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Digital Clock with Bed Shaker - No excuses to not wake up anymore!

March 10, 2020

If your'e the type that sleeps too deep over alarm sounds, maybe you want to try this clock that will rumble your bed to wake you! Get on amazon ...

What is the best shake awake vibrating alarm clocks?

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Healthy App-ing

alarm clock app and, so far, it's worked. You can set an alarm for the morning, or even time a nap, and when you need to get up, your phone vibrates and makes loud, very annoying noises. And in a way, the app is kind of like a game. You have to ... June 3, 2015

20 Alarm Clocks That Will Mess With Your Mind In Order To Wake You Up

Several inventive companies have attempted to change the way we wake up, both through a new level of comfort and even some discomfort. From an alarm clock that delivers us the wonderful smell of bacon, to a clock that literally flies away and makes you ... December 26, 2014

How to stop your bed being a war zone

Most medical research into sleep habits over the past ten years suggests that couples who share a bed tend to live longer and stay healthier than those who sleep alone. One recent study found that women in long-term relationships fell asleep faster and ... May 7, 2015

The 12 Tech Nuisances That Annoy Us Most

We love technology, but this week we're shaking our fists at it for all the ways it annoys us. Instead of picking punching bags like Windows 8, we're focused on issues that tech companies still need to face. We made a long list of our pet peeves, then ... March 10, 2015

Device Records Your Snores, Detects Sleep Disorders

A system that records the sounds of every breath and snore you utter while sleeping may offer an alternative to clinical sleep-tracking technology, new research suggests. Researchers in Israel developed an algorithm to analyze a person's recorded ... March 29, 2015

Massive earthquake off the coast of Bougainville, Papua New Guinea – local ... only survives with (mostly small) PRIVATE DONATIONS. Your gift will be highly appreciated. This page will automatically refresh every 10 minutes as we might be adding updates. Do not close it but leave it open in a browser tab. –.... May 7, 2015

Earthquake near Inglewood, California

The the rattling coming from the frames and the movement of the earthquake was enough to wake me up from my sleep. Los Angeles Los Angeles - on the second story apartment the windows rumbling loudly first slight shake there after that made me jump ... May 3, 2015

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Digital Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock is a reliable, stylish and easy to use speaking alarm clock & widget that can be customised to your needs. All features are now free. The alarm clock that wakes you in the morning can have an impact on the rest of your day and ...Read more December 17, 2014

An Alarm Clock Sex Toy To Gently Buzz Your Genitals Awake In The Morning

Maggs had always thought a vibrating alarm clock had existed somewhere out there, but when he discovered it didn't, he set about working with industrial designers to come up with his own. Maggs is also something of an evangelist for the power of the ... October 25, 2013

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock 4.0 Features iOS 7-Ready Interface Overhaul

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock has just been updated to version 4.0. Wake N Shake ... You have to shake your iDevice hard, so hard that you’re well awake after all that physical exertion. In December last year, Wake N Shake was updated to version 3.0 with ... June 18, 2013

Wake N Shake: app fuses alarm with social media, gaming

Maturity rating: 3.5+. (Photo: © 2011 Andres Canella) If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, a new app called Wake N Shake Alarm Clock might just be what the (sleep) doctor ordered. What makes this app unique -- compared the hundreds of ... February 25, 2013

singNshock Alarm Clock Will Wake You Up With A Jolt Of Electricity (VIDEO)

So 19-year-old Sankalp Sinha created an alarm clock that bypasses this problem by giving the snoozer a shock. Sinha, a student at India's Sharda University, came up with the idea for the singNshock alarm clock in 2008 when he got into the habit of waking ... January 17, 2013

Wake N Shake Alarm Clock, Cause I Couldn’t Think Of a Better Way to Break My Phone

No more Mr. Snooze Button. New for Android is the Wake N Shake alarm clock. Greatest name ever, right? It’s simple, simply set the alarm and then when it goes off in the morning, the only way to make that sinister laugh to go away is to violently ... November 1, 2012

Concept Alarm Clock Pillow Will Vibrate You Awake

This concept combines the best part of sleeping, your pillow, with the worst part of sleeping, your alarm clock. You pull the tab to set the ... Maybe we can find other uses for vibration pillows. [Yanko Design] Want to know whether a given area has ... September 9, 2010


Sonic Boom SBB500ss Sonic Bomb Loud Plus Vibrating Alarm Clock Review

Lincoretinoma Pem 05.15.14

The trick to the magic of this alarm clock is the vibration device which fits underneath the mattress with or without a boxspring. I have my vibrating disc sitting on the metal frame. Yes, the alarm is loud and the pitch can be adjusted to be either high or low pitched. This is also one of the easiest alarm clocks I've ever owned. I'm glad I found this, and wish I found it earlier. Get It Cheap On Amazon:


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