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Antique Furniture Seth Thomas Ogee Clock 1845.

July 18, 2019

Nice old clock made from mahogany, strikes the hour on the typically nasal sounding gongs of the period. Seth himself would have worked on this clock as his ...

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Home of the Week: A kinetic home of sculptures and global memories

As a 14-year-old, Rosario dreamed one night about Annapolis; she never forgot it. The scent One is a handsome 1876 Regulator clock by the Seth Thomas Clock Company set into a wooden case. What catches our eye is the medicine cabinet on the wall.... July 17, 2015

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Antique wall clocks targeted by thieves at Northwest Fresno law firms

The criminals didn't stay inside the buildings long. The victims say they broke through the door and went right for the antiques on the wall. Attorney Michael Margosian's office wall now has an empty spot that used to house an antique Seth Thomas No. 2 ... March 17, 2015

Antiques & Collectibles: Seth Thomas regulator clock a timeless favorite

Question: What can you tell me about an old oak wall clock left in an office building I recently ac-quired? It is 37 inches long, 16 inches wide and 5½ inches deep with a brass pendulum and weight. Its metal dial is painted white, has Roman numerals, a ... March 7, 2015

Family clock repair business stands the tests of timepieces

One long view of the Olde Timer Clock Shop underscores the past and present of the shop, with tools used by Jamie Hardin's grandfather sitting out, while one of the computer screen clock diagnostic programs Jamie uses is seen on the wall at left ... May 31, 2015

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Antique wall clocks targeted by thieves at Northwest Fresno law firms

Attorney Michael Margosian's office wall now has an empty spot that used to house an antique Seth Thomas No. 2 clock. "It came from my mother-in-law and father-in-law," Margosian said. "It was a clock from the mid-1800s. It was an old clock." It was an ... March 17, 2015

An E. Howard & Company No. 47 wall-hanging astronomical regulator clock soars to a record $356,950 - Dec 05,2014 - PITTSFIELD, Mass. – An E. Howard & Company No. 47 wall-hanging astronomical ... successful antique clock & watch auctions. The auction was packed with rare examples by makers such as Seth Thomas, Ansonia, Ithaca, Elmer ... December 5, 2014

Horology Auction Earns Nearly $1.1 Million

A 38" E. Howard No. 9 Regulator figure-eight wall clock with an eight-day time-only weight-driven movement from about 1900 in a walnut case was in very good original condition and sold for $8625. A 75" walnut, walnut veneer, and burl Seth Thomas Regulator ... October 24, 2014

Seth Thomas Wall Clock, ca. 1890

All I know is it's a pretty clock. APPRAISER: It is a pretty clock. It was made by the Seth Thomas Clock Company. They were considered the Tiffany of Connecticut clockmakers. They were really a great company that made really high-end clocks and then some ... February 2, 2014

Vintage Simmons Metal Dresser, Breuer Cesca Cane Chairs & More

SEATTLE: Retro Acrylic Seth Thomas Wall Clock — $60 • SEATTLE ... Moroccan Berber Rug — $850 • ALBUQUERQUE: Antique Armchairs — $85 • ALBUQUERQUE: Bertoia Side Chairs — $150 • LOS ANGELES: Heywood Wakefield Dresser — $500 • LOS ANGELES ... November 4, 2012

Seth Thomas clock winds up being around 100 years old

Q: The enclosed pictures are of a Seth Thomas wind-up clock that I acquired at an auction in Sullivan ... M.B.C., Internet A: I have no experience with antique carriages or the seats. You might try contacting the Austin Carriage Museum in Weirsdale at ... June 14, 2012

Antique Clocks Online Launches New Website

antique wall clocks, banjo clocks, grandmother clocks, regulator clocks, and more. We also carry some of the best antique clock brands such as: Howard Miller Clocks, Ingraham, Seth Thomas, and more. Further, we offer the finest antique french clocks and ... February 23, 2008


Antique Clocks: Seth Thomas Parlor Calendar #4 Clock

Tilesausage 06.09.15

Antique Clocks: Seth Thomas Parlor Calendar #4 Clock


Encyclopedia of Antique American Clocks

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