine at the heart of 24M’s manufacturing process.(Kieran Kesner for Quartz.) The push to improve ...

qz.com June 23, 2015

Wine Barrel Clock

Infinity Instruments Wine Barrel wall clock is a wood and steel clock in a traditional barrel design. With a fitting name to this 24" wall clock it will look great in a beautiful traditional setting.

www.houzz.com April 7, 2015

River City Five Maple Leaves and One Bird One Day Hand-Carved Cuckoo Clock

Please see the River City Clocks Warranty Page for more information about the warranty. Hand-carved by master craftsman in the Black Forest of Germany. All brass mechanical movement. Cuckoo bird cuckoos the hour at the top of every hour. Traditional five ...

www.houzz.com December 10, 2013

HOW IT WORKS; Clocks That Won't Miss a Second in 20 Million Years

All clocks have some kind of oscillator, or ''ticker,'' whether it is the pendulum in a grandfather clock or a quartz crystal in a wristwatch ... which also slow the atoms' movement. 2. A laser tosses the atoms, fountainlike, up through a cavity.

www.nytimes.com January 16, 2002


Quartz Movement Water Proof Analog Shower Clock with Suction Cup - Yellow Review

Bobbye2u 11.10.14

Quartz Movement Water Proof Analog Shower Clock with Suction Cup - Yellow Reviewhttp://is.gd/qjKxWW Quartz Movement Water Proof Analog Shower Clock with Suction Cup - Yellow SHOWER CLOCKHELP KEEP TRACK OF TIME IN SHOWERWATER PROOFEASY TO READSUCTION CUP


The Road

Vintage.2007.ISBN: 9780307267450,0307267458.


The Fabric of the Cosmos

Vintage.2007.ISBN: 9780307428530,0307428532.592 pages.

From Brian Greene, one of the world’s leading physicists and author the...