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June 22, 2018 - Changing the battery on one of our LaserBits crystal clocks.

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Time Displays: Dresden's Mathematics and Physics Salon

As its name suggests, it's much more than watches and clocks; it contains scientific measuring and observation instruments of all kinds, most made between 1550 and 1900. The museum shows how, during those 350 years, the quest for precise timekeeping ... April 4, 2015

BOOM! Montblanc's Explorer-Inspired Heritage Chronométrie Collection

He used something called a nocturlabium, also known as a star clock, in conjunction with the only map he had: the starry sky. Da Gama's goal was This is possible by means of the exo design (exo means “external” in Latin), which separates the two ... January 22, 2015

Minute repeaters: Pinnacle of horology is back in favour

Once, blacksmiths made large tolling “alarm clocks” to rouse monks for prayers. By the 1600s, the With the arrival of LED watches that lit up at the push of a button, the minute repeater was as relevant as the horse and carriage. Only with the ... September 9, 2011


BOOM! Montblanc's Explorer-Inspired Heritage Chronométrie Collection - Quill & Pad

Da Gama’s goal was to find the coast of India, thereby becoming the first European seafarer to find a southern seaway to this exotic trade partner. On his way, he sailed around the Cape of Good Hope before reaching India six months later in 1498. Da Gama was, in essence, the first European to reach terra incognita of the east. Montblanc’s watch division was motivated by the navigator’s inspirational tale of pioneering spirit and has now created a collection of special edition watches accompanying the new Heritage Chronométrie line, some of which is in da Gama’s honor. Heritage Chronométrie ExoTourbillon Minute Chronograph. Let’s begin with my personal favorite of this new slew of watches from the refreshed brand: the reinterpreted ExoTourbillon, a complicated timepiece originally introduced in 2010. As the name already suggests, the Heritage Chronométrie... The ExoTourbillon Minute Chronograph also contains a patented hacking tourbillon, whose technical design differs from A. Lange & Söhne’s hacking tourbillon (these are the only two I know of) in that Montblanc’s is accomplished via a spring.


SEIKO Clocks Wanduhr Funk QXR205S

Funk 07.12.15

SEIKO Clocks Wanduhr Funk QXR205S


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