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Samsung Made The World's Best Smartphone Display Even Better

that is manufactured on a flexible plastic substrate so that it can bend around the corners on both the sides of the phone to provide two display areas that can be viewed and controlled from both the front or the sides, which is especially useful ... August 18, 2015

11:59:60 — Look For An Extra Tick Of The Clock Tonight

If you're worried about finishing everything on your to-do list, you'll get an extra second today to cram it all in. The extra second is called a "leap second." At the very end of the day, the clock will read 11:59:60 Universal Time (the official time ... June 30, 2015

The Test That Can Look Into A Child's (Reading) Future

If this isn't an honest-to-goodness crystal ball, it's close. Neurobiologist Nina Kraus believes she and her team at Northwestern University have found a way — a half-hour test — to predict kids' literacy skill long before they're old enough to begin ... July 22, 2015

To Keep Up With Earth's Rotation, Clocks Will Tick An Extra Second Tonight

There is an extra "leap" second in Tuesday's clock. The second is designed to keep the clocks in synch with earth's rotation, but some people would like to take it away. ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: Today saw important deadlines for the Greek debt crisis and a ... June 30, 2015

How Finns Make Sports Part Of Everyday Life

In Helsinki, sports facilities pop up all over the place, sometimes in some pretty odd nooks and crannies. One bomb shelter hosts an archery club, another an underground swimming pool and an ice hockey rink. Though they hardly need it, there's a ... July 28, 2015

Screaming For Science: The Secrets Of Crying Babies And Car Alarms

"That's why you want to throw your alarm clock on the floor," Poeppel says. The researchers in Poeppel's lab decided to study screams in part because they are a primal form of communication found in every culture. And there was another reason. "Many of ... July 16, 2015

University Of Lisbon Scientists Solve Pendulum Clock Mystery

Two professors at the University of Lisbon say they have discovered why the pendulums of clocks set on the same surface will eventually swing together in opposing directions. MELISSA BLOCK, HOST: And now a vexing problem solved. HENRIQUE ... July 28, 2015


Mini Music Clock with Pendulum Scroll Saw Pattern

Bradyn Jamie 08.25.15

Mini Music Clock with Pendulum Scroll Saw Pattern