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Sharp digital alarm clock unboxing

March 16, 2020

Here's a video of me unboxing the alarm clock I received for a graduation gift. Enjoy.

What is the best sharp electric digital alarm clocks?

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This clock takes QR codes to new levels of uselessness...on purpose

You may think your digital alarm clock is impressive as far as such things go, what with its radio, charging dock, ambient LED light, and toast-making abilities (ok, maybe not the last one). But it doesn’t really show off your geek cred. Michael Ciuffo ... June 5, 2013


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Sharp? Digital Travel Alarm Clock - SPC446i (Pink) Review Sharp? Digital Travel Alarm Clock - SPC446i (Pink) Touch Activated BacklightConstant Alarm Time DisplayShows Month, Day & DateDisplays Indoor TemperatureBattery included (CR2032)



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