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Seiko World Time Desk/Mantle Clock Review - $20 Bargain Of The Week!

March 16, 2020

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Retro-style handmade walnut desk clocks by Magszilla

Really nice things, these handmade walnut desk ... with a Seiko quartz movement within and a space for a single AA battery for power. There are five styles of hands available for the face too. All of that costs £25.71 and the clocks ship worldwide. May 6, 2015

Seiko launches new range of Wall clocks ‘Melodies in Motion’

This clock is a visual and auditory magnet, drawing every eye and ear to it, with 20 colourful LED lights that are synchronized to sparkle every hour, accompanied by a melody. A special sensor disengages all melodies and motions when night falls. December 29, 2014

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SEIKO appointed as official watch partner of KKR

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Key Challenges and Issues facing the World Watches & Clocks Markets

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Disney Mickey Mouse Seiko Animated Musical Character Clock

Claude Adams 05.27.15

Disney Mickey Mouse Seiko Animated Musical Character Clock


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