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Vintage Japanese 'Seiko' 30-Day Wall Clock with Calendar & Chimes

March 14, 2020

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Can the Swiss Watchmaker Survive the Digital Age?

A watch hand is “glanceable,” as he puts it, because it's only semi-accurate; we peek at an analog wall clock to get a general sense of the time of day, not a precise one. “You're not interested if it's 23 percent or 27 percent.” Bernheim said. “You ... June 3, 2015

Will the Apple Watch Eclipse the Classic Swiss Watch?

Will Apple Watch dominance some day force them to abandon their craft and jump into the smartwatch business to stay afloat? In many ways, their reaction amounts to little more than the brushing away of a mildly bothersome fly. “I don't believe [the ... April 16, 2015

Why a Just-Smart-Enough Watch Is Better Than an Apple Watch

Neatest Trick: The Apple Watch may be accurate enough, but this analog timepiece synchronizes directly with the atomic clocks in the 24 GPS satellites orbiting the earth. Just landed, and not sure if it's happy hour yet? With a button push, the hands ... March 12, 2015

Apple Watch ships April 24, 18k gold Edition starts at $10000

More specifically, Tim Cook estimated 18 hours of use for a "typical day." That does't Starting on that April 10 pre-order date, Apple Stores will also have display units, letting customers try them on and sample the different variants and band ... March 9, 2015

Aviator Buffs Yearn for Watches, but Few Pilots Actually Use Them

With a $1.1 million RM 039, a pilot can calculate fuel burn, flight times and ground speed. The titanium-encased assembly of gears and springs can convert gallons to liters and pounds to kilograms, and even measure altitude. It also tells the time ... December 25, 2014

Apple Watch faces battery life challenges -- report

Apple has aimed for its upcoming smartwatch to last a full day on a single battery charge, but the reality may fall short of the goal, according to news site 9to5Mac. Apple chose to use a fairly The watch's animated clock face will last for around ... January 23, 2015

In praise of the hour

Yet the Seiko watch with a TV screen displayed alongside the latest technological marvels dates back to… 1983. And the futuristic looking Girard-Perregaux from 1976 was actually the inspiration Marti Guixé's Time to Eat is an “olfactory” wall ... May 29, 2015

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Difficult to make, it can take up to 50,000 roses to get a single ounce of oil, and for best scent the roses must be gathered in the morning before sunrise, and the oil processed that same day ... lunch boxes and an old wall clock. July 15, 2015

Seiko to launch Astron Dual-Time in September

The Seiko Astron Dual-Time adds a 12-hour register at the six o’clock position with separate am/pm indicator ... situated under the chapter ring for enhanced reception. Current day and date are also displayed on separate registers. The date will be ... July 15, 2015

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Outside it's a sun-drenched summer afternoon but inside the Sports Page Lounge & Deli it's difficult to tell if it's day ... may date back to the era when headband-sporting Canadian rockers Loverboy ruled the charts. A drum-cymbal hung on a nearby wall ... July 14, 2015

A Night of Horror Recalled

Those who visited my home at Mainland Park Estate (a.k.a. Pentagon Estate), Mowe, on this particular date last year when the Ramadan broke ... While one snored away, awaiting the clock to rouse one from slumber by 4.30am for the sahour (early morning ... July 13, 2015

These 8 coffee-making gadgets are the secret to a perfect cup of Joe

The easiest way to ensure top-notch beans is to use coffee within two weeks of the roast date." "Maybe you made an incredible cup of Joe one day, and you want to make ... your grind is by keeping an eye on the clock." "When you're not using great water ... July 13, 2015

Diary of a first-time dad: Inside the labour room

The next day was our wedding anniversary and the following night ... She told me this meant anything, tomorrow or two weeks. Two weeks on was the due date. But lately she had felt the head move around near her cervix. She could also feel a bone, like ... July 13, 2015

Eurofudge Or Eurodisaster? D-Day For Greece

They may be out-of-date by the time you read them ... The more Greece suffers (preferably with wall-to-wall coverage across the European broadcast media) the more likely their voters are to think twice about voting for Podemos or Beppe Grillo. July 12, 2015


Metro Fulfillment House Digital Led Calendar Clock, 15 3/4" Day And Date | Large Clock Shelf Or Wall Mount Review

Leighsx5 04.30.15

Metro Fulfillment House Digital Led Calendar Clock, 15 3/4" Day And Date | Large Clock Shelf Or Wall Mount Review Metro Fulfillment House Digital Led Calendar Clock, 15 3/4" Day And Date | Large Clock Shelf Or Wall Mount Easy to read display in bright sunlight as in darkness, comes with dimmer switch.Convenient and effective for the visually impaired, shows clearly the time and date no need to convert numbers to day and month.No need to be reset if it loses power....