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Disastr_Blastr Postmortem Analysis & Reflection

From there I proceeded to flesh out the game according to a few basic rules of design; common-sense things, like "objects that look different should behave differently" and "the more visually detailed something is, the more complex its behavior should ... September 1, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus review: Fashion over function

Samsung has always favored function over fashion. Even as some of its closest competitors were churning out exciting new designs, the Korean company stubbornly remained unchanged, almost ignoring the evolving market around it. Then the Galaxy S5 ... August 28, 2015

Behind Dr. Brandt's Death

Stars—movie, rock, and pop—television personalities and fashion models and professional athletes, round-the-clock talk-show hosts—morning, afternoon, and late-night—princesses from small, oil-rich countries, tycoons who jetted around in, well, jets ... August 10, 2015

Capsule Force Creators On The 1980s Sci-Fi Anime That Inspired The Game

To look at it is to see a labor of love, crafted by Klobit – a team of only three people: Eric Wenske on programming, design, and art; Kat Wenske on music and sound effects; and Angela Zavala on character art and design. From the crescent-moon ... August 22, 2015

The Test That Can Look Into A Child's (Reading) Future

Instead of a puppeteer, a researcher is rolling a red and blue striped ball down a ramp, toward a little wall at the bottom. Even babies seem to know the ball can't go through that wall, though not necessarily because they learned it. It's what some ... July 22, 2015

University Of Lisbon Scientists Solve Pendulum Clock Mystery

If you put two pendulum clocks next to each other on a wall, eventually they'll sync up. BLOCK: As one pendulum swings to the left CORNISH: The other swings to the right. OLIVEIRA: They swing in opposite directions forever (laughter). It's amazing.... July 28, 2015

Two Years After Deadly Wildfire, Are There Lessons In The Ashes?

And about 4 o'clock, a number of thunderstorms developed overhead. And the fire suddenly changed direction — there was 30-to-40 mph winds what had been a relatively sleepy flank of the fire suddenly jumped and became, you know, 20-foot and then ... June 28, 2015


Design Toscano CL75384 Dragons Lair Canvas Wall Scroll Tapestry Review

Idellazw 12.02.14

Design Toscano CL75384 Dragons Lair Canvas Wall Scroll Tapestry Review Design Toscano CL75384 Dragons Lair Canvas Wall Scroll Tapestry Vinyl-canvas scroll tapestryRibbon loop for hangingDesign Toscano exclusive